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Grand Theft Auto: King Venturas

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Posted 22 February 2014 - 06:21 AM Edited by zuckmeslow, 11 January 2015 - 06:40 PM.







                                            Theme song






                                                                               Menu song







                      The Setting



Las Venturas 2014













The city of las venturas


the strip: the strip is tourist central. it contains multiple casinos that make it a favorite for gamblers, thugs, and celebrities. all washes of life can be found here. families can be seen visiting the rides located at straddlesfear and the clowns pocket. 


the ghetto: this is where the 5th street swag disciples cause havoc. almost constant police sirens can be heard and there is a high possibility of getting mugged, raped or carjacked in this area. 


north west: this neighborhood contains the celebrities of las venturas and is full of rich people that look down to tourists and poor people.


south west: a nice neighborhood containing houses small apartment buildings and Steven carter's house.


old venturas strip: also known as downtown las venturas. this is where the oldest casinos in the city are located along with the very nice monopolis mall. 



the skyline: the tallest building in las venturas is the straddlesfear hotel and casino(based on the stratosphere). it can be seen from anywhere in the map and is the only building that can be seen from the bottom corner of bone county desert. at night players can see the light from the camel's toe from anywhere in the map. 





a small mining town that contains beautiful rock formations.


Fort Carson

returning from san andreas http://gta.wikia.com/Fort_Carson





based on the town of nipton


Ghost Town


an abandoned town that some people say is haunted. 


Area 69


a top secret military base that no one is allowed in. many theories surround this place and wierd objects can be seen flying around it at night. 




Slag city and Crag town


almost like a reminder of how life was before big business took over, this nice area is full of small shops and cul-de-sac houses reminiscent of the 1950's





known as the wannabe las venturas, this small city is full of cheaper casinos, old people, and some of the worst strippers in the county




small city with a very nice marina. bighead airport is located here and bighead forest surrounds bighead








                                                            The Characters


Steven Carter: a 41 year old Las Venturas detective who loves his job. he is one of the two playable characters


Scott Cosby: a 25 year old who lives in an old apartment building near the airport. everytime a plane lands his whole building shakes. he always says the only positive of living there is that he has a great view of the strip. he is the second playable character


Richard Jones: the police chief and friend of Steven Carter


Michelle Carter: Steven carter's 39 year old attractive blonde wife.


Jeffery Stoner: Scott Cosby's best friend who is obsessed with the paranormal and often sends scott out to explore abandoned buildings and old cemeteries.



Terri Carter: Steven and Michelle's 16 year old daughter


John Carter: Steven and Michelle's 10 year old son who gets bullied in school.


Bohan Russell: a ruthless assasin who has killed hundreds of people in his life. he is an unstoppable threat that anyone can hire but no one can catch.












                       The Story


Steven Carter is a las venturas police detective. Scott Cosby is an average joe living off the money he gets from working at the airport as a baggage loader.


one day while loading baggages onto a FlyUs Plane bound for francis international airport in liberty city, Scott Cosby notices that one baggage is leaking white powder. he pulls the bag over to the side and opens it despite his bad feeling about the situation. upon opening the luggage he sees it is full of bags containing white powder. thinking it is cocaine he closes the bag and runs to the nearest phone to call for his supervisor when detective steven carter who was investigating the death of an airport worker walks up to cosby after seeing the distressed look on his face and asks him what is going on. 


when Scott tells detective Carter about the bags of "cocaine" Carter tells him to go into the main terminal and get the police on the line to close the runway. Cosby goes to the terminal and Carter walks up to the bag cautiously to check the contents. as he gets a quick look he realizes it is not cocaine.... its ANTHRAX.  immediately he grabs his phone and calls for the hazmat team and for the airport to be shut and all the flights grounded. in minutes las venturas international is swarmed by police, swat, hazmat, and the news. The terrorist on the plane is arrested and Detective Carter is hailed a hero for stopping what could have been the worst attack in a long time. Cosby gets evacuated out of the airport and receives no recognition for actually stopping the luggage from being put on the plane.


as detective carter becomes a small celebrity for his heroism, scott cosby sinks into a depression and believes he is going to die because he came into contact with the anthrax.


Cosby starts trying to scare carter. almost running him off the highway with his family in the car. steven carter recognizes who cosby is and knows he is in trouble if word gets out that he never mentioned him for being the one who actually found the anthrax. he felt sorry that he never got the chance to find out who he was but after cosby tried to kill him and his family, carter knew he had to stop him. if he arrested him word would get out he is no hero and fearing his family's disapproval and wanting them to be safe from cosby, carter used his contacts in the underworld of crime to hire Bohan Russell to kill cosby. 


but unbeknownst to carter, scott cosby also hired Bohan Russell. Bohan now keeping the money from both men starts getting ready to take them both out. Detective Steven Carter and Scott Cosby must decide if they should put their beef aside to take out the legendary Bohan Russell, or let themselves become another number in the deadly assassin's kill count.



playing as scott cosby and steven carter, you get to see both sides of the story and feel sorry for both men. welcome to Grand Theft Auto: King Venturas












                                                                        Radio stations


Mega Shizen 56.5


hosted by shiitaki mane


genre: pop music


LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

Alexandra stan - Mr Saxobeat

Rej3ctz - Cat Daddy

Michael Jackson - Another Part of Me

Maroon 5 - Misery

Gorillaz - All Alone

Wallpaper - Put Ur Attn On Me

Gorillaz - Slow Country

Maroon 5 - Maps




Head banga Radio  


hosted by Dot Da Genius


genre: alternative hip hop / neo-psychedelia


WZRD - high off life

Kid Cudi - Dose of Dopeness 

WZRD -love hard

Kid Cudi - Young lady

WZRD - teleport 2 me 

Kid Cudi - cudi zone

WZRD - Dr pill

Kid Cudi - immortal

WZRD - upper room


Desert storm


hosted by dj clue and dj touchmynuts


genre: hip hop


jay z kanye west - Niggas in Paris 

kanye west - Guilt Trip

schoolboy q - Collard Greens

wale - Clappers

kendrick lamar - Backseat Freestyle

Pedro Paulo - Shut it Down

schoolboy q - Gangsta

J cole - She Knows 

Schoolboy q - Yay Yay

dorrough - i.d.g.a.f

kia shine - Wow

Future - Turn on the lights

T Pain - Rap song

Kid Ink - Body language

Childish Gambino - 3005

Asap Ferg - Shabba

Eminem - Guts Over Fear



Radio venturas


hosted by empire of the sun 


genre: alternative rock


mgmt - its working

empire of the sun - DNA

mgmt - brian eno 

empire of the sun - standing on the shore

king krule - a lizard state

mgmt - electric feel

king krule - easy easy

father john misty - hollywood forever cemetery sings


The old strip


hosted by blayne blewton


genre: old


Fats Waller - inside

The Crystals - He's a Rebel

Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon

Fats Waller - When somebody Thinks You're wonderful

Nina Simone - Sinnerman

Fats Waller -  I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter

Dean Martin -  Aint That A kick In The Head

Fats Waller - Please Keep Me In Your Dreams



Subwoofer central


hosted by zuckmeslow


genre: bass heavy music


deadmau5 - raise your weapon

nero - crush on you

skrillex - right in

nero - reaching out

deadmau5 -  sometimes things get whatever

Skrillex-  All is fair in love and brostep

nero - Guilt

Skrillex- Stranger

Knife Party - Internet Friends

Skrillex - Ease My Mind

Afrojack - Take Over Control

What So Not - High You Are (Branchez Remix)



Mofo talk


genre:talk radio


The lazlow show


Area 69 with marvin trill


eating the beef with bebus leroy


exposing magic with peef strokemeov


the analheim theory with zuckmeslow





melee weapons




butcher knife


police baton













glock 19




44 magnum revolver: steven's gun


desert eagle


bb gun











stoner 63





tech 9


mac 11




benelli m3


franchi spas-12


double barrel







hand grenade


rocket launcher


molotov cocktail










the damage to cars will be almost lifelike with dents and pieces falling off depending on the speed and object it impacted with. it is also now easier for other cars to flip over as in during a police chase so things will be flying all over and flipping through the air making chases seem extremely intense.


the game puts emphasis on car chases and damage. things like concrete dividers, metal rails, fences, and brick walls can be destroyed. 


damage to people will also be realistic with sprays of blood and pieces of meat and bone. It is completely possible to paint a wall, car, or character with the blood of another npc. limbs could come off depending on the weapon. if you hit a pedestrian with a large car going insanely fast then the npc will explode in a meat shower similar to when the train hit animals and people in red dead redemption.


6 star wanted level will return but it is harder for steven to get in trouble because he is a detective.


6 star means the military will come after you with everything they have. fighter jets, tanks and helicopters.


you can fly airplanes and helicopters. hot air balloon is replacing the blimp.


there are two main airports in the game. las venturas airport and bighead airport.


there are 5 airstrips in the desert. two of them can be purchased and one is abandoned. 


you can switch between first person and third person mode.


you can hang out with friends and if playing as steven you can hang out with his family at any of the entertainment places in las venturas.


steven is able to arrest anyone he wants to even if they aren't doing anything bad as long as he has handcuffs equipped. scott is also able to arrest people but he cant bring them to the police station because he is not an officer. 


steven has the ability to slow down time while driving any vehicle and also gains the ability to flip the cars he crashes into.


scott has the ability to slow down time when shooting and does double damage with any weapon. 


in the ghetto you can witness crimes being committed by the 5th street swag disciples. crimes can also happen against steven and scott as in their car being jacked, wallets stolen, jumped, killed and chased.


you can rent a hotel room in any of the hotels. if you rent a hotel room as carter you can bring the family in for a mini "vacation"


you can buy a penthouse in any hotel but they are expensive.












Balzack kyrugy: magician balzack kyrugy has his own show at the camel's toe. he can be seen levitating, cutting an audience members wrist, cutting his own wrist, lighting himself on fire, shooting himself in the head and forcing his penis into a meat grinder and pulling it out unharmed. 


Yellow person ensemble: 4 guys covered in yellow paint playing with thick metal shafts. caulk magazine calls them "the best show on the strip". their show is located at the Visage hotel and casino.


Peter Nicklevalley: illusionist who can turn your money into his money. Located at the richards majestic hotel and casino.


sukmeov and pavel: two flamboyant men who are expert bear handlers. pavel still walks with a limp after having half his leg chewed off by a bear 5 years ago. located at the royal casino.


plank walkers live: A live pirate show every night for free. located just infront of the pirates in men's pants hotel and casino.


circus: a good old fashioned family circus located right inside the clowns pocket.





the adventure ball: located in the clowns pocket, this mini theme park has a roller coaster and several carnival stalls.


straddle of fear: located at the top of the straddlesfear tower, this ride is known for its whopping 7 casualties per year.


Movie theaters


in total there are 14 movie theaters located all around bone county




street performers can be seen walking around the old las venturas strip and parts of kauflin.


the cheap casinos in kauflin.


the sloan rock formations


sherman dam


arcades located all over


fully enterable stores


a mall


abandoned buildings that are fully explorable


and more...







the bus can be taken to the sherman dam from las venturas.


taxi cabs will go anywhere in bone county


there are 2 monorail lines. line one goes around the strip stopping at all the major casinos and line two goes from las venturas airport to the old las venturas strip.



                                                                          Map Size

the size of las venturas is equal to the size of los santos from gta v plus 2 liberty cities from gta 4.



the total map is 5 times bigger than the combined total of san andreas from gta v, san andreas from gta sa and liberty city from gta 4. 








Opening Credits: game opens up with a cold open on the las venturas skyline during sunset. distant sirens and the sound of slot machines grow louder and louder until it cuts to black revealing the Rockstar logo. Following the logo is a montage of las venturas with the song "the Arrival" by WZRD playing over the names of all those who worked on the game. as the sun sets to night and the strip lights up we are treated to several beautiful aerial shots showing off the beautiful graphics of the video game.  


King Venturas: The first mission begins with detective Steven Carter investigating a crime scene in the Royal casino. this mission plays out similar but more complicated than the L.A Noir investigation missions. The victim in the case is identified as James K. Hodges of 4439 redbud drive in west Las Venturas. He was found dead sitting on a chair in one of the 7th floor rooms of the royal casino with no visible sign of injury but some indication of foul play. After further investigation Detective Carter has to let the crime scene crew do their job so he moves on to the next piece of evidence. Mr Hodges place of work, The Las Venturas Airport. once mission is passed the player has the option to (in regular gta fashion) move on to the next mission or mess around in free roam.


The Las Venturas Story: This mission switches the player over to scott cosby as he is getting into his old 1991 Vapid Fortune. after the player drives from scott's apartment to the airport the rest of the mission consists of scott driving the loaders to different airplanes and loading luggage. we get to learn how scott does his job and what kind of people he deals with on a daily basis.


Crashing Las Venturas: In this second investigation mission, Detective Carter Arrives at the airport and searches through James Hodges locker and interviews the other airport workers. besides the fact that hodges was a regular gambler in several casino's, there was nothing to indicate that he was into any suspicious activity that might have gotten him killed.


Liberty City Snow:


What Happens In Venturas...:


Life Is a Struggle:


Scott Cosby v.s The World:


John Carter of Las Venturas:


Ramp Rat:


Venturas Vacation:


The Man From San Delgado:


Now You Feel Me:


Meet Me In Las Venturas:


The Delirium Tremens:




Dirty Rampie:


Ezekiel 25.17:


The sh*t:


The Fan:


Last Venturas: 







                                                         Side Missions


Detective: detective missions are only available to steven carter. these missions can be activated at anytime at the police station. there are two types of detective missions. Patrol missions or investigation. patrol means steven will go around las venturas stopping small crimes or going into a high speed chase.  investigation missions are ongoing missions that are similar to la noir. detective carter arrives at the crime scene and has to collect evidence and talk to witnesses.


vigilante: vigilante missions are only available to scott cosby.



taxi: available for both characters these missions are the same as in previous gta games.


stuntman: these missions are available for both characters. several vinewood filmakers are in las venturas shooting a string of summer blockbusters and they need people willing to put themselves in danger for a good shot. these missions involve stunt car missions like a chase scene or crashing the car into a wall and they also include body stunts where the player is dressed like the actor and is thrown out of a window or lit on fire or blown up. these missions require careful listening to the director in order to pass. 


ghost hunter: these missions are only available to scott cosby. given to scott by his friend jeffery stoner. these missions involve scott visiting a creepy place like an abandoned building, an old church, the mountains and many more. all for jeffery's webshow. after doing enough of these jeffery sends scott to investigate area 69.









Free lobby: a free roam that allows you to do anything without a loss of money. kill eachother, steal cars. similar to gta 4 free mode.


team deathmatch: make a weapon class and vote on a part of a map to have a war in.


free for all: team deathmatch with no teams


derby: use your customized vehicle and crash into other players cars until only one vehicle remains.


stuntman: multiplayer stuntman missions.


race: race


co op: co op missions that can be done with up to 8 other players.


capture the flag: 2 teams get a base and must capture the flag of the other team.


dogfight: airplane and jet dogfight over bone county and las venturas.


The Mofo Man: a 24 player mode that takes place in a random building or hotel in las venturas and makes one person a killer that must kill everyone else without making it obvious that he or she is The Mofo Man.


war: a 250 player free roam mode full of jets, tank, and weapons around the map.  





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Posted 22 February 2014 - 01:32 PM Edited by Rainbow Party, 22 February 2014 - 01:33 PM.

I KNEW this was coming! xD I mean when I saw your other post about how a next GTA set in LV would be a good idea, I just thought you would probably show up with a concept thread. And this is looking neat, I've only read half of it yet though, I just wanted to reply quick :p

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Posted 22 February 2014 - 05:50 PM

There better not be deathclaws at Sloan.

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 09:04 PM

I KNEW this was coming! xD I mean when I saw your other post about how a next GTA set in LV would be a good idea, I just thought you would probably show up with a concept thread. And this is looking neat, I've only read half of it yet though, I just wanted to reply quick :p

thank you. i do hope the next gta take place in las venturas


There better not be deathclaws at Sloan.

deathclaw easter egg. like bigfoot or the ratman

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 08:15 PM

multiplayer added. more stuff coming soon. like side missions and missions

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Posted 19 March 2014 - 05:30 PM

Dat map drawing doe!

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 07:22 PM

missions coming soon

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Posted 28 April 2014 - 10:35 PM Edited by gtamann123, 28 April 2014 - 10:35 PM.

The story seems interesting and not something that has been done in GTA before. have you thought of further expanding the Anthrax conspiracy? Like who put it there? Why was it there? For what reason was it headed to Liberty City? Maybe make one of the main plot arks for the Detective be tracking down the terrorist group that did it. 

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 09:44 PM

TBH, I think this sounds too much like a movie or another videogame, and not very GTA-like. It wouldn't make sense for 2 good guys jack cars, go on a rampage, or be arresting random citizens. IMO, if it's set in Las Venturas, the main characters should be the following:

A) Gambler hoping to get big, in the line of illegal work.

B) A con-man in the strip, also in the line of illegal work.

C) A coke-addict that's insane, essentionally like Trevor.

D) An original R* created celebrity that's gotten washed up, and who recently became a drug dealer.

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 10:53 PM

Don't really like that map, and especially not the names. I'm sure if they re-imagined LV the strip would be longer, have more casinos and their names would be changed from those used in SA, as those are now old jokes.

Also.. it lacks your favorite Anal town.

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Posted 06 November 2014 - 11:55 PM

To be honest, This is a great idea and I would pay money for this, I love how it has GTA's version of MGM gran.

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Posted 21 November 2014 - 06:21 AM Edited by zuckmeslow, 21 November 2014 - 06:21 AM.

i added some missions. a lot more coming soon

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