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How was your day?

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  • SabreGT

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Posted A week ago Edited by SabreGT7, A week ago.

I went on my treadmill & had some Garlic bread it was a decent day.

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Posted A week ago

Good day? Bad Day? Saw a sheep? What was your day like?

Heres my day:

Been working with my uncle for the day yesterday building this pit for Locomotive maintenance.



like any other day, just working and working,earning money for pretty and expensive thing that are basically useless anyway :D 

Darth Absentis
  • Darth Absentis

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Posted A week ago

Thank god the last few houres of this day were dry.

Besides that...only rain today.

Was fun though...the neighbours of the owners we were at in the end were really friendly and gave loads of drinks.

  • JON22

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Posted A week ago

Ffffff*ckin' fleas again on my f*ckin' dog even though I've put the best f*cking stuff on her to kill them.

Tiny bastards >:[

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Posted A week ago Edited by darthYENIK, A week ago.

Ate an everything bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Lied around all morning. Played Slime Rancher. Watched a few episodes of Twin Peaks. Exercised, leg day. Ate a pulled pork sandwich for lunch. Got a call asking if I can work the closing shift, 6 to 10. Will probably grab some leftover fried chicken as I go out the door. Traffic is going to suck.

Edit: Traffic sucked, and I had to stay an extra two and a half hours.

  • N R G

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Posted A week ago

I've got a cold ATM so I've just been laying in bed eating green olives. I'm about to go make a toasted peanut butter and jam sandwich

Darth Absentis
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Posted A week ago

nearly completely dry weather...man, this week was not that bad after all, even though the predictions on monday predicted a water hell.


My hands smell like gras though  :lol:

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Posted A week ago

Saw a furry in Sainsbury's today - ears, tail, and a couple dragon plushies hanging off their messenger bag

think that's only the second time I've seen one in the wild, endangered species yo
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  • Mr_No

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Posted A week ago

If Murphy's Law had an entry on an encyclopedia, today would be it. Work was incredibly frustrating and extremely inefficient.

  • SabreGT

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Posted A week ago

Today was a good day, I spoke to my Bolivian half-sister via phone for the first time, so that was an interesting experience. I learnt that she is only 24 days younger than me, god my dad is a complete f*cking c*nt.  :lol:

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Posted 6 days ago

Today I went to Blackpool Air Show. It was very good and the finale was an awesome aerobatic display by the RAF Red Arrows


Top Notch.



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Darth Absentis
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Posted 5 days ago

Traveled to Naples...i actually f*cking did it.

This place got some issues though...

I will stay in the 2 crowded streets going to Naples central for sure.

  • Plank.

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Posted 5 days ago

I got out of bed before 1 p.m. and on my own free will. I consider that an accomplishment.

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Posted 5 days ago

I chipped a tooth.

f*ck this universe.

Femme Fatale
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Posted 2 days ago

I watched The Iron Maidens play live at Black Box, that was p fun. And lol at that one guy who shouted "Take of your tanktops, show us your tits!" in spanish.
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Darth Absentis
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Posted 2 days ago

First getting to ercolano to visit the herculaneum site with a metro at 7h30 and just skipping breakfast.
Once there i actually came 10 min later at the site then i expected, but still, third to enter the site in general and first one to find the boat houses were the skeletons are.
Again...outdated internet info was outdated...was said those were not for the public, but there was no fence at the "dock" and the wooden gates were wide open.

The place though...really...it is sure worth a visit and there are several parts that have detail that are better preserved then anything seen in Pompeii(paint, tile floors,...), but man...the vandalism...
Really...call me an edgelord for this but the dozans of f*cks that scratched their names into the plastered paint by moral right deserve to get whatever they scratched in those walls to be scratched on their body somewhere...or straight on their face if they were older then 18 and not mentally dissabled.

But yea...nice place...though a lot smaller then pompeii and i was done there in about 2 hours or so...

Then kinda sh*t happened.

Never found busses that would drive me to Vesuvius, which considering my research the day before, would be closed friday so i had to get there anyhow.

After going to ercelano-portici i again found nothing and then i did some reasearch again.

Suddenly out of nowhere google maps tells me that Vesuvius is closed, while some italian site warns me that today the site "might be closed"

So after getting over that freakout(its about 12am then), i just get angry at it and pretty much gps some sh*t in and march into the direction of Vesuvius...and i say march because that was not just your regular walking.
So after a stop for a big bottle of water somewhere, then i'm kinda going really outside the village/city and such...and after several miles some guy keeps me up and offers me a pizza, a free swiming pool and a ride to Vesuvius.

In the end, after a lot of talking back and forth i just settle for some food, i also ordered 2 cola's, and after just enjoying the view from were i should have been able to(almost) see Herculaneum(never really found it with my binocolars), i continued...
By then they also told me vesuvius should be just open because they had visitors thar already went to there and me myself had noticed how busses were driving up and down the road.
Thus by then when i go away from that place on foot(never bothered with the pool) i just felt like i had come to far to actually get a ride, even if it was just 15 euro extra and it was a ride to there and back.
So i just did the other half of that trip also on foot.
When i was finally going from the parking to that finale 20 30 min walking though... wow...
I just felt really tired, yet at the same time i was actually passing people, even though my heart kinda seemed to feel a bit...unsettled...
And all that time in my mind the intro of "Pompeii" from bastille was playing in my head(eheu eheu, eheu eheu, eheu eheu, eheuh eheuh,....)...
So then, when i could finally see the sides of the crater somewhat i finally came somewhat more to life and i bluntly decided to actually just take my phone and play the song out loud(enough for me to hear everything of it) when walking around the crater.
Man...oh the drama...but f*ck that was totally worth it.

I stayed pretty much untill it was nearly closing time, taking loads of pictures and of course using the binoculars and trying to find pompeii, Herculaneum and Naples from there.

Now pompeii...really...i could find that back with my bare eyes once i knew were to look...same for Naples(because of the heaven), but though i found Ercolano easely and situated the place were Herculaneum should be really well because of some greenery in the near proximity i never actually had a moment were i knew i was looking at that site though.

Man...that view though...
Even if not in it for the vulcano itself that is one view that was worth the trip...

Those distances...jeezes...

Also it was pretty scary in a way to imagen...to see how far the damage of Vesuvius 79 has reached.
The pyroclastic power of it went as far as Misenum..over water.

And then you look from mount Vesuvius into that direction...and you look at the area of Campi Flegri...and you relize that area is pretty much sitting on an enormous super vulcano which when considering erruptions could very well errupt before the end of this century.
Though that erruption probably wont be a super erruption, it is quite a thing when you are looking at that place from such a distance.

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Posted 7 hours ago

Pretty great. Spent most of the day looking at houses for my parents. They're likely going to get a house built starting by the end of this year or beginning of next year. After the car burglary this month and congestion and annoying HOA and plans for both the city and a more expensive HOA to annex us, it's time to get out of this area.

I'm happy they'll likely find a very nice new place and hopefully drama related to this house will end.

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