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Forum Topic: What Does My Avatar Say About Me?

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  • ArchKnight

    Dodge Chargerô

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Posted A week ago

My avatar's just a random from the GTA V Gallery. Says that I'm a GTA V Player. I need a change

  • ocd

    Foot Fetishist

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Posted A week ago

I'm getting better from my OCD and I can now look back and laugh at it. Maybe not but still.

  • Khan96

    Just Cause

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Posted A week ago

My "fanboyism" of Johnny-boy

Not old Johnny, communist Johnny fanboy :)

Judicious 7
  • Judicious 7

    Live & You Learn

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Posted A week ago

Umm, well.. I change my avatar fairly often, but the actress in my avatar slot is Kelly Macdonald. I don't necessarily follow her work or anything, but I do like her portrayal of a character on a certain show I like. And that character is pretty identifiable with myself.

The Hippie
  • The Hippie

    I'm gonna be all the way out there...In the Wild!

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Posted A week ago

I like anything under the categories of peaceful and psychedelic.

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