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Grand Theft Auto: East Coast 1979

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 04:36 AM

Thanks! I'm looking for more links to add to them, as for the bikes, i'll stick to your advice and post the links you sent there.

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 02:55 PM Edited by bengalboy_0701, 27 February 2014 - 07:48 PM.

Sorry, couldn't wait for the batch to finish, posted the first one ahead of schedule :p


Mission 1: Hard-to-Starboard

Episode: Roller Coaster Ride


The Port of Carcer City, 01:12 AM


A boat is seen in the distance. The boat, which belongs to the Puerto Rican Freelance Cartel, is holding a crew of 9 members, and their team leader Javier De Costa. Their Cargo? Pot. Smuggled straight from Afghanistan right into the east coast via San Juan. The boat takes a hard turn to starboard, and then anchors at the docks.

The crew leader, Javier, gets off first. “(in Spanish)Alright, people, we got no time in our hands and a lotta cargo to unload! Let’s get to work! Armando! Enrique! Pedro! You 3 keep an eye out there. We don’t want any trouble.”

The crew oblige, busily unloading all their cargo, sack by sack, with 3 men guarding. After about a minute, one of them shouts “(in Spanish)Over there!”

(in Spanish)What is that?”

(in Spanish)It looks like a chopper of some sort.”

Javier smells trouble. He immediately orders his crew “(in Spanish)Fall back! Get your guns at the ready! All of you!”

But before the chopper even comes close, the NCB come out of nowhere, and immediately start firing. 2 men die instantly, when Javier scrambles back to regroup, but all of his crew is scrambled.

The Cutscene ends and you take over as Javier. The game freeze frames every second to acquaint you with some of the key gameplay options and controls. You have to fend off the NCB for a while, good enough for you to have enough time to jack a car and escape the area. As the NCB raid had begun, your wanted rating jumped to 3 stars. You have to lose that heat and after you’ve done so, you will need to drive to Nathan Hunt’s house.



<begins when you approach Nathan’s house>


Javier’s stolen car parks in front of Nathan’s house. Javier gets out of the car and approaches Nathan’s door. Javier knocks, and shortly, Nathan comes out pointing a shotgun, Half-naked and in his pajamas, much to the surprise of Javier. Nathan, putting the gun down, in a sense of relief, says, “Oh, it’s you.”

Javier asks Nathan, “Nathan, I need a favor, man.”

“Can it be done at the door?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Wait here,” Nathan goes inside, and says to someone “All right, the night’s over. Get your payment and get out.”

A blonde woman in a lingerie comes out from inside, puts on a jacket, takes the money from Nathan’s hands and leaves in a Banshee. Javier stares at her the whole time, then turns to Nathan and asks “Let me guess, you broke up with Lara again.”

“Yeah, and this time she’s not even giving my money back. Get in. Want a drink?”

“Nah, better stay sober, I’ve got a lotta stuff to do.”

“Well, the favor you were talking about, what was that? And weren’t you supposed to be doing a run?”

Javier sits down on Nathan’s couch, and says “We got ambushed, six guys died. And you don’t have to be Einstein to figure Jose’s real pissed.”

Nathan, slightly annoyed, says “Quit beatin round the bush and tell me what ya need.”

“A new place, a new ride, and some cash, man. That son of a bitch Jose’s probably seized all of them.”

Nathan, putting on a bathrobe, says, “W-w-wait, you can’t be too sure about that. What if the guy gives you another chance?”

Javier raises his voice and says “Nathan, I’ve known this guy for a long, long time. He’s a god-damned bully. There ain’t no way in hell he-“

Nathan interrupts Javier, whispering “Shh! Shhhh! Slow down! I get your point! Quiet! You’ll wake the neighbours!”

Javier follows, “Oh, sorry!”

Nathan speaks in a low voice, saying “Okay, buddy. If there’s one thing I learned in life then that’s re-check everything, if you can. Let’s move. We can at least check.”

“If you say so. You sure you’ll go there in that thing?”

Nathan, who is in a bathrobe, says, “Yeah, what’s the problem with that?”

“Never mind.”

Nathan and Javier get out of the house. Nathan asks Javier to drive.

The cutscene ends. You now have to drive to Javier’s Cartel hideout in Quaker Point, East Carcer. Drive into the Orange marker to continue.


Cutscene 3

<begins when you drive into the marker.>

Nathan and Javier get out of the car. 2 guards, possibly of the cartel. Nathan walks up to them and the guards, quite furiously, ask him “Who the hell are you amigo? This is Cartel property you on. Get off before I blow off your head!”

Javier then walks up to the guards, and says, “(in Spanish) I’m Javier. Jose sent you guys here?”

(in Spanish) Oh, so you’re Javier! Jose sacked you a long time ago amigo! The guy ordered that especially you don’t get to go in there. You don’t belong here anymore. Now get off! And take your friend birthday boy with you!”

The duo walks to the car, while Javier tells Nathan, “What did I tell ya? Don’t go back there and don’t go there in that… whatever that rag is in the name of a bathrobe.”

“Why, what happened?”

Javier is getting in the car while the cutscene ends and the game prompts you to drive.

In the middle of the drive, Nathan asks “What happened??”

“It’s better if I tell you later. Where we gonna go?”

“Okay, then let’s go to your new home. Here are the keys, I brought ‘em just in case.”

“Where is it?”

“Hartford Drive.”

Now you have to drive to Hartford Dr, to your new home.


Final Cutscene

<triggered when you reach your house.>

Javier gets out of the car and asks Nathan, “What about my ride?”

“You’ll get that later, I need to do some reorganizing. I got your stash, this’ll get you through the week.”

“Whatever, man. Thanks.”

Javier turns to the house, while Nathan asks, “Now can I know what the guy said?”

“Nothing, he wished you a happy birthday.”


“Hasta la Vista!” Javier says, walking to the house as Nathan drives off.

Mission Passed!

Reward: $1000

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 03:56 PM

A great concept coming through! Now, I'm %100 sure. Also, I recognized some changes in the story. Niall's story is quite okay. I don't know if your game is relevant to HD Era (as far as I know it isn't) but maybe a young Wade "The Fixer" Johnson could work but it's your choice of course. Your crossovers are well-written, I can't wait to see 'em. It could damage the storyline for Javier but maybe Kaz can be required to make a choice between money and revenge. Simply, if Kaz goes with the choice of "money", he takes part in the bank job but gets betrayed in the end again, by Kenji. But "revenge" could be simply Kaz killing Kenji, without taking any risk. I don't know, maybe this could affect Javier's storyline but maybe the bank heist could take shape due to Kaz's choice in the first hand. If "money chosen, this could lead an equivalent-time mission where you hitting the bank case with Javier and driving off your getaway with Kaz.


I liked your writing style. I've been put right in the middle of the action, I could see everything plain enough. Keep up the good work. You deserved a cookie.  :cookie:

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 06:46 PM Edited by bengalboy_0701, 27 February 2014 - 06:46 PM.

Thanks a lot man! Well my story isn't connected to the HD era storyline, but maybe I can add some 'spiritual' characters from other universes. As for Kaz having a choice to decide whether he takes part in the job or not, that was my first thought but if Kaz and Javier have too many crossovers between their stories, it could be unfair to Niall. Either that, or Javier would recognise Kaz and he was supposed to end ties with him in a very bad way so that leaves Javier not taking part in the heist, which scrambles the next part - which was getting revenge for Javier, completely cause that involved funding and the heist was how I'd put it. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions! :D


Up Next: Mission 2!  :cool:

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 06:52 PM Edited by bengalboy_0701, 27 February 2014 - 07:50 PM.

Mission 2: Hot Rod Heaven

Episode: Roller Coaster Ride


Pre-mission pager voice message:

From Nathan- "Javier, I got your car. Meet me at my garage."


Javier walks into Nathan's garage. But Nathan is nowhere to be seen. His second-in-command mechanic, Zeke, is seen fixing a car's engine.

Javies calls to him, "Hey Zeke!"

Zeke turns to Javier. "J-Bird! My man! long time no see, huh?"

"Yeah, how're you doin? By the way where's Nathan?"

"Oh, he got an emergency errand to run. Told me to give ya these." He hands Javier some keys. Poining to a Bravado Tampa parked in the front lot, "These are for that Tampa over there. Nathan told me to tell you to take it for a race in Norwood heights, win it and bring it back in one piece."

"Why is he sending me to race for him? If I lose?"

"Well, he can repo it back anytime, but he wants you to choose a car for yourself. That place is packed with the coolest cars at this time of day, you know."

Javier approaches the car, while Zeke reassures him, "Relax, this baby's got at least 500 horses on it, you won't be able to lose anyway. You can add more if you want right now at the garage, or you can go burning the asphalt. Your choice man."

Zeke begins to work on the engine again, as the cutscene ends.


You now have the option of either upgrading the car, or racing as it is. To upgrade the car, you can drive to the marker in front of the garage. You won't be able to buy any useful items though, as most of them are too expensive. A better choice would be to head straight for the race.


Final Cutscene


<triggered when you reach the yard in Norwood Heights.>

Javier looks around. All he sees is modified hotrods and muscle cars pumping up as much as sound they can, giving the feel of them having high power. Most of the owners look like seasoned drivers. Javier, mumbles, "When I get through with this, I swear I'm gonna kill Nathan." The Cutscene ends after a short while.


To race with a person, you simply have to interact with that person and select 'race'. Racing for the pink slip is the only option currently available, though you can race later for other things such as money in other racing yards anytime. Select a car to race with, then race with that car. Winning it will be very easy, as none of the cars are too highly upgraded compared to Nathan's machine. Winning a race will pass the mission. The car you won will be available for default at your garage at the safehouse.


Mission Passed!

Reward: Custom Car

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 07:22 PM

What about reggae/dub radio station? I hope this radio is going to be added to EC79's soundtrack.

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 07:37 PM

Well I never thought of similar ideas, gonna be working on it. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 07:45 AM Edited by bengalboy_0701, 28 February 2014 - 07:40 PM.

Mission 3: Alpha Beta Delta

Episode: Roller Coaster Ride


pre-mission pager voice message

From Nathan – Javier, I need you to do me a favor. Meet me at the docks.


Javier walks to Nathan at the docks. Nathan is standing near the water, smoking a cigar. When he sees Javier arriving, he throws it away.

“Oh, Javier! Finally.”

“Nathan, man I’m gonna kill you, pal. What the hell were you thinking, sending me to race there?”

“It doesn’t matter. You won, right? That’s what matters.”

Nathan begins walking to his car, saying, “What was I saying? Oh yeah. I need you to do me a favor.”

“I figured that on the page you sent me.”

“I did? Well never mind. Here’s the thing. I need some meth to sell to this little gang that are on my tails, and I need it from this Greek guy Andy.”

“Andy? That doesn’t sound Greek to me.”

“It’s short for Andreas, pal. Anyway, I need some backup on this. You coming?”

Javier pauses for a moment, before saying, “You think I’ll help you on some drug deal just because I’m your friend after that situation you put me in?”

Nathan shrugs, then gets into the car, and says “Staunton Blvd, 73rd Intersection. You drive.”

Javier, apparently discontent, mumbles, “Call me crazy…”

The cutscene ends as Javier gets into the car.

As Javier, you must drive to the Warehouse on 73rd Intersection.


Final Cutscene


<triggered when you park the car in front of the warehouse.>

Javier and Nathan get out of the car, when Javier asks, “This where he operates from?”

“Not really. This is just a storage warehouse. He is here most of the time.”

“Most of the time? Oh great. Just great.”



The duo get into the warehouse. Andreas is directing his men to load up cargo on the trucks.

(in Greek) Come on, you bunch of cocksuckers! Move it fast!”

Nathan walks to Andreas, “Hey Andy!”

“Nathan! All of a sudden? What brings you here?”

“Andy, I want you to meet Javier. The guy who’ll be working for you now.”

Javier seems stunned. He looks at Nathan in disbelief, whispering to him, “What in the f*cking hell are ya sayin? I thought you were here to buy meth from that guy!”

Nathan replies, “What meth?”

Javier is apparently angry, flashing Nathan the finger numerous times as an indifferent Nathan turns to Andy, who is not that impressed at Javier’s appearance.

“You don’t look much to me, kid. Sure you can handle my jobs?”

Javier had no intention to work for Andreas but he does have a thing called self-esteem. He strikes back, “There’s more to me than meets the eye, amigo. I could blast up a dirty warehouse like this in the blink of your eye.”

“You are really brave, kid. No one has ever done that to me. But I’m gonna let it slide. You think you’re good? Prove it.” He gives Javier a Sub-machine gun, and a card with his number, saying, “Some of my enemies are holding a gathering at this club in South Bridge Point. Go and kill ‘em all. Call me from a payphone to tell me when the job is done. If you can do it, then you’re tough. If not…”

“I get it. You’re on!”

Javier walks out, and the cutscene ends.


Now, as Javier, you must go to the gathering and kill as many people as you can, in a mode similar to rampages. After you’ve completed, go to the nearest payphone, load Andy’s number from you inventory and call. Javier will automatically inform him about the job. Andy’s men will verify if you’re telling the truth in a short while, and then they will give you the info that you can work for him now.


Mission Passed!

Reward: None

Unlocks Andy’s missions

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Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:25 AM

Just gave it a bump to let you know I'm close to finishing the first few characters, going to post them soon (unless my connection breaks down again).

Also, I need a little help from you guys. The main menu of the game should have a song playlist of its own, i'm thinking of selecting them from the main radio soundtrack on page 1, but i'm having trouble as to which ones i should pick. Any suggestions?

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Posted 13 March 2014 - 05:12 PM

For a main menu song, I'm thinking of something without vocals, that sounds like something from the 70s.

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 11:50 AM

So I had a quick skim through the missions so far. I like them. I have the feeling you could pull something special out of the bag along the way if you put your head to it.


Menu music. I agree with Vanto. An instrumental would be perfect. If you go with more than one track, you could squeeze a vocal number in there. From the radio stations you've got I would choose Pick Up The Pieces or the Taana Gardner song for your instrumental. A great vocal option would be False Faces from the Philly Soul station considering your story. What do you think?

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 12:12 PM

@Tyla and Vanto - Thanks for the help guys, I'll consider all of these options and, maybe compose the music track by myself once I get to a good position.

My Wi-Fi broke down for the umpteenth time today, and now I am out here from the mobile version on my low-memory cell. Means I can't post characters anymore... That sucks.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Mission 4: Splatters of Blood
Episode: Roller Coaster Ride

Javier walks into Andreas' pad.
Andreas is not happy with what someone in his gang is doing. So, he's yelling at him on the phone.
"If you can't do something as simple as this, then you shouldn't be in my f*cking gang! No, no I won't listen to you any further! Walk in here now and show me your f*cking face!"
Andy slams the reciever onto the phone, literally breaking it to pieces.
"motherf*ckers...", he mumbles. Yeah, he's pissed.
Javier thinks it probably is a bad time now, so he tries to slip away.
"Where you going, Javier?" without even turning back, Andreas shocks Javier with his sense of his surroundings.
"How the f*ck did you know I was here?"
"Kid, you want to work for me, you better stop asking this many questions."
"I already told you I'm not interested in working for you. I..."
Andreas interrupts Javier, saying "I cease to believe that."
"Why not?"
"Because if you weren't interested, you wouldn't be here." Andreas finishes with a smug smirk.
"I was only here because I'm a man of my word. I don't usually break a promise."
Andreas was about to say something, but overrides it and says, "Let's not argue over this, shall we? Now since you're here, maybe I can give you your real first job."
"Which is...?"
"I have a guy in my gang named Theo. He was supposed to deliver some 'goods' to one of our most favorable customers, but the shipment was intercepted by a mafia capo from the Carcer Family. It's currently making its way through East Carcer to the guy's home over in Kingsfield. Whatever you have to do, get the stash. I don't want to lose my customer, nor my shipment."
A greek mobster comes in, to inform his boss of the arrival of a doomed man.
"Boss, uh... Theo's here."
"Send him in." Andreas says in a relatively calm tone.
A man comes in. Most likely in his late thirties, and slightly obese. His whole body is shivering. Like he knows exactly what is going to happen.
In a weak, trembling voice, he tries to just squeak out, "B-b-b-boss... I-"
"SHUT UP!" Andreas silences Theo in a shout so loud, one of his poor lieutenants literally fell to the ground. But Andreas is relentless.
Theo is cornered by Andreas, though he still manages to defend himself one last time.
"Boss, I... I was cornered! Tho-"
Before he can finish, Andreas throws him on the table, takes a machete, and gets down to work.
The room fills up with screams and blood, as Andreas keeps stabbing Theo, until he's seriously injured and moaning for his momma.
"Leave him here. Let him die in pain." Andreas commands his men.
Panting and bloodied, he walks out of the room, before giving Javier a warning.
"Don't f*ck me over, kid. Or you'll be next."

As Javier, you have to track down the Bravado Youga that contains Andy's drugs. Make the van stop by making the van driver come out. But beware, he will have a shotgun on him. Steal the truck and bring it back to the pad. But whatever you do, don't let it go where it has to. This will result in mission failure.
You will get your payment upon delivery of the truck.
Reward: $1000
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Posted 4 weeks ago

Wow, what a clusterf*ck Andreas is. I mean chopping off a guy with a machete, yeah he's totally balls. I guess there, Andreas was trying to settle dominance on Javier, who wasn't willing to work for him. Nice, I'd like to see more of Andreas. Also nice to see this come back as well. Welcome back, man!

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I second that. Andreas is awesome. Mighty fine job of establishing him as psycho boss. He might make for a great antagonist down the line...



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Posted 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback guys, had that in my head for a long time going on, figured I'd just post it. I'll keep on working on it.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Mission 5: Starting up
Episode: Roller Coaster Ride
Before this mission, Nathan will call at Javier's home.
"Is this you, Javier?"
"How'd you get my number?"
"This was my house, genius. Remember?"
"Oh... Yeah. So why'd you call me?"
"I called to say sorry. Sorry I got you working for Andy the way I did, but trust me! You'll like working for him! He's just like you!"
"Oh really? How, Nathan? HOW?"
"Well you both are involved with drugs... And..."
"And that's where the similarities stop. Seriously, Nathan, this is the first time you ever let me down!"
"Look, I said I'm sorry already! Okay, is there any way I can make it up to you?"
"Actually... there is! Where are you right now?"
"My place."
"Stay there. I'm coming over."
For the mission to start, head over to Nathan's home.
Javier finds Nathan's door empty. Thus, he just walks in, and to his 'horror', finds him with a hooker yet again.
"Whoaaa, GOD!" Javier turns away in disgust.
"Whoa, you're early!" Nathan responds quickly, telling the hooker off.
"Take my wallet and get out."
As she is leaving, Javier says, "How is it that every time I come meet you I find you with a hooker?"
Nathan is putting his underwear back on. "You know how it is."
"Uhh... Not exactly."
"So, you wanted some help?"
"Yeah. I'm starting my own syndicate."
Nathan gets down from the table to put on his pants, while Javier walks around the table, illustrating the need for his syndicate.
"Ever since I started working as his bitch I know for a fact that I don't want to stay this way for life. I could say thank you for putting me to work for that guy Andy, cause now I get it. Now I get that this city is open for the taking. Gangs need drugs. They need customers. This town is suffering from a drug drought. I know I can put that to my favour."
"Wait a sec... How's this related to Andy?"
"Last time I went to get a job from him he sent me to retrieve a bag of weed. He said that he 'doesn't want to lose his customer'. One bag is usually just by-the-alley dealing, not a boss' headache. This can mean one thing - drugs aren't as easily affordable here as it is in Liberty , and if we can just kick up that supply, we'd be rolling in money, man."
"I still don't get you..."
"Most of the weed here comes from Puerto Rico. And the PRC are the only gang that supply weed from there. But we do..."
Correcting himself, he continues "They don't have much turf here in Carcer. Means I can take their drugs from their headquarters, sell on our turf, and go big."
"You're going to San Juan?"
"Yeah. And I need your help, Nathan. You need to get me a fishing boat, would be better if it's a trawler."
"Sorry but I don't got no fishing trawler, you can steal one from the river, though."
"Got it."
Now as Javier you need to go to the Wales River bank, and spot a trawler. When you've got one, steal it by shoving the fishermen off the boat, and taking the wheel. Now drive the trawler to the south of the map to travel to Puerto Rico.
Upon arrival, keep your eye out for any PRC member in Blue and Red. Make your way to the central part of town to locate a PRC storage warehouse. Don't be spotted, no matter what. Swipe clean all the weed that you can. Then make your getaway in the van to the port. Land all your merchandise in secret compartments in the trawler, and set off for Carcer.
You will encounter a body of ocean where you have to watch out for the Coast guard. Make your way to American soil to pass the mission.
Reward: None
Unlocks: Smuggling minigame

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by bengalboy_0701, A week ago.

Mission 6: Be Wary of Your Neighbors
Episode: Roller Coaster Ride

"I don't believe this! How could he? That despicable moron!"
"It's true, boss. He's started his own gang."
"He works for me... And he f*ckING f*ckS ME OVER! I'm gonna PULL HIS INTESTINES OUT WITH CANDY CANES!"
"Who's done what?"
Javier intercedes between Andreas' conversation with a member of his gang.
Andreas approaches Javier, and in a low, intense voice, says "Kid, you remember what I told you about f*cking me over? Well one of my employees have done that very thing. And now, I'm gonna SLICE HIS f*ckING HEAD OFF!"
Javier tries to calm his nerves. He assumes Andreas has found out about his exploits, and will now decapitate him being pissed off. He's seen him do enough. Thankfully for him, he assumed incorrectly.
"Can you drive?"
"I don't know, can you tell a cow from a horse?"
"Kid, that attitude of yours is gonna get you killed one day. Control it. You should consider yourself lucky to be alive today." Andreas warns Javier. Though now, Javier sighs in relief inside, because he has started suspecting that maybe the death penalty isn't for him, it's for somebody else. Still, you don't know what to expect.
"Eddie! Get Javier a gun. We're moving now." Andreas orders Eddie, the mobster who gives Javier an M1911.
Noticing how others are holding big shotguns and assault rifles, Javier asks "That's it?"
"It's just there for self-defence." Eddie replies.
"Yeah, I'm sure it is." Javier mumbles sarcastically, before heading out with the rest.
Now, you must get into the van and head to the renegade mobster's home. Upon arrival, Andreas barges through his door, while the others follow. The unnamed mobster is found at his dining table talking with his friends, possibly engaging in a gang meeting.
"Remember me, scumbag?" Andreas says, before knifing on a part of his face.
"Oh, my face!" He screams in agony and pain. His fellow comrades cannot do anything, as Andreas' men have pointed all sorts of guns at them. Javier, however, doesn't bother getting embarrassed.
"What did you think? You could get away with a crime like that? You could just...(knifing on his torso)...override me like that? Huh? Take over the f*cking mob?"
"You're a f*cking bully, Andreas. You..."
Andreas knifes him again. Then orders Javier to search the house for anything.
Now search the house. You will find 50 bags of weed, $10000 worth of cash, and other stuff.
Javier shows Andreas what he has found, while Andreas reacts with a "Well, well, what do we have here?"
He orders one of his men to take the merchandise to the van. Now Andreas roughens up the injured man lying on the floor.
"A few... few blocks west from here... by the playground."
"Where'd you get them from? WHERE'S YOUR TURF?"
"This... street... from 97th to 84th-"
Before he could finish, Andreas shoves the knife into his chest, and orders his men "Kill all of them!"
Gunshots penetrate the walls of the room, as well as the bodies of the men who later collapse to the ground.
"Burn this place down to the ground!" Andreas gives his men one last order before walking out with Javier.
Javier wants to enter the driver's seat, but is stopped by Andreas.
"I had a guy look into you, with your background in Puerto Rico. You had gone back there recently, hadn't you?"
"Why did you go back there?" Andreas asks, narrowing his eyes.
"I had my reasons."
"Wrong answer."
Andreas clutches Javier's hand tightly, while staring at him in a suspecting way. Cocktails go off with their loud sounds in the back, as the mobsters come out of the burning house.
"I want a straight answer, Javier. And I want it now."
After a subtle moment of silence, Javier finally answers "Met with some friends of mine."
The mobsters get into the van as Andreas leaves Javier's hand, saying "I'll accept that. But remember this. If you come up with any funny ideas... I think you're smart enough to get the rest."
Now Andreas gets in the driver's seat. Though that was Javier's. And a mobster is riding shotgun. The back is already full with weed.
"Hey, what about me?" Javier protests.
"Walk. Or get a Taxi." Andreas makes very clear to Javier what his plans are, before driving off.
Javier starts walking the opposite direction, mumbling "At least I get to keep the gun..."
He pulls it out of his pocket, and just looks at it while walking.
Reward: M1911

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Obviously you're doing good. And Andreas... he's a real stallion. He could be an unpredictable evil, but he's likeable. Also at first, I though that Javier was gonna buy it, during "Be Wary of Your Neighbors", but later it turned out that there is another sneak cat who wants to tear apart, and the objective is showing him the big lesson. It's cool that you're misleading the reader, showing something that sounds exact, then bam, that's another thing! Also "Starting Up" was a good mission, too: short and simple!

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Thanks, man. I got that idea from watching a hindi film, though it was a bit indirect the premise was something similar. So I thought maybe I could use something like that for my mission!

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Mission 8: The Van
Protagonist: Javier de Costa
Before this mission, Nathan will call Javier at his home.
"Javier, uh... I've got a problem."
"Remember that weed you kept in my garage? The one from Puerto Rico?"
"What about it?"
"Greek mob's all over it. Don't know how, but they've got the weed and they're taking it someplace else."
"Damn it, Nathan! Do you realise what I went through to get that much weed? It was from f*ckING PUERTO RICO, for goodness sake!"
"Look, I'm sorry, man! There's nothing I could do! Oh yeah, Andreas took your number from me. Probably for something important, he'll call anytime. Later."
Shortly after Nathan hangs up, Andreas will call.
"Who am I talking to?"
"This is Javier"
"Oh... Kid I was looking for you. Remember that guy I busted last time?"
"What about him?"
"Turns out he had his turf around the whole neighborhood. I've taken it back, but none of my men are competent enough to handle it. So you're gonna be in charge of that area. Oh yeah, the guy had another house right across the street. You can use it while you're at it. Compandre?"
"It's comprende, not compandre. And yeah, sure."
"Hey! You're a lieutenant of mine now. And your attitude hasn't been that friendly since you met me. You have to call me 'boss' from now on."
"Sure, boss?"
"That's more like it. I've liked your spirit, Javier. You're lucky to be working for me. And yeah, I've got a deal you've got to help me with, so come by my pad quick. I don't like to wait."
Go to Andreas' Pad to start the mission.
As Javier enters the pad, Andreas screams "IT'S ABOUT TIME, KID! I f*cking told you I don't like to wait!"
"Got held up in traffic. Can we go, uh...boss?"
Javier struggles to get the word out of his mouth. The whole premise of it just doesn't seem right.
"Go. You drive, we have to get the drugs from the warehouse first."
Go to the warehouse. This is where you first met Andreas.
Upon arrival, Andreas, Javier and two more mobsters enter the warehouse, where Javier finds something very familiar.
"Eddie, you didn't unload them from the van?"
"I...I forgot, boss."
"Never mind. We'll take the van. Saves us some work."
Javier gets in the van to drive, and all his doubts clear up - this was the van in which Nathan kept the drugs, meaning the drugs in the back are the ones stolen from San Juan.
"I get it, kid. This van is an eyesore. That's doesn't mean you shouldn't DRIVE! Move it!" Andreas shouts.
Javier comes back to his senses. He starts driving.
"Why are you driving? Do you know where you're going kid?"
"No, boss! NO, BOSS!" Andreas shouts repeatedly, making it very clear what he wants to hear.
"Seriously, where are we going, boss?" Eddie asks from behind.
"A bar in Central. We'll make a deal there."
Drive to the bar in Central. You will have to stop the van behind the bar in the alley to continue.
Andreas gets out of the van, and tells his men to get some guns on them. He knocks on the bar's backdoor.
A middle-aged man would open it. He would glance at the mobsters with their guns, at Andreas, and then at the van.
"My shipment in there?"
"It is. It's all pure weed."
"Bring it in."
Andreas now tells Javier to get 15 bags of weed in the bar. As he enters, he finds that man with his buddies at a poker table in a serious mood.
"Show 'em the weed, kid."
Javier is exceptionally experienced in these matters. He shows it to them, and gets them to smell it.
"Like that smell? This is quality weed, brother. Buy or cry."
"Looks good, Andy! I'll take all he's got."
"And my money?" Now Andreas jumps in.
"I'll get the money..." The man says hesistantly. He clearly has no stash. Andreas doesn't wait a moment. He takes out a Grease gun from Eddie, and starts shooting at the men. They are long dead, not that Andreas would stop. Laughing a twisted laugh, he goes on as shells fall on to the carpeted floor.
Suddenly, police sirens are heard. "It's a bust! Get the hell outta here!" Andreas would order his men as they scramble to get out and in the van.
You have now gained a 2-star wanted level. Lose it. Then park the van at Andreas' pad.
"Look, kid, times are bad. In case cops get here and seize this lot in the van, you keep it with you for a few days. Here's the key to the house I was talking about."
Now drive the van to the new safehouse in order to pass the mission.
Reward: New safehouse

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Currently I'm out of ideas for future missions, so I cannot post any more missions until I can come up with something. But since the gameplay section (what's left of it) has gathered dust for a long time because of me forgetting it ever existed, I posted it. More ideas will follow. For the moment, go check it out.

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Posted 3 days ago

It's great to finally see the fleshing out of your gameplay section. Some really good ideas there.



Health is based on the rate your character's limbs get hurt. The torso and the head are particularly sensitive for this. However a headshot always kills, while a shot to the torso, not so much. If you happen to get shot in the leg, you will only experince limping while walking. If you get shot in the torso you will bleed and lose health, also work a lot slowly. A headshot, as always, will kill.

I like this idea as it would give a whole new level of importance to getting yourself patched up. I hated regenerating health and being the miserable bastard I am, would rather my character slowly bleed to death. Would there be any kind of brief warning (for example, a quick flash of red similar to the 'kill flash' of GTAV?) to warn us we're about to be headshot?



However, they can be fully treated at a hospital or medical facility at the cost of $100.

Throw at least three more zeroes on the end, such is health insurance in the US :p



The first safehouses you acquire will have a garage or a spot where you can park your vehicle to save it. This will be true for all other safehouses. a pop-up window will appear when you have got out of the car after parking it, prompting if you want to save it. A saved vehicle will always spawn at the same spot or garage no matter what you do with it. You can delete it from the pause menu's game options. A parking spot is designated with a marker.

This would be a huge help. I lost countless cars in GTAV with glitched garages.



Weapons can now be kept if you wish at your safehouse. This will allow you to dump weapons that you need but do not need for a mission where there is high chance your weapons will be confiscated.

Have you considered a feature that would allow us to store weapons to later sell?



There are two types of stealth, active stealth and passive stealth. They are marked respectively with the aforementioned active and passive bars. Active stealth would mean hiding in corners and shadows to escape the vision of an armed enemy, or anybody else for the time being. This is more useful in missions rather than escaping wanted levels. For that, use Passive stealth. Passive stealth means changing your look or doing anything that might hide your face or bodily features that can be used to distinguish you.

Great idea. Assume I've got a three star wanted level, but I've bought enough time to peg it into a back alley and stab a tramp to death. I've dragged his corpse behind an overflowing Bohan dumpster and stole his clothes. Say I lean against the wall with his bottle of cheap gin in my hand and make look like I'm a hobo; the bird in the sky wouldn't magically know I'm the perp?



Although Liberty City in GTA IV did not have any Ammu-nation outlets, they are now visible replacing some other building in Purgatory, Hove Beach, South Bohan, Fishmarket North and Chinatown. In Alderney, Alderney City, Tudor, Acter and AIP have their own outlets. All guns in the weapons section of this topic are available to buy in Ammu-Nation.

Not sure about this one. Doesn't New York City have gun laws up the ass? It would be fun to have Ammunations in Alderney and other parts of the map though, and travel with the guns to Liberty City to make a profit selling them on the black market.

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