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Posted 2 days ago

Then they need better parents to teach them how to hit that power button. I grew up and went by the "sticks and stones" saying. So did my friends. When bigger kids physically bullied me, my parents sent me to karate. I've been whooping on bigger bullies ever since.


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Posted 2 days ago

children, unless properly educated, don't understand how to deal with cyberbullying.

Fair enough.

But at the same time, killing someone's character in a video game where one of the main (if not the main) purpose is to kill each other's characters, isn't bullying, cyber or otherwise. A mean comment isn't bullying. Not liking someone and making that known, isn't bullying. Being a dick and having someone call you on it, isn't them bullying you. Not all conflict is bullying, not all conflict is avoidable, and not all conflict is bad.

Obviously it is different if it raises to the level of harassment, like if someone is doing all that and more, and/or constantly. I'm not saying bullying or cyber-bullying aren't real things, but a lone instance of one or more of these things does not constitute bullying.


The fact that so many people are being taught to act like it does just helps explain why so many people are seemingly incapable of resolving conflict on their own. And I don't just mean young children, I mean adults who missed out on the part of childhood where they should have transitioned into someone who doesn't need to run to someone else to solve any and all conflict they encounter, and doesn't need to make every single instance of disagreement or conflict into them being a victim of some unacceptable violation.

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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Queen, 2 days ago.

Obviously I'm not referring to murdering someone's character time and time again...or sending a quick comment to get someone's panties in a twist...it's a game for f*ck's sake. I do that stuff all the time and get a kick out of it too. What I'm talking about is constant verbal/textual harassment. There's a clear difference, and unfortunately you're right, Sweets. All too often kids (and sadly adults as well) claim they're being bullied when in fact it's not bullying. But that's the society we live in; people are way too sensitive. 

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Posted 11 hours ago

Once my daughter is at an age where she has a Facebook account I might make a phoney account and cyber bully her. Then teach her how to school him and put him in his place.

I also plan to make her do chores in order to obtain the days wifi password. 21st century parenting right there.

Hope this helps,


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