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Cars with Different Forms

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  • Argonaut

    what did he mean by this

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Posted 12 February 2014 - 11:14 PM

Maibatsu Buzzard Attack Chopper, armed
Maibatsu Buzzard attack Chopper, unarmed

Police Maverick, Police Livery
Police Maverick, Air Ambulance livery (best Helicopter in the game).

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    Fly Goils. :U

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Posted 12 February 2014 - 11:20 PM

Thanks guys. I'll add more when I get the time... but unfortunately the wi-fi network i'm on blocked social club, and all the images look broken to me.

So I'll add more stuff when i can see what i'm posting. heh.



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Posted 12 February 2014 - 11:21 PM

Zirconium stratum (Roof rack/Sunroof)
Zirconium stratum (Front lip)
Zirconium stratum TT (Spoiler)

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Posted 12 February 2014 - 11:56 PM

The obey 9f and the obey 9f cabrio are cool cars. Both of them are different and they are both cool too. The benefit is they aren't that costly either and that's always good news.

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 07:08 AM

EDIT: Updated list with Oracle, Stinger, Sandking, and Rumpo.

-added Surfboard Surfer to...surfer list.

-added more Mesas.

-I hit the picture limit... so unless the mods can be kind to me and somehow...up the pic count, i'll be posting links to the photos, as I did with the Rumpo.

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 07:54 PM


Soft top




WRONG, its either soft top up, or no top at all.

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 08:11 PM

both sandkings (XL & SWB) can have a push bar on the front but without the extended bumper. only spawns on the street

Got my SWB with the bar, it's much better than adding them at LSC because you don't get the extended bumper that affects ground clearance
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Posted 13 February 2014 - 10:07 PM Edited by jameznash, 13 February 2014 - 10:23 PM.

Vapid Sadler has 3 variants: Roof Lights, Roll Bar, and Ladder Rack

I think it has 4x versions, Roll bar with lights, Front bull bars, Ladder Rack, ALSO a version that has the bed at the back covered over.

Stinger has roof + no roof versions as well.

Surfer has 3x versions, 2x non rusty ones (one with roof rack and one without) + the rusty one.

Bobcat has 2x versions - One with covered back one without.

plus don't some cars come with different seat covers like the Faggio does.

Declasse Granger - has sheriff + park ranger versions.

Elegy RH8 - one has the rear wing and one does not.

Pegassi Infernus - 2x version - one with rear wing one without

Mammoth Patriot - 2x (maybe 3) one has nothing, one has lights (not sure if one has bull bars)

Caddy - one with roof one without

Utility truck has at least 3x different backs.

JoBuilt Hauler has 2x versions (one normal and one with the extra roof section)
JoBuilt Phantom also has these 2x versions

Dune loader - one has stuff in the back the other does not

Dune Buggy - different roof versions

Rebel - rusty and non-rusty versions but these also have different combinations of roll bars and bull bars.

Also - the Sandking does not count because the 2x versions have a slightly different name. Sandking SWB and Sandking XL

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