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Mods request

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 08:53 PM

I have some little mods request.

1.GTA SA:GTA 4 map mod.

This will make a GTA 4 map for sa.Witch will extract the GTA SA textures to GTA 4 map.I mean includes:

-Abandoned Casino

-Abandoned Hospital

-Abandoned Sprunk Factory

-Sewers acces

-Ladder climb anim

.ETC and more

If you see GTA IV:SA,this will be GTA SA:IV


2.GTA SA:GTA 5 map mod.

This will make a GTA 5 map for SA.Witch will extract the GTA SA textures to GTA 4 map.I mean includes:

-Michael's Mansion (that you can just push the door to enter)

-Franklin's House (that you can save in bed)

-Trevor's house in Blaine Country


This mod will be just like the GTA 4:GTA 5 map mod+Franklin skin.


For this maps needs a GTA 5 cover anim (peek mod,but not the peek on the wall)


3.More clothes mod.

4.No marker mod.

If you already see GTA IV:SA here you cna put Shades and Green Rag at the same moment.

And you will not have any marker,you will just push the door,and get outside.

And you can see through the window outside.

Look at this link:

5.Exactly GTA IV anims for GTA SA.

If you seen this video up,i want you create an perfect anim for SA.

Just look at the anims and gun handling from this video.

6.GTA:SA Weapon Wheel (Hud) mod,exactly like the GTA IV:GTA V weapon hud mod.(Includes the parachute or vest in the right down corner)

Look at this link:

7.GTA V weapon packs:


Fixed link [the icons (images) from this link were repaired]

I mean i really need them,i know i already have this wepaon packs,but for who doesn't.






I know i am not allowed to use caps in there,but like you seen on the PINNED Topic up,noone cares about my request or ordering.I am not capable doing mods.I apologyse (I am sorry) for the floods and the caps used in _DK's topic.I am sorry cuz i can't wait until it will be released (In February),but ok,thanks for reading.

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 08:59 PM

Is there a single thing you HAVEN'T requested there?

If you really think someone's gonna do THAT much for you, use the pinned thread instead.

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