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[SAMP]Black Sun Roleplay - Grand Opening

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Posted 15 February 2014 - 12:43 PM


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We are gaming community called Black Sun and this is our first server. Black Sun Roleplay is based in the city of San Fierro. We will introduce you to our server by explaining some of the features that we provide. We already have a small team of administrators and developers who are going to do their best to help all players out.



Our server currently has 9 jobs. They are unique and most of them require working with other players for successful income. We will explain one of the jobs.

Mechanic requires a tool kit and old engine parts to repair vehicles. Reality of this job is high because there is always a chance that your tool kit might break down. Skilled mechanic can install hydraulic systems, car radios and NOS into other vehicles, as well as changing their color and paintjob.



Regular players can have 2 vehicles, while VIPs can have up to 5 vehicles. There are 4 vehicle dealerships where you are able to buy cars, bikes, bicycles, boats, helicopters and planes. You are able to change modifications and color of your vehicles. Each vehicle except bicycles require fuel which can be bought at all gas stations across the city and out of it.

This is little demonstration of our vehicle system:



We have 7 factions:

  • San Fierro Police Department

  • Government

  • San Andreas Shipping Lines

  • San Andreas News

  • San Fierro Medical Department

  • FBI

  • Taxi Company

    Some of the factions have unique features which you will have to try by yourself because it would take so much time to explain each one of them.

    There are no gangs on the server but we plan to add them very soon.



Our house and business system is dynamic which means that admins are able to spawn new houses and businesses anytime. Those two systems both have some commands which we haven't seen on any server before. There are 10 house levels and 8 different businesses.


This is a trailer to our server which our staff team has recorded and put together.

Black Sun Roleplay will open on 21st of February at 20:00 (8 PM) GMT+1. There will be many events with great prizes on the opening night.

We suggest you to register on our forum where you can find tutorials and ask for anything else regarding to the server. 

Thank you for reading our advertise.

See you in-game!


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