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FPV Gta 5 Alpha Tutorial.

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:59 PM Edited by Crazy Potato, 05 February 2014 - 03:00 PM.

All this can be found in weapon.meta
xDeagleModz and I were looking for possible FPV cameras and we got.

  • and others but they don't work.

so I used the Bike Pov from the FP Vehicles I made since that worked.

  • <DefaultCameraHash>BIKE_POV_CAMERA</DefaultCameraHash>
  • <CoverCameraHash>BIKE_POV_CAMERA</CoverCameraHash>
  • <AssistedAimingCameraHash>BIKE_POV_CAMERA</AssistedAimingCameraHash>
  • <CameraFov value="45.000000" />

DefaultCameraHash is when you aim it goes into First Person (For melee it needs to be lock on)
CoverCameraHash when you go take cover with the weapon that has bike pov you go into first person no problems here beside if you aim and move while covered you might just might see your body with no head. :)
What Camera Fov does is just field of view lower it and the closer your view gets higher it the more you can see.  45 is like pistols and above that is the big guns, below it is small guns.
The bugs I had a problem were with the Bike Pov camera set when you aim you spin like crazy!
However melee weapons work fine so have fun with that.
Since this is
Alpha you get First Person only if you lock on to something.
Happy hunting based on this knowledge! ;)

Ps. Since I'm a noob here I posted this here if it belongs somewhere else by all means move it.

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