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Forum Topic: What Does My Avatar Say About Me?

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Mister Pink
  • Mister Pink

    мистер роз

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 09:45 PM

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  • MeisterJazz

    The best there is...

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Posted 22 April 2017 - 04:25 AM

I like Transformers...

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  • Mion


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Posted 22 April 2017 - 09:29 AM


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  • Vichael

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I like Rick Grimes.

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  • TheMcSame

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I like Randy Rhoads... Not much more to say really... He was (obviously) well known for being Ozzy's guitarist... Or maybe Ozzy was his vocalist  :D


Obligatory examples...


Homemade Dynamite
  • Homemade Dynamite


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I'm really looking forward to Lorde's new album.

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  • Achlys

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Three things that describe me.
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  • EarthGaia


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Posted 4 weeks ago


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  • GTA-Biker

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Posted 3 weeks ago

My avatar is my crew emblem,which is a simple looking picture of a chopper motorcycle I made in R* editor,because I like chopper bikes.

  • Coleco

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Posted 3 weeks ago

That I didn't know which way the camera was pointing.


It also suggests that I am made of polygons and vertices

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  • 21:6

    Venom Snake

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by 21:6, 3 weeks ago.

My avatar suggest I like Arthur 

  • Pavle

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I like CSI Miami

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  • universetwisters


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Posted 3 weeks ago


Cutter De Blanc
  • Cutter De Blanc

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Posted 3 weeks ago

you cant see me

  • Achlys

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I'm an aspiring femme fatale. Sure I'm not a girl, but I'm an effeminate Gay guy. That counts, no? :p

Mr. Fartenhate
  • Mr. Fartenhate

    please read m,y bad fanfiction

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Mr. Fartenhate, 3 weeks ago.

im choking. choking on the presusres of life as it seems to be. sometimes i wo nder. sometimes. mayube choking is not good for my health. maybe i should stiop choking, but no i do not stop i continue to choke. maybe life isntr all that bad if i can stop at some point. stop cholking. but maybe i nrvrt will...

  • confederatestatesgta

    negan is awsome.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

i love the walking dead. and the guy in my avatar is randall an antagonist from the game. it shows i like villains. i love negan, william carver, the governor and randall in the walking dead. in grand theft auto i like steve haines. its pretty wierd that i like villains even though im a good guy. i just love their personalities and storys.

Majesty Dreamworth
  • Majesty Dreamworth

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Posted A week ago Edited by Majesty Dreamworth, A week ago.

My avatar is an extension of my profile name, Majesty Dreamworth, which is itself an anagram for my real name. I have many bizarre dreams of a sort that seem to simultaneously be more vivid and yet make even less visual or narrative sense than a Dali painting. This was not always the case. My dreams always used to be more "normal" or cohesive, if at times fantastical.

I had a minor nervous break back in 2011 after getting way too high from pot. Fortunately, I never became delusional, but when I woke up the next day, I wasn't the same. It was like all the color had left the world and I was in a persistent state of de-realization, in which everything seemed as grotesque as a halloween shop or a Burton movie. I stopped listening to music, stopped watching movies, stopped reading books. Though it lasted for almost two years, that phase has now long passed and I am almost my old self. But I have never regained my old way of dreaming.

So the avatar is a symbol, as if to suggest some external or preternatural force comes in to perform surgery on my dreams and alter them against my will. Not that I believe that, only that it serves as a metaphor for the change.

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  • Travedge

    A man in motion feels no emotion

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Posted A week ago

I love a lot of music, but one group near an dear to my heart, Hank 3. Got me through some tough times. Outlaw country at its finest.
Give it a listen 😎
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