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A military DLC

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Captain Revenge
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Posted 05 February 2014 - 12:39 AM

I have mentioned this in another thread, and have put more thought into this and burned a few brain cells thinking of requirements before u could join either the LSPD or military.


And there also would have to be consequences for players if they decide to be rogue and go against the rules associated with being a cop or a soldier. Eliminating the douche bag cop that isn't a bot, before they get a badge or issued gun.


Starting with requirements, Rank of at least 50 for police and 100 for military. All skills at 100% levels. You shouldn't be able to buy your way in either, shooting range skills tested weekly for military and monthly for police.


Once you're trained then what? Traffic stops, as a live cop u should be able to have to see or get a report of a crime by another live cop in order to make a traffic stop to prevent someone pulling over a driver just because they are a live player. A microphone would be mandatory, but there is no guarantee that the stopped vehicle speaks your language. The ability of issuing a ticket for payment, amount based on the crime and supporting evidence.  Investigating recent crimes made by live players, or bots. Hunting down wanted criminals based on their cop killing stats, players or bots. Evidence can consist of a traffic cam picture of said individual committing said crime. Introducing a live police force to the game should start with the Bad Sport game sessions, kind of Good Sport training for the Bad ones. Punishment for breaking cop rules should be banishment to the Bad Sport games as well as some time away from the LSPD. Also complete stats on all your police activities, your ticket quota, to help show abuse patterns against any crew or players and get it stopped, even if said crew or person has to be removed from that cops radar view.


The Military, first off their name "San Andreas National Guard Army" (SANGA) avoiding a straight up American name for those players who are not American, despite all the American flags flown at Ft. Zancudo. Same requirements as police, all skill levels maxed out. And after training a list of jobs or missions would follow. 1st obvious mission, keep live players out of Ft. Zancudo, and to help with that as your military rank increases u would have better access to better than average gun equipment. For instance, a better more powerful tank than the Warstock bought one. A faster Jet, a choice for automated ground to air guided missiles to better take out a stolen jet. Military convoy's around the city carrying weapons and cash that can be stolen if attacked and defeated. Severe punishment for rogue military personal regardless of rank. A military unit should be beyond a crew status, even setting it so military can't kill military and the same for cops. SANGA should also intervene in 5 star wanted level situations. Live air strikes in real time when requested, Locations around the map where live players can occupy a structure or landscape that the SANGA can do an air assault mission or ground assault mission on. Both live SANGA & live police should not be on radar either, players breaking the law should not be able to use radar to their advantage when the authorities come calling


If your reply is a flame you're a troll and you contribute nothing to this forum or to the game which we are all playing.


Sometimes you have this thought of a DLC  in your head and this is the only place it can be set free. Whether or not it would be worth paying for is up to the player.


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Posted 05 February 2014 - 12:58 AM

Sorry dude, but the police part isn't good idea, because you are interfering with other players committing crimes in a game based on crime. Sorry if that makes me a troll but its true.

  • MNTLspazzm

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 01:59 AM

Interesting idea. Very in depth too. Highly technical though, I don't think this Online could handle it.

Sounds like you want something in the lines of an elite force. Honestly if it were a seperate MMO title I'd play it.

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:12 AM Edited by Spyrothedragon9972, 05 February 2014 - 02:15 AM.

Some of my criticisms:

The idea of giving a player the ability to pull over another and administer a fine of some sort upon them doesn't seem practical in the slightest.  I don't even know how that concept could be approached by a design team.  Making a microphone mandatory isn't an inclusive concept, so it will not sit well with customers.  Having scheduled practices makes no sense; this is a game and it should never be treated otherwise.  The last thing this game needs is discrepancy between the resources that are available to certain players for whatever reason.  More powerful tanks and faster jets?  Surface to air missiles?  That sounds like a disaster and a half.  


The name "San Andreas National Guard Army" doesn't make any sense.  As for choosing a name that has no orientation to a specific country, the entire game takes place in the U.S.  Everyones' character(s) live in the U.S. so I don't it's necessary to choose a name that suggests otherwise.  


Characters that are in the police, not being allowed to kill other police officers breaks one of the crucial aspects of this game.  Ultimately, it makes no sense to implement this restriction and why would anyone subject themselves to it?


Having all of your skills maxed out makes very little difference to actual gameplay.  It would just be an annoyance.  You do you need 100% lung capacity to join the police or military?  


Despite all of this, there are some aspects that I do like.  The idea of having abstract missions is interesting, but not when they involve other players.  

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