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Heterotopia in virtual world - Visuel art in GTA

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 05:06 PM

Hello guys :orly:

I would like to introduce you my personal project from gta
I'm a researcher / student in french school.


I am here to share with you my thoughts on the concept of heterotopia related videos games GTA:

The heterotopia (Greek topos , "place," and straight, "other" , " other place ") is a term coined by Michel Foucault in 1967 a conference entitled " Of Other Spaces " concept 1 .

It defines heterotopias as a physical location of utopia. These are concrete spaces that host the imagination, like a child's hut or a theater. They are used for shelving , as with nursing homes , asylums and cemeteries. So these are places within a company that are negative , or are at least on the margins . Michel Foucault identifies six principles for a systematic description of hétérotopies2 :

heterotopias are present in every culture,
same heterotopia can see its function differ in time
heterotopia may be juxtaposed in one place several spaces themselves inconsistent in real space ,
within a heterotopia is a heterochrony , ie a break with the real time
heterotopia can open and close , which both isolates , making it accessible and penetrable .
heterotopias have a function in relation to other areas of societies: they are either spaces or spaces illusion of perfection .

To put images in my comments I made a short video

= >



After seeing this video, do you think that video games ( open-world video game Grand theft Auto) are a heterotopia ? An located utopia ?

I would like here to open a space for discussion and sharing between players and authors, between philosophers and creators. How to share the growing heterotopia virtual worlds, these places apart, outside of any site. The sounds you hear are from my physical tribulations, when I was waiting the bus, the tramway etc.

- Virtual it may be superimposed on the real?

These are fields of reflexions which animates me and I want to share with the community of Youtube.

- is it Art ?

- Or a simple change of use, the part played and performed (in reality) are there in this video film of a player? or a spectator?

- ThereforeLife Is a simulation?

Here is the first version of this project, many others will follow
You should like or dislike, and make a review of it.

- Otherness Located
- OL v1
Description coming soon.


Many things are debating online Gta.
Which is starting to emerge a conducive and current thinking of these virtual worlds?

You can also contact me and why not chat / play with me online with my nickname Playstation network: Ultarium

 contact me at [email protected]



Thank you

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