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Create your own vehicle for GTA

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Posted 6 days ago

Enus Armstrong





Powertrain: 6.75 litre pushrod V8 from the ShagWAG, twin turbocharged this time and boasting direct injection. 555BHP @ 4700rpm and 1050nm

Interior: Taken from the current Mulsanne. The rear blind switch aft of the shifter is here a pair of switches to close the hydraulic doors.

Performance: Tyre shredding, if you must. Quiet as a tomb and smooth as a supermodel's backside, if you please.

Notes: All aluminium coachwork over high-strength steel spaceframe. Hydraulic suspension, doors, windows, seats and bootlid. 2300kg.

Price: $247000

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Death Magnetic
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Posted 4 days ago

Bravado Gauntlet (hellcat version with different name, such as Firefox or maybe Gauntlet Road/Track?)
With better acceleration and more visual mods, plus better handling and less camaro influences.

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Posted 4 days ago

Just for giggles... the original GTA car:


Willard Estoria




Design: 1976 Buick Skyhawk

Interior: There's a note pinned to the vinyl dashboard. It reads, "I got a new job for 'ya if you want it. Otherwise get the hell out of my car, asshole."

Performance: It performs about as well as Bubby's wife in the bedroom: it's damp and fires on all cylinders. Ideal as a big city run around for the aspiring errand boy.

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  • visionist

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Posted 3 days ago

Willard Dauntless





Powertrain: 6.2 litre Dual-Active-Phased-Cam-In-Block 24 valve pushrod V8 with direct stoichiometric injection and variable intake manifold and exhaust valves. 500BHP @ 6000rpm, 650NM torque. Six speed quick-shifting automatic with mechanical LSD, RWD.


Interior: Taken from the Buick LaCrosse.


Performance: America's answer to Benefactor's brawny V8 coupes. Loud. Very loud. And fast. Likes to go everywhere sideways, but in comfort.


Notes: The blizzard of vents all over the body are fully functional; admitting cooling air to transmission coolers and coolers for brake fluid and power steering fluid, exhausting trapped air from all four wheel wells, and creating downforce in the case of the unique decklid venturi. The headlight vents can open or close to reduce drag.


Price: $74000

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by AlfredNTheFettuc, 3 days ago.

Art Deco time:




Manufacturer: Schyster

Design: Based on the 1934 Chrysler Airflow, but with lower roof. Grille reminiscent of PMP 600, but longer and curved.

Performance: Pretty damn slow, but handles surprisingly well given its unique weight distribution for the time.


Microbe Proto


Manufacturer: Zirconium

Design: As cutting edge as Zirconium's new headquarters from the 1930s, based on Stout Scarab. Can seat 8 people.

Performance: You may be able to outrun a bicycle downhill. Doesn't turn well either. It only use is pretty much for novelty.

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Posted 3 days ago

Wow, I honestly thought Buick no longer made cars. That thing is snazzy.


Did I hear Art Deco theme?




Schyster Ambassador


Design: 1955 Chrysler New Yorker, St. Regis.

Interior: Massively spacious. Fit for any gent taking his latest floozy through a Drive-In movie.

Performance: From the era Schyster was all about performance, powered by a 250hp Hemi engine. Incredibly weighty, as you would expect.




Bridges Cosmopolitan


Design: 1960 Nash Metropolitan, Convertible

Interior: Compact white leather, far contrast to other cars of the era.

Performance: Slow, 0-60 in 22 seconds. Powered by a British manufactured straight 4 engine.

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by visionist, 3 days ago.

Tyla it's actually an Opel concept car, I think GM themselves ordered it cooked-up. As a Buick/Willard all it would need apart from the LaCrosse interior is the ventiports either side of the bonnet. Add in a continuous panoramic windscreen/roof and four retractable windows with no B pillar and you'd have a damn cool Muscle-GT.





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Posted 2 days ago

Here's some vehicle ideas that will appear in an upcoming Liberty State concept thread of mine....



Pegassi Montague

Based On: 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ

Default Radio Station: Radio Las Venturas (A Classic Jazz & Big Band Station)

Found: Wealthy areas of Algonquin, Alderney, and generally affluent areas of Liberty City & Liberty State

Image: http://en.wikipedia....12_THP_7123.jpg


Cheval Walton

Based On: 1955 Chevrolet Advance Design 3100

Default Radio Station: Boone Mountain Radio (A Bluegrass Station)

Found: Rural Liberty State

Image: http://en.wikipedia....vrolet_3100.jpg


Imponte Phoenix

Based On: 1992 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Default Radio Station: Night Ride FM (A Eurobeat Station)

Found: Suburban and Highway areas of Liberty City, Alderney, and Liberty State

Image: http://www.motortopi...-firebird-21059


Dinka Wraith

Based On: Honda Shadow

Default Radio Station: Liberty Rock Radio (A Classic Rock Station, returning from GTA IV)

Found: Highways, Rural Liberty State, Suburban Liberty State, parts of Alderney, Dukes, and Broker

Image: http://en.wikipedia....cessoires_2.jpg

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  • Tycek

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Posted 2 days ago

Ruiner was more or less based on 1990 Firebird. 

  • Osric

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Posted 2 days ago

Ruiner was more or less based on 1990 Firebird. 


Whoops, my mistake. I forgot about the Ruiner. What about the other cars?

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Posted 2 days ago Edited by IanE55, 2 days ago.





Manufacturer: Declasse

Design: Chevrolet Silverado, taillights from Toyota Hilux, grill is similar to that of the Granger featuring the Declasse logo.

Performance: Equal with the Bison, a little bit faster than the Sadler, handling is poor due to it's heavy weight.

Class: Utility

Price: $38,600

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