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TORA Naval Special Warfare Deployment Group (Seal Team 669)

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 11:42 PM Edited by Vishnu1111, 28 February 2014 - 05:40 AM.

We are the Elite. You application will be accepted. However weather you make the test or not varies. We are the SEALS of Grand Theft Auto V




Seal Team 669
TORA Naval Special Warfare Deployment Group
-*Annihilator (Primary Form of Team Transport, 6 Persons CAP)
-*Buzzard Attack Helicopter (Missions Only, 4 persons CAP)
-*Cargobob (Primary Form of Vehicle Transport, 12 persons CAP)
-*P-996 Lazer (Missions Only, 1 Persons CAP)
-*Titan (Missions Only, 12 Persons CAP)
-Atomic Blimp (Missions Only, 4 persons CAP)
-Bifta (2 persons CAP, Team Missions Only)
-Modified Granger (Primary Form of Transport, 8 persons CAP)
-Bandito (Misisons Only, 2 persons CAP)
-Blazer (Missions Only, 1 person CAP)
-*Barrack (Missions Only, 10 Persons CAP)
-*Crusader (4 Persons CAP)
-*Rhino (Missions Only, 1 Persons CAP)
Water Craft:
-Submarine (Team Missions Only, 1-2 persons CAP)
-Jet Max (Team Missions Only, 2 persons CAP )
-*SCUBA (Gear)
-*Dinghy (4 persons CAP)
-*Dinghy 2 (4 persons CAP)
-SeaShark Series (1 persons CAP)
Rank 1-10
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Rank 11-20
Petty Officer 1st Class
Rank 21-30
Grey Squadron (Boat Teams)
Rank 31-40
Black Squadron (Reconnaissance & Surveillance Team)
Rank 41-50
Red Squadron (Assault Team Tier 1)
Rank 51-60
Bronze Squadron (Assault Team Tier 2)
Rank 61-70
Blue Squadron (Assault Team Tier 3)
Rank 71-80
Silver Squadron (Assault Team Tier 4)
Rank 81-90
Gold Squadron (Assault Team Tier 5)
Rank 91-100
Chief Petty Officer Gold Class
*Indicates Military Equipment
Enlisted Members: (as of February 2014)
299 Paul
Who we are:
Operation: Three Kliks
Mikele, Josh and I are in a 4 star police chase after robbing a store. We race to the airfield with FIB on our asses, I call in Pegasus with a Blackhawk helicopter. We show up to Sandy Shores airfield, Josh dies, Mikele, Brandon and I get into the Blackhawk (while still being shot by the 5-O.) We lift off, and head off to Los Santos.
By now its night time, We drop off Mikele at his Garage, making him have to meet us via Car, Josh is in a plane and Brandon and I are in a Blackhawk in the pitch dark above the ocean by Bay complex of LAX. Its Zero Dark Thirthy by now, Both of us decide our only option to loose the cops is to jump out.
Me: "Its time to do some Seal team 6 [Censored] Brandon, are you ready?"
Brandon: "Yea"
Me:Three, Two, One.. jump jump jump!
Both of us plunge out of the chopper, Barely able to see the ocean due to the dark we skydive in. Parachutes deployed, we land in the water. 
We are about .50 mile away from land, after a 6 minute swim Brandon and I get on the side of the step up wall along the fence. Josh meets up with us along the Airport border on the outside of the fence. Its still dark and we run silently along the fence until we find a clearing.
me: "theres a fence in the way"
Josh: "we gotta take it out"
the 3 of us groupd up. with Mikele still on the other side of the town. Were on the airport fence, "Step back" I said, I threw a gernade. The sound of the Ocean is joined by nothing else as quietness is in controll of the night. all of a sudden, a small explosion wakes the night, however we are not spotted, nor have the police on us. The fence brakes apart. "Lets go, stay frosty" I said. As the 3 of us have weapons drawn, all you can hear is running foot steps along the Hanger. We line up by it,
"Are we clear"? I said
"Yeah, continue" Josh followed to say
We run across the Hanger, We see a window of opprotunity via CH-47 on the helipad. With sunrise approaching the 3 of us get in the cargobob, we lift off.
"Alright, 2 high value targets by LAX terminal 2, our plan is to form up a sniper squad, and Black team 2&4 will execute".
"Josh, Your being dropped off on the roof of the Parking complex, find a good vantage point and report back to me, Brandon. Im dropping you off on top of the control tower. Both of you have your scopes deployed and have your crosshairs on me."
I drop josh off, I then hover off and fly over the controll tower, I give the orders and Brandon jumps off via Parachute and lands on target. I land the cargobob.
Brandon: "Visibillity is bad, I cant see too well"
I: "we can still get this done"
Josh then gets down to Level 2 of the parking lot and has his scope fixated on me. Both have their sights on me and follow where Im going.
"alright, High value targets standing right by eachother. HVT1 has a hat on, HVT2 is bald and standing to his left"
Josh: "I cant see HVT 2, I can only see the one with the hat.."
Brandon: "Ill get the bald one then"
I stand right by the HVT's, both targets standing by eachother. Brandon & Josh focused their scopes on their assigned & chosen targets.
Me: "Brandon are you green?"
Brandon: "Yes"
Me: "Josh, are you green?"
Josh: "Yeah I am"
I stand by the targets, knowing if my teammates, who which I have trust in mess up, My head will get blown up. It all leads down to this
Silence followed. 
And then, both targets, at the same time have blood splatter exit out of their head. 
High Value targets 1 & 2 drop to the ground.
Mission Accomplished. 
Operation: Burning Dog
With intelligence gathering about 6 HVT's with reports of suspisious activity on the Palomo Highlands Reigon, SEAL team 669 Piliots Shukla and Wingard got in their AH-6 Little birds and made a 2 chopper formation for a ground attack on the High Value Targets (HVT's). 
"2 Mics", as we can see a disagreement between the HVT's with gunfire in the distance, a gunfight was going to turn into fireworks as Bradley and I were fast approaching, On my call, each of us, using our rockets (attatched to the helicopter) lit them up. The 6 HVT's scattered as explosions around them killed 2 of them, 2 others were MIA or Killed in the rocket fire by Bradley and I. With only 2 HVT's standing their ground, the worst happened.
One of the targets took out my rear rotor blade with a sniper, My helicopter rapidly started spinning in a clockwise direction as it plunged towards the green, blood splattered, tree filled mountainside. My rotors hit the grass in which they snapped off, causing shrapnel to fly in all different directions, My helicopter was down.
I got out, I looked up and saw bradley's helicopter being pierced with minigun fire as he then met the same result I did. Both of us met up by the crash site of my downed helicopter, Still realizing there could be anyware from 2-4 of our targets forming up to kill us, it was as it a repeat of Black Hawk Down. We pulled out our snipers, and found a good position.
"Bradley, you go over there by the trees, Ill go to the left by the bushes"
"They have the upper ground"
"I know" I said, "Get prepared to get into a pretty good gunfight" I followed to say.
With 8 minutes of silence, we saw 2 of the 6 HVT's had their scopes looking for us too. "I got the one on the left" I said, "Alright, then Ill get the one on the right" Bradley followed.
My target looked right at me, it was now a game of who shoots first.
I shot him in the leg
I then shot him in the head, He was down.
I then saw a message saying Bradley got his target. Knowing they would respawn, we quickly tried to run down towards the beach. We were getting shot from all angles, we were pinned down, Our only option was to jump off the cliff side, we did.
We tumbled down for quite a while, once we got to the bottom, I noticed someone was approaching. "Quick! hide by the rocks"
It was a vertical drop from the cliff side to the beach, The enemy was right above us. Once they left bradley and I made the swim of our lives to a island about .10 of a mile out, we were hoping we could call in a helicopter for EVAC & the QRF. We held our breath and we dived in. Not showing our head above sea level, we were swimming around fish and sea weeds. Once we got to the Island, we hid by the rocks. All of a sudden, I herd a snap, and then saw blood splatter exit out of my leg. They were shooting at us again.
We then had to retreat again to the beach quite far away, still getting shot at in the process we tried to swim as close to the ocean floor as close as possible. Bradley and I split up, he went to get the QRF and pick me up at the beach.
I got ashore, I saw them way far out in the mountains, I shot and killed one of them, as I was going to get the other, I herd rotor blades. Bradley somehow managed to get behind enemy lines and got past the 2 HVT's and got in a Helicopter for the EVAC. The other one respawaned and the 2 got in a car and left. I got exposed into the beach, with bradley in the chopper landing sand got thrown up into my face, but after what the 2 of us just went through, it was worth it. We got in the air and RTB'd.
Mission Failed.
Due to Bradley's heroism, he is being Promoted in the Crew.
We are doing a youtube promotional video for the crew, if you wish to take part, register here: http://gtaforums.com...omo-video-xbox/
If you wish to join Seal Team 669, send me a Friend Request on xbox live via
Where you will then be tested, if you pass the test. You will get a crew invite.

GKS Sahara
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Posted 28 February 2014 - 05:38 AM

---****Application Form****---

Amount of Money:
System (Xbox or PS3):
Past Crews:
Why do you think you should be accepted?:
What are you best at? (Sniper, Assult, Flying, etc.):

When can you be tested?:

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