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gta sa idea special edition cleo mod

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Posted 15 February 2014 - 08:54 PM


Cleo Special edition



sorry for my bad english

this is only idea!




Male,famale and forest sound

street animals: rats,dog,cat,insect, birds

Country animals: cow,horse,goat,sheep,chicken,pig, birds, insect

Country desert animals: cow,horse, chicken,pig, birds, insect

Wild animals: bear,boar,deer,elk,birds,fox,rabbits, lynx, insect

Wild desert animals: cougar,deer,rabbits,coyote, birds , insect

Water: fish and sharks (sharks only on sea)

2,add assets:  in all asset get uniform (fireman uniform,pilot uniform etc)

Hunter: 1 level:  rabbits 2level: birds 3level: deer 4level: boar etc  (start in hunting  in cottage)

Pilot airplane: transport  peoples, foodstuffs, black market (weapons, etc)  (start in plane nevada)

Bus (as vice city)

Assasins missions

3,taxi driver (gta iv/v style)

4,phone mod (gta v/iv style) call on (phone service mod 3.0 alpha) police,fireman,pizza dealer,call sweet,weapons seller etc.

5, vehicle&weapons mods

 in shop 24/7 buy melle weapons, equipment (flower,night vision,camera etc.)

In ammo nation buy (parachute,knife,tear gas,)and uprage weapons (gta v style) flashlight,strong weapons, hue etc

add vehicles (sea ​​doo.skateboard,surf, and more cars)

add weapons(mg ,stun gun,pistol 44,assault smg,advenced rifle,Granade laucher,assault shotgun,automatic pistol,tennis racket)

tuning as gta v (for all cars armour,bettter engine,spolers etc )

6, in ls,sf,lv desert and others were deployed car salons

5, no legals races

6, cj buy dog, horse (gta v style

7,chose 2 or 1 weapon in hand (only pistols and smg and must hitman)

8,in all citys has Office and in Office has selling houses

9, in all houses house sleeping, eating,watched tv,on off radio,lamps and others

10,entrable to all houses, and entrable to more buildings

11,more locations (vice city map add and biggest desert and country)

12, boat and bus traffic (as taxi mod)

13, map editor

14, mission making

15,add sports golf and tenis in sf tenis and lv golf

16,gta iv minigames (bowling,air hockey etc)

17, in bars u can drinked

18, more propertyes

19,fix traffic

20, better police AI

21, on medical center has hearth



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 10:00 PM

What's the point of this?


If you want someone to create that CLEO mod - use the pinned request topic

If it's just an 'idea' - Well, nobody cares about it.


I've read through the list anyways and it seems like you're daydreaming.


For the future: Please don't post any of your 'ideas' here. If everyone would just write down all of his ideas on the forums (no matter how irrelevant or stupid they are), the servers would burst into flames.

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