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GTA V Wishlist Topic

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Poll: DLC (1584 member(s) have cast votes)

If you had to choose one, what would your ideal DLC be?

  1. New Weapons (63 votes [3.98%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.98%

  2. New Characters (61 votes [3.85%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.85%

  3. Hood Territory Wars (144 votes [9.09%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.09%

  4. New Ending (14 votes [0.88%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.88%

  5. More Heists (Online & Offline) (262 votes [16.54%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.54%

  6. Casino (160 votes [10.10%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.10%

  7. San Fierro/Las Venturas/North Yankton (798 votes [50.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 50.38%

  8. Jetpack (82 votes [5.18%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.18%

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  • iwakpeyek9852

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Posted 04 April 2016 - 02:56 AM Edited by iwakpeyek9852, 09 April 2016 - 04:47 AM.

Weapon List: Flamethrower,RIOT SHIELD,Thermobaric,9-Bang(flashbang),Throwing Knife,AK-12,
Brass Knuckles,Chainsaw,Katana,Wrench Machete,winstinger

-Breakable wall,
-Night vision goggles,
-Honey Badger,
-Tibetan Wolf,
-Snow Leopard,
-Visible Body Armor,
- Backpack,
-Knee Pads,
-Drivable Train,
-White Chested Bear,
-Hunting Animals (Like In Far Cry),
-Drag Races,

-Rideable Horse,
-Windshield Wipers Can Be Run,
-Car Lights Can Be Turned On / Off,

-Can Buy Some Types Of Smartphones,
-More Function On Laptop And PC
-More Heists (Like In PAYDAY2)
-Respect System (Like In San Andreas)

Abilities (Like In Tom Clancy's The Divison):
Talents: Medical Talents:

    Shock and Awe
    Critical Save
    Combat Medic
    Strike Back
    Battle Buddy

Tech Talents:

    Tactical Advance
    Police Up
    Evasive Action
    Death by Proxy
    Tech Support
    Fear Tactics
    Demolition Expert

Security Talents:

    Steady Hands
    Desperate Times
    Repo Reaper
    One is None
    Stopping Power
    Chain Reaction
    On the Move
Skills:  Medical Skills:

Medical skills provide support and intel for the agent and their team.

    First Aid
    Support Station
    Recovery Link

Tech Skills:

Tech skills give agents the offensive edge.

    Sticky Bomb
    Seeker Mine
    Tactical Link

Security Skills:

Security skills are focused on defensive capabilities.

    Ballistic Shield
    Smart Cover
    Mobile Cover
    Survivor Link
Perks: Medical Perks:

    Medkits (3x)
    Protective Measures (3x)
    Canned Food
    Contamination Intel
    Hazardous Materials

Tech Perks:

    Hazardous Materials
    Division Tech Materials
    Energy Bar
    Resource Assessment
    Stat Switch
    Dark Zone Funds

Security Perks:

    Experienced Agent
    Advanced Weaponry
    Combat Veteran
    Hazardous Materials
    Black Market Vendor
    Clothes Vendor
    Explosive Bullets
    Incendiary Bullets
    Special Ammo
    Shooting Range
    Intel Discovery

  • truehighroller


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Posted 13 April 2016 - 01:40 PM

Hello everyone. I was wondering is it possible for me to mod a new golf course? I really want a new golf course or two or three or more.

  • AccountNoLongerUsed

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Posted 16 April 2016 - 09:41 AM Edited by Wyllow, 16 April 2016 - 09:44 AM.

You know what would be good? A Rally Mod shop. Basically, it be located in Blaine County and it would allow you to convert certain vehicles into Off-Road Rally Custom vehicles. My idea is that it would be the exclusive feature of the Los Santos Customs in Harmony and Beeker's Garage in Paleto Bay.

Richard Power Colt
  • Richard Power Colt

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Posted 16 April 2016 - 12:08 PM Edited by Nutsack McQueen, 16 April 2016 - 11:29 PM.

My 3 dream updates:

-80's update. 80's sports/super cars like a Cheetah classic(Ferrari Testarossa), Infernus classic(Lamborghini Countach) and Turismo classic(Ferrari F40) with actual functioning hidden headlights. 80's clothing like Scarface style suits, Hawaii shirts, Terminator 1 leather clothing and sunglasses etc. Maybe even add 80's gym wear for sh*ts and giggles. Also add some crazy 80's hairstyles. As for weapons, hmmm.. not sure maybe something from some 80's action movies. They probably should add a chainsaw like seen in that one scene in Scarface. Also I doubt this would happen, but I still want that Night Ride FM radio station with synthwave music.

-Post-apocalypse update. Finally brings the Duke O' Death online and also adds new post-apocalyptic cars with a bunch of spikes and sh*t added to them that can damage other vehicles when ramming. Maybe we could even have a Benny's style modshop for these vehicles, you could add a bunch of decorative skulls and sh*t. One of the new vehicles could maybe be an armored version of the Phantom which could be ordered from Pegasus, it could have a huge triangular plow in the front that can push vehicles out of its way. There could also be an adversary mode where you have to escort the truck to a location and the other team tries to stop it. Clothing would include a lot of leathery stuff and shoulder pads. They could also add a new mohawk hairstyle. Weapons could be a lot of sort of cheap and improvisational weaponry. A crossbow and a flamethrower would kinda fit this update. I guess this would be a pretty over the top and unrealistic update for GTA Online, but I don't really care, it would be fun. The game is already kind of a clusterf*ck tbh.

-Sea update. Big military boat with a lot of weaponry, Dinghy with a machine gun, the Tug from IV, some other boats idk, sea-based activities for free mode like underwater crate drops, swim fins for faster swimming, speargun as the first underwater ranged weapon etc.


Edit: Also adds an octopus mask.


Edit: Oh sorry I should have posted this on the GTA Online wishlist topic. My bad.

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  • jpm1

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 04:27 PM Edited by jpm1, 28 May 2016 - 05:57 PM.

- brand new episode with playable Niko

- Vice city

- discotheques, and dancing feature

- few enterable restaurants

- being able to sit on chairs and benches (why this has not been included yet??)

- more persistency with used cars. i'm not asking for a game that reminds my last 10 used cars. but being able to go for a boat ride, without loosing the car and boat trailer would be much appreciated. actual SP vehicles persistency is really horrible

- being able to lay down at the beach

- being able to set up campfires anywhere. and being able to set up tents too. why creating a huge free open world with a countryside, without letting us camp outdoors

- taxi cinematic. i'm sad just tihnking of this, i mean what you guys did you have in mind when you removed this :)

- bicycles trailers/roof ramps. so we can go do some mountain bike with Chop

- bike/quad trailer

- speedophiles trailers

- single player map editor. i coud pay for a basic terrain editor with few buildings

- Chop should be able to cross small rivers when doing mountain bike

- MP apartments. why this has not been included yet. i love MP system where we can change our homes, one at a time

- some barriers really behave weirdly, R* should have a look at these (studios barriers, heliport barriers..)

- few trucking missions with long hauls would be nice i think

- blowlamp for opening money trucks easily

- new single player missions/events that would appear on a daily basis. for example R* servers injects a daily random event that changes everyday.. could be an elaborated mission or a simple mission like the lost kidnapping

- being able to use the inflatable mattress

- bring us back the hot dog vendors too


my first thought after at least 100 hours of playing is that GTA V is a very good game, but there are some useless things like breathing sounds when running or overmade animations (ladder climb). and in the same time there are still huge lacks like taxi cinematic removal, no sitting ability, still no discotheques. what i liked in IV it's that for the 1st time i could do in a game basic life actions. and it was great, because it gave a huge feeling of freedom. i enjoyed walking in the streets and doing nothing, just looking around, or buying a hot dog. Or going dancing in TBoGT. i had so much fun doing these things, it's sad R* doesn't see the potential of that aspect of the game. I think it's important that R* does not forget that GTA popularity was made in great part by the modders. so develloping the MP is cool, but don't forget the SP gamers

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  • temi4328

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 04:40 PM

I don't understand rockstar. Look at the comment section on IGN, gamespot or even on their trailers. We all want this f*cking DLC. Literally leaving money on the table. Give us DLC you're all capable of making, charge us for it(obviously), all gta fans(SP, Online or both) celebrate and you can go back to focusing on online. As long as you give us the usual weapons and vehicles.

  • jpm1

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 09:56 PM

as i already said once, if it takes time, we could have a nice surprise in the end

















if you know what i mean ange-26.gif. i remember i heard R* saying once that Miami nowadays wasn't a good subject to work with. i've seen a documentary not long ago about Miami police been overwhelmed by the criminality. which made me think R* was wrong and there was really something interesting to work with with nowadays Miami

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  • mi7893959

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 10:05 PM

I would like to see some aircraft which looks similar to a B-2 Stealth Bomber (with ability to drop about 8 bombs from its underbelly):

  • Hullian111

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 08:10 AM

I don't know, honestly. We've had GTA set all across America (excluding GTA London and that Manchester one), but if there's one thing GTA has yet to cover, its the Southern US. Sure, Vice City is in the south, but that doesn't count.

​Due to recent releases, I'm thinking about something in New Orleans, or hell, something in Texas.

  • Jack30

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Posted 12 November 2016 - 06:47 AM

Game features:


- The ability to equip a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. The primary weapon is assigned by holding the LB button to bring up the weapon wheel, and then selecting a weapon. While the secondary weapon is assigned by selecting a weapon, and then pressing up on the D-pad (while the weapon wheel is still visible), and it will then be marked as the secondary weapon on the weapon wheel. After closing the weapon wheel, it`s possible to cycle between the primary weapon and the secondary weapon by tapping the LB button. If you just want to holster a weapon, it can be done by tapping the LB button and the RB button simultaneously.


- A new weapon select menu, while using a vehicle. In a previous post, I suggested a weapon select menu that resembled a plus sign with five different categories, but since they added more weapons that can be equipped, while using a vehicle (two weapon categories were added), a weapon wheel seems like a better suggestion. The weapon wheel is similar to the weapon wheel available, while your character is on foot, but is accessed by holding the X button (while using a vehicle). And the left analog stick is used to choose between different weapon categories. It will also be possible to have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon (assigned by pressing up on the D-pad, when selecting a weapon from the weapon wheel), while using a vehicle, just like when your character is on foot. But while using a vehicle, you have to tap the X button, to cycle between the primary weapon and the secondary weapon.


- The ability to equip two handed weapons (assault rifles, sniper rifles and so on), while using a quad bike or a motorcycle. This ability is not available while the vehicle is in motion, but when it`s standing still. With other words, if your character is riding a quad bike or a motorcycle, all the weapons on the weapon wheel are available, as long as the vehicle stands still. If your character has a two handed weapon selected and you press the RT button and the vehicle starts to accelerate, your character will put the two handed weapon away and grab the handlebars. If the primary weapon is a pistol, and the secondary weapon is a sniper rifle, you can tap the X button to quickly cycle between both weapons (while the vehicle is standing still). Since heavier vehicles have a slight advantage compared to quad bikes and motorcycles, the game will be more balanced if they add this feature.


- While on foot, it should be possible to dive by holding the X button (tapping the X button is used to jump), towards the direction the left analog stick is pointing in. This is an ability that is used by other people in the game, when being approached by a fast moving vehicle.


- While diving underwater, your character only has the ability to equip a knife. Some firearms can actually be used underwater (as seen in movies). The ones that can, should have that ability in the game as well.


- To be able to put fuel in the vehicles. It could be optional, whether you want this feature to have an effect on the gameplay or not. If this feature is turned on (in the options menu), a fuel gauge will appear (by the minimap) everytime your character is using a fuel based vehicle. For example, if your character is riding a motorcycle and it runs out of fuel, it will eventually stop. At this point, if you press the Y button, your character will get off the motorcycle and stand next to it. If you press the Y button again, your character will grab the handlebars (while standing on the side) and the left analog stick can be used to push the motorcycle towards the nearest gas station. If you want your character to move faster, when he`s pushing the motorcycle, you can tap the A button. This feature will also be available if you run out of fuel, while driving a car (not for the larger cars). Your character will grab the steering wheel and push the car while walking on the side. While pushing the car, pressing right on the D-pad, will make your character ask people nearby, if they want to help. If they agree, they will start pushing the car from the back and the side, which will increase the speed. If your character has a fuel canister (a jerry can) in his inventory, he can use that to put fuel in the car, instead of pushing it. Some cars will have a fuel canister in the trunk. Motorcycles with saddlebags, will sometimes have a small fuel canister available. As mentioned earlier, vehicles running out of fuel is a feature that is optional. If this feature is turned off, a fuel gauge won`t appear on the screen and the vehicles are not going to run out of fuel. But it will still be possible to put fuel in a vehicle at a gas station.


- A motorcycle based on a Honda Z50.


- There should be options for different headlight designs and different handlebar designs, while customizing chopper motorcycles.


- The ability to take cover behind a car door. If your character is inside a car, you can press the Y button and the RB button simultaneously, and your character will open the car door and take cover behind it. This also works from outside the car.


- A new melee weapon: a gold bar. Like the ones, from one of the missions in the game. They could also have a platinum and a silver variant of this melee weapon.


- It should be possible to, turn the lights on and off in the safehouses, in both story mode and online. This could be done by walking up to the light switches and turning them on and off manually, or by using an app on the mobile phone. They could even make it possible to dim the lights.


- To be able to add or remove weapon attachments, by using the weapon wheel. This could be done by holding the LB button, to bring up the weapon wheel and then choosing a weapon. For example: a pistol with a silencer and a flashlight attachment. With this weapon selected (while the weapon wheel is still visible), you can press down on the D-pad, to bring up a weapon attachment menu. The weapon attachment menu will have text like: press the A button to remove silencer (if the pistol didn`t already have a silencer, the text would be: press the A button to add a silencer). And press the B button to remove the flashlight attachment and so on (the X button, the Y button and other buttons are assigned to more weapon attachments). The weapon attachment menu can be closed by pressing down on the D-pad, choosing a different weapon or releasing the LB button (which will also close the weapon wheel).

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 11:48 AM

My wishlist has been more or less fulfilled with mods on the PC version :santa:  :^: 

  • BeTheGame007

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Posted 19 November 2016 - 07:54 AM

I know some of these are probably too much for the game to handle but this is my wish list

Damagable buildings/ environments (that reset when you are away from the area)

Ability to shut down power grids and traffic lights etc (maybe by the help of lester)

Bungee jumping activity.

Explorable caves, sewers and tunnels

Hoverboards/ skateboarding/ surfing.

Rapelling from buildings/ helicopters or cliffs.

Interiors on every building with the ability to take hostages and have police stand off with negotiations etc...

Being able to chat up npc's and make them a booty call or partner in crime.

Ability to sign up for jobs (fire fighter, construction, cop, paramedic, courier, pizza delivery etc...)

Go to jail... Have to actually go to jail and follow rules (or not) for certain period of time also be cool if you could do odd jobs to build prison cred and figure out how to escape or even friends could break you out and go on the run...

  • hammerjack1066

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Posted A week ago Edited by hammerjack1066, A week ago.

you win some you lose some will with DLC that couldn't be any truer introducing the stock DLC this DLC allows you to invest in some stocks. You could put a quick 100 on ammunition or put three 5s on dynasty 8 and see the money flow right into your maze bank account.


so with this DLC concept, i have thought of you can place some money on the stocks in the game anything from ammunition to suburban and the more money you invest the more you get back.
making money in gta5 is hard already so this might be cool and somewhat easy way to make some cash.
this was just a quick idea i had. so if you have any cool ideas that would go with this please tell me.

  • HaRdSTyLe_83

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Posted A week ago

i believe that was something that was going to be ingame on day 0 but never did bcuz it could be exploited.

in the end it would be a small dlc with very little to do besides investing money and waiting it to (slowly) grow. i would rather have the coming soon :miranda:  casino

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  • Jammsbro

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Posted A week ago

Okay, so we can't get online gear in SP. but what if we could unlock it after we unlocked or bought it in GTAO?

That way Rockstar could use excuses against us and we would have the fun of GTAO stuff in SP.

  • Mr.Cervantes

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by Mr.Cervantes, 4 days ago.

Alright look im a new member of these forums but I'm sure as hell a hardcore grand theft auto gamer I take this game really serious. But my point is that we should consider making gtav a more exciting cooperative game by adding a unique game mode, On the online section in the pause menu should have option to join a public session, invite, solo, or a brand new free roaming zombies lobby. Think about it Los Santos can be the quarantine Zone to contain the contaminated npcs or possible players. Overall we are eligible to make money off these quarantines areas by purchasing it just like any other property. The grand senora desert is where the real fun begins huge spawns of zombies coming from all sides of the desert pretty much from fort zancudo to mount chiliad, also a grip, scope, and flash light attachment for the gusenburg sweeper, my point is that zombies would be a magnificent addition to the gtav community and we must work together to survive in this game mode, infact this dlc would be a great addon to the Halloween season

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