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Grand Theft Auto: State On The Edge Of Forever

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PART 7 -

Curtain Call

"Why we f*ckin' waitin fo? Come on, homeboys. We goin' to save our CC."


Kaynard "Kane" Brice


Kane, Nate and a couple of his other homies hang out in front of Kane's house, drinking booze and chatting the usual stuff... like always.


"No way." A Balla member said.


"I promise you. That sneak ass bastard wanted four G for that packet." Another Balla said.


Then, out of nowhere, a Balla member has rushed on a bike, gasping for breath continuously. Assuming that there is something wrong, all the Ballas pressed in upon the breathless Balla.


"What happenin', nigga?" Nate took a last sip from his beer and asked.


"Combo... [gasping for breath] Heard that he goin' to gypies now." Balla said and started to gasp for breath again.


All Balla members remained silent, until one newbie showed up to ask a question.


"What's the matter... eh boys?" A newbie Balla member, unaware of the upcoming storm, asked in all wonders.


"What's the matter!?" One Balla responded, all sarcastic and angry.


"Them gypsies livin' up Willowfield... they're nothin' but wild, drughead motherf*ckas who not take kindly of others." Nate cut in to further explain the newbie.


A short silence took the dominance again, because the shocking news left everyone anxious and confused.


"Why we f*ckin' waitin fo'? Come on, homeboys. We goin' to save our CC." Kane rallied his all homies.


"Yeah, fools. Get yo' bitch asses up!" Nate supported Kane and his rally.


After that, Kane will find himself in the driver seat of a Tahoma, with Nate and two other Balla members with him. Also there are two other junk heaps full of Ballas, waiting for Kane's go.


Now, Kane is ordered to lead the convoy to an abandoned, wrecked warehouse in Willowfiled where the drughead gypsies holed up.

When they come to the warehouse, the right side of the room of which is all wrecked, totally open, even the whole rubbish has stacked on the right wall of the warehouse and it's whole occupied by so-can be called cheap "gypsy" items, old but fancy coloured sofas and some others; Kane, Nate and the crew won't act hostile towards the gypsies, but when gypsies start to attack them, they counterattack.


Now, Kane and his homies must wipe out the gypsies in the warehouse and clear their path to Combo. This wouldn't be too much of a big deal because the gypsies will be armed with basic weapons, generally Pistols, even some of them will try to attack you with baseball bats. Just a few of them will be armed with Pump Action Shotgun, but this wouldn't be too hard because the whole place is occupied by possible covering place, such as pillars, gypsy furnitures and of course rubbish stacks.


After killing all the gypsies inside the warehouse, Kane, Nate and his homies take a back door to the kind of garden where they find Combo, almost meeting with his fate.


A gypsy wearing a dark brown bowler and smoking a huge cigar is seen pointing his gun on Combo, who is heavily wounded. There are three bullet holes on Combo's chest.


"Nah!" The head gypsy said, with almost no expression. Just his big cigar moved up and down as he talked.


Later, the gypsy moved towards a pile of logs and took a pick axe that leaned against the pile.


Combo was motionless, he has just opened his arms on both side and was waiting because his wounds were too deep.


The gypsy was walking towards Combo like the Death with his reaper. He was scary. He was rubbing the pick axe on the green grass, cutting a bit of it with each touch. Combo was still motionless.


The gypsy lifted the pick axe at the level of his shoulders, as he was about to deliver the sharp axe down of Combo's wide chest, he suddenly got shot in the head. The axe dropped down right near his head, stuck into the grassy ground in a stiff shape. Luckily it didn't chop off his ear or something.


The person who killed the gypsy was Kane, who puffed on the smoke on his gun and ran towards the heavily wounded Combo.

"K-K-Kane?" Combo was surprised to see his crew there, maybe he though he was gonna die today. Also he was barely talking because his scars were pretty deep.


"Don't tire yo'self, man." Kane said to his crew chief, as he was touching down the bloody wounds on his chest.


"Niggas! Come help me pack yo' chief." Kane ordered his homies.


Kane gets under the left arm of Combo, while another Balla member gets under his right arm. The two men lift Combo up together and started to slowly walk towards a light blue Buccaneer. Kane placed Combo in the passanger seat and later he sit down on the driver seat.


"A'right, men. I takin' Combo down JD's. Keep up with me." Kane said and stepped on the gas.


Right after him, the other Ballas, including Nate grabbed random vehicles and started to follow Kane's lead.


"What you doin' with these damn drugheads, man? You nuts?" Kane now said with a tender voice tone, because Combo was coping with his bloody, deep bullet wounds.


"If I-I di-die, I swear I will tear tho-those motherf*ckas' heads do-down and fry them in a pan in th- the he-hell." Combo was hardly talking because he was losing too much blood.


"Shut yo' damn mouth, man. You ain't gonna die. We'll be at JD's any minute." Kane was trying to give Combo morals.

In not so much long time, Kane and Combo will be reached to JD's place in Willowfield. Kane, with his head under Combo's bulky right arm, went to the green plastic door and knocked it down hard.


"JD! Open up! Open the f*ck up!" Kane yelled as he was knocking the door hard.


JD showed up in the door in a minute, with a pair of white hearted red boxer underneath his torso.


"Oh f*ck! What did you guys do?" JD anxiously said, but he was hardly talking because his mouth was open up to down.


"He shot in the damn chest. Can you get him patched up?" Kane was hardly carrying Combo up.


"Can do my best." JD said and opened the door fully.


Combo held his hand on his wounded chest and followed JD to the basement clinic of his.


"A'right people. We managed to get Combo here. Now, all we gotta do is wait." Kane rallied his crew.


The crew has nothing to do, the men just sat on the nearest boxes, dumpsters and stone block. All of the men's faces were looking down, all desperate... just looking for good news from their crew chief.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Nice, Unholy!

This part was really action-packed! Keep doing good!

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by TheUnholy, 4 weeks ago.

- PART 8 -



"Nah. That the spirit. You see these guys love this style... puttin' themselves on the risk, yet gettin' the job done... like a blowfish. Yeah.. you be a blowfish. You pop out, yet take out the b*tches who mess around."


Sean Troy "Suge" Tucker




The whole crew is still waiting in front of JD's clinic, hours passing by, but there is still nothing. With sweat on their foreheads, and their heads down, the crew was anxious, it can be all seen. Suddenly, Suge, a high ranking Balla lieutenant responsible for the muscle side of the business, shows up.


"Hey man! How is Combo?" Suge approached to Kane and Nate who were sitting on two wooden boxes.


"Gettin' better. But still critic y'know." Kane, a bit desperately said while smoking a cigarette.


"Crazy busta'. How that happened?" Suge was all wondered.


"Them high gypsies shot his ass." Kane said and continued to smoke his cigarette.


"Those drughead gypsies? What the f*ck he was doin' there?" Suge was freezed when he heard about the drughead gypsies.


"I don't know too, man." Kane took a strong toke from his cigarette.


"Kane, you come with me, man?" Suge halfly-crouched and said to Kane, like he wants to talk with him.


"You can say it here, man. No worries." Kane took a few tokes from his cigarette just in a minute.


"This personal." Suge said with a bit agressive tone.


"Okay, man. Then go." Kane finished his cigarette, threw it away and started to follow Suge.


Suge and Kane took one of the hallways leading to the main streets. They stop by the entrance. Suge leaned against the wall, took a stick of cigarette from his long leather coat, lit it and slowly got it to his mouth.


"A'right, man. What you wanna talk?" Kane wanted Suge to come to the topic right now.


"That thing... [stopped to take a smoke from cigarette] The armless crackhead..." Suge stopped again to take a toke.


"Uh! Come on, man. Not this sh*t 'gain. The motherf*cka was gonna kill me. What was I gonna do?" Suge is immediately cut by Kane, who made his defense against a brutally killed armless corpse leaning on the floor of an apartment flat in Willowfield.


"Take a chill. The whole hood shaken by that chopped off f*cka. They all scared, whole deadbeats started to pay their debs. And the best thing... [pauses for a minute] Bulleye liked it." Suge said as he was smoking his long cigarette stick.


"You mean that guy pimpin' from Alhambra?" Kane asked.


"You ain't talk like that. Bulleye a good man, actually. Yeah, he crazy a bit but good man." Suge stopped smoking and turned his head towards Kane a bit as he said these words.


"And he want to see you." Suge started smoking again and said calmly.


"Uh, man. I dunno. I've my own problems here. I don't wanna more trouble fo' now." Kane bowed his head in front of him.


"Uh, come on, nigga. What the problem?" Suge stopped inhaling the cigarette in the middle.


"Combo goin' insane, that Dom thing, I think there is heat on us and some other problems. I need to count more?" Kane got angry even when he mentioned these problems, superficially.


"Nah. That the spirit. You see these guys love this style... puttin' themselves on the risk, yet gettin' the job done... like a blowfish. Yeah.. you be a blowfish. You pop out, yet take out the b*tches who mess around." Suge tries to pump out the unwilling Kane.


"What!?" Kane is all puzzled.


"F*ck it, a'right. You just the man fo' this job. People like yo' kind." Suge kept it short.


"A'right, but man, Combo wounded, man. I can't leave him."


"The other boys here, right? They can look after him."


"Okay. Lemme check the guys."


Suge continued to blow his stick, which is about to hit the butt, meanwhile Kane got back to the backstreet place, in front of JD's basement clinic where the homies are desperately waiting.


"Sorry, men. I gotta go. Nate! Look after here and hit me up when anythin' happens." Kane said in a rush and slipped away.


"A'right, man. Take care." Nate said.


Kane got back to Suge, who was about to finish his cigarette.


"Suge. Then let's go, man."


Suge threw the butt of his cigarette and they walked towards his black Majestic.


"Drive to Alhambra, man. You already know where it is." Suge ordered.


After a short silence, Suge tries to have a conversation with Kane, but it seems like he hit the nail on the head.


"So, what you doin', man? Last, I saw you when we sit down with them spics."


"Livin' by, y'know." Kane just tried to fend off Suge.


"There ain't somethin' wrong, right?" Suge was suspicious.


"Like I said. Classical problems... Combo wild like always. Some boys breaking up with their GFs, some of them lack of money. Nothin' special." Kane kept it cool but it was useless.


"If you say so. But man, you seem not normal." Suge put his lips out and said with a suspicious tone.


Kane pulls Suge's black Majestic right in front of the club and follows him inside the Alhambra. The place is all fancy, almost fully occupied, even it's hard to find somebody, also it is crawling with intense smoke and alchocol smell. Yet, the place is precious because of good pair of tits, nice strip-offs and the alive atmosphere. As Suge and Kane are walking amongst the crowd, the camera is cut to a bald Afro-American man with black puffy vest, a white shirt and purple tie, who is doing coke with two chicks. Hardly dodging themselves out of the crowd, the two men finally fend it off, make their way to a round table on the right corner of the saloon where a middleweight African-American man with a light and black beard wearing a red baseball hat is sitting with two girls, one on each arm and the table is covered with snow, crack, bottles of high-class drinks and a big, long orange bong. When the man recognizes Kane and Suge coming, he sends the two girls away, saying that they're gonna talk business.


"Go away, bitches. Me and the men gonna talk business." Bulleye sent the girls, while he kisses the one of them in the cheek and slapped the other's buttocks before they went.


"Suge! Wassup man? Yous take a seat.


Suge sat on the left of Bulleye and Kane took a seat on the right of Bulleye.


"Wanna some rush or somethin'?" Bulleye offered the men something to drink and the drus that spilled all over the table.
"No. I'm cool. Thanks." Kane quickly rejected the offer, gently.


Bulleye will grab a whiskey bottle on the table and pour a full glass for himself. Later, he will pull the bottle to Suge, who will nod his head down, implying that he wants too. Bulleye pours a glass of whiskey for him as well. Suge will grab the glass with his both hands and start to sip it as soon as Bulleye drags it down to him.


"And you must be Kane? I gotta say what you did there, it really cool, man." Bulleye said with shining eyes, later he took a blowing weed joint from an ash tray, got a huge inhale from it and blew the smoke on Kane's face.


"Was just tryin' to protect myself." Kane said as he was fending off the smoke on his face with his right hand.


"Don't be so humble, homie. You did good back there. Fools who f*ck with us get f*cked! People begin to show some respect with their tails between their legs, thanks to you."


"Thanks. Appreciated it." Kane naively responded.


"There's a bitch-ass nigga called Blue. That f*ck was slinging dope fo' me before, but now he started to roll with some sneak-ass bastards. And it seem like he sh*ttin' gold though, he liftin' dust with his roxo-foxo Sunrise all day. I want you to show that f*cker what being a backstabbing foll means and receive my money back. The stupid fool pilfered some bucks in his pocket before he became a nigga sellin' bitch. You down?" Bulleye once again blew the smoke on Kane's face.


"Actually cut me out o' loop, man. I have my thangs already." Kane tried to get out before he enters, which led Suge to give a confused face expression.

"Not be afraid, boy. I sendin' my boy... Gabe. GABE! GABE! Look out here, fool. Hey!" Bulleye called over his man, Gabe who is talking with a couple of chicks at the bar.


Gabe, wearing a purple hoodie underneath a black puffy vest and a pair of gray cargo pants come over the table.

"Yeah, boss." Gabe said with his notably thick voice.


"Take Kane and finish that Blue thing, a'right."


"Sure thang, boss... and you, come with me." Gabe rightened his boss' commands and told Kane to come with him.


Kane and Gabe tried to dodge amongst the crowd, as Bulleye and Suge sat back down their drugs and started talking.




"Get in the Stallion." Gabe ordered.


Kane and Gabe took their seats in the gray Stallion parked right in front of the club.


"Drive us to Pig Pen. Blue frequents there every night." Gabe kept the order short and clear.


"So you the one that cut that f*cker's arm, eh?" Gabe asked.


"Yeah. Look. It was just to protect myself." Kane wanted it to make clear, for the last time.


"Why you actin' so disturbed about that, man? It's pretty impressive." Gabe found Kane's violent act admiring.


"Yeah. If I was a butcher, that be f*cking impressive to chop off an arm in one slash." Kane is over the top of his sarcasm.


"That the way how things work. I remember once I burnt that punk ass b*tch's skull on the oven... and there a time when I cut off that poor Ching's fingers..." Gabe has just gone fizzy, started to tell all of his violent memories.


"Yeah, sounds normal and fun. Literally." Kane cut in, wanting Gabe to stop telling his psycho memories and of course, did it sarcastically.


Kane pulled the car right next to Pig Pen when they reached there. Gabe, on the passanger seat, fingerpointed a flame red Sunrise parked just right side of the club's entrance.


"That his car." Gabe fingerpointed a flame red Sunrise.


Shortly after, an Afro-American man with cornrow braids, thin beard and wearing a blue tracksuit exits the club.


"There he be. Tail on him, man." Gabe said as Blue hit the gas and got on the road.


Now, Kane must keep up with Blue, but follow him in a distance otherwise Blue will understand that he's being followed and this will result in the failure of the mission.


Kane and Gabe follow Blue to a sex shop in El Corona, from which Blue buys a couple of erotic magazines.

"He stopped." Gabe pointed out.


Blue got out of his car and walked into the sex shop.


"Strip club and now a sex shop?.. This guy must be a real skirt goat." Kane joked, pointing to Blue's obssesion with erotic places.

"You right. Motherf*cker always tried to get in the panties of the chicks in the club, but damn f*cker got rejected. Look at him. Who like to sleep with a rat faced b*tch like that." Gabe said and Kane chuckled.


Shortly afterwards, Blue shows up with a bunch of erotic magazines in his left hand and he gets back in his car, driving off.

"Keep following, hopefully we'll cap his ass soon." Gabe said.


The follow ends in Marina branch of Burger Shot, where Blue will take a long break, enter the restaurant and later show up with two other guys, presumably Blue's new business partners.


"Hold on. Pull out a good place. Don't let the fool see us." Gabe slightly warned Kane.

Blue got out of his car and walked into the restaurant.


About one hour later or so, Blue showed up with two other guys (one is a black drug dealer wearing a black torso, the other is a white man wearing a white, baggy hoodie and a black cap), who are presumably Blue's new business partners.


"Get out of the car. We gettin' the janky busta'." Gabe opened the door and commanded.


"You sure?" Kane, thinking it is not such a good idea to confront Blue in this moment.


"I'm sure. Just get the f*ck out, or the f*cker will roll off." Gabe angrily said.


Kane and Gabe walked towards the party, but things end up messy.


"Gabriel?" Blue replied, with his mouth open and his heart beating as hell.


"Hey Blue! Why don't you introduce us yo' new buddies?" Gabe said and slowly got his hand inside his vest.


Kane, understanding that Gabe will pull out his gun, gets his gun. Also Blue's partners draw their guns as well. However, Kane and Gabe will act fast, killing the two men in cold blood. Taking this rumble as an opportunity, Blue will drive off as soon as he feels the blow.


Kane and Gabe run back to their car, go after the fleeing Blue.


"Chase that motherf*cker!" Gabe was angry as a bull that saw red.


Blue will drive towards Vinewood, later drives towards the east of the city but he takes a turn and starts to make his way along the narrow roads of Mulholland. The chase leads Kane, Gabe and Blue to the countryside where Blue will lose the control of his car while trying to fend off getting hit by a truck. However Blue will crash into woods, now he has nowhere to escape.


"Oh sh*t!" Blue yells, seeing the truck that's coming right to him.


In order to avoid getting hit by the heavy truck, Blue will suddenly turn the steerwheel, which leads him to get out of the road, crashing into woods.

Kane and Gabe pull over near Blue and his wrecked car. Blue's head is on the steerwheel and there is a deep, bloody scar on his forehead, obviously a result from the heavy car crash.


Gabe, in a rage, shoves Blue from his car and starts to beat him up to a pulp.


"Come here, you piece of sh*t!" Gabe shoved Blue out of his car and hit him hard on it.


Gabe, then starts to beat Blue brutally, demanding Bulleye's money. Kane just watches the whole clusterf*ck with an open mouth.


"Where's the damn money?" Gabe asked while delivering hard and fast punches on Blue's face.


"What money, man? I don't f*cking know about it." Blue said while he was shocked because he was being a big victim of a brutal beating.


Gabe started to fight Blue again, who will just duck like a "chicken". Gabe continously punches him, his face started to become bloodier and sometimes Gabe delivered swift kicks on Blue's nuts, which led him to scream like a pig over his pain.


"Now you have any idea about a damn money?" Gabe bows down his head right and asks for the money again.


"I was gonna get it to Bulleye, man but somethin' showed up. I promise." Blue said while he was trying to cope with the blood on his face. Later, Blue shoved a wad of cash from the pocket of his track jacket, handing him to Gabe.


Gabe whacks Blue a little bit, to let his anger off. Later, Gabe grabs Blue with his both hand and shoves him up back in the car. Blue tries to open the door but Gabe holds it tight.


"Kane! There be gas in trunk of my car. Get it, homie." Gabe ordered.


Kane finds a jerry can in the trunk of Gabe's Stallion and walks towards the car, but eventually stops.


"Pour it out! Quick!" Gabe said as he was trying to hold the door.


Gabe smokes a pipe while Kane smashes the car's windows and empty the whole can in it. Seeing that the fuel is poured into the car, Kane slowly approaches the car while Blue screams for his life and throws the cigarette into car. The car slowly burns up and eventually blows up to the sky as Kane and Gabe walks away, not giving a crap for the explosion.


"Could you drive me to Dillimore Station, homie?" Gabe asking Kane for a lift.


Kane and Gabe get back into the gray Stallion and leave the area before anyone shows up. Gabe asks Kane for a lift to Dillimore Station, from which he may make it back to Los Santos, go to Alhambra and deliver the cash to Bulleye.


Before leaving, Gabe hands Kane two thousand bucks as a token to his good working style back there.


"You showed you the man of yo' body. I will mention Bulleye about that. Here. Take it as a cut fo' you good work. Later, homie." Gabe gives Kane a two thousand and gets out of the car, to take the earliest train to Los Santos.




Shortly after this part is finished, Bulleye will give a call.


"Hey Kane! It's Bulleye."


"Hey Bulleye. Sup?" Kane kept it cool.


"Gabe told about you, man. Said you did good with that Blue motherf*cker. I always in need of good workers. I'd like to work with you."


"Sure thing, man. If it worths, I'm down." Kane kind of agrees.


"Worths? It totally worths. Then catch you later, man." Bulleye bids farewell and hangs up.




Shortly after Bulleye's phone call, Nate rings Kane as well.


"Hey Kane!" Nate said with an abnormal calm voice.


"Man. Is there a problem?" Kane suspiciously asked.


"I afraid so. Combo... run the f*cking clinic, man. We tried to stop him but..."


"A'right man. Be cool. I'll check on him. See yous later." Kane hangs up the phone.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Awesome work you're doing there, man. I liked the part where Nate tells Kane that Combo ran away... I'd love to see what happens next!

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- PART 9 -

Silent Predators




Kane stops by Combo's apartment in Idlewood to check him out after Nate said that he run out from JD's clinic. Kane presses the buzzer a few times, but there is no one to answer. Later, he recognizes the loud laughs coming around the corner. Kane, thinking that it is no doubt Combo, goes to check it out. When he goes around the corner, Kane's suspicions were revealed to be right: there's Combo sitting around with two other Ballas drinking booze.


"Hey, Kane! Sup! Wanna some beer?" Combo, a bit dizzy on beer, offers Kane some beer to drink.


"You tell me what the f*ck you doin' here or what?" Kane doesn't even answer and angrily scolds Combo.


"I was bored like a motherf*cker. Moreover, JD not the talkin' type. And of course, I'm a man of action." Combo continued sipping his ice cold beer.


"Action? What you talkin' about? The other day, yo' ass got shot up by some crazy drugheads. You were gonna bleed out if it wasn't us. And you still have f*cking big holes up yo' chest."


"Uhh, f*ck off, Kaynard boy." Combo ignores once again and chuckes the cold beer can at once.


"Y'know what, man? You f*cking crazy. You not normal. It not everybody's thing to kill some guy, or burnin' some place down everytime." That was the last tap for Kane.


"Then what? [chuckles] You gonna send me over that damn anger management course? [fingerpoints the billboard on the pizza parlor] Or maybe you should hand me over a plumber, because you treat me like sh*t! [smashes the beer can on the ground]" Combo chuckles and fingerpoints the billboard on pizza parlor with a bald, white man with thick glasses, that reads "Dr.Lewis' Anger Management Course", however later he does a joke that also carries reality for him and smashes the empty beer can on the ground angrily.


"Maybe I should." Kane gives a hinting look as he says.


After a short silence, Combo breaks it out.


"You serious?" Combo, as well as, a confused look on his face.


Kane just doesn't talk but he gives the same hinting look. Probably, Kane doesn't think it will work on Combo as well, but he would probably deciding to take this way to keep Combo under control, at least for a short while.


"Okay. I'll go, but only to make you see that don't mean sh*t!" Combo said both angrily and with ignorant manners.

Later, the two men jack a vehicle and go to the anger management clinic in Commerce. Once they enter the clinic, a woman employee standing by a counter on the left side of the entrance meets Kane and Combo.


"Hi, gentlemen! May I help you?" The woman employee says with a gentle voice.


"Hey! My friend here, y'know... eh... he's got anger issues. And we thought you could help him." Kane says.


"Barely." Combo silently says.


"Yes. There's a fast two-weeks anger management course, just for you and..."


Kane's cellphone rings.


Kane goes away from the counter and answers the call.


"Yeah?" Kane answered the call.


"It's Bulleye, man." The caller revealed himself.


"Yeah, man. What you need?"


"There something big comin' up. I need you to go meet with Gabe..."


"Uh man. Something urgent? Cuz' I was in the middle of somethin'." Kane cuts through Bulleye's words.


"Afraid it is. Gabe waitin' you at the old, abandoned carpark in WF. He'll explain further."


" 'kay, man. Goin'." Kane said and hanged up the phone.


Kane goes back to the counter.


"Man. There somethin' showed up. I think I gotta go, quick." Kane told Combo.


"I understand. You a busy boy. Go, homie. I can take care of myself." Combo gave a chill pill to Kane.


Kane has a fist bump with Combo.


"A'right. Catch you later." Kane flashed a smile meanwhile the blonde employee warmly smiled to him.




Quickly, Kane goes to the old, abandoned autopark in Willowfield. He finds Gabe waiting with two Balla goons and a gray Sentinel.

"Hey, man. Bulleye talked some sh*t be urgent or somethin'." Kane asks Gabe for further information.


"Just get in. I'll explain on the way. We bein' late." Gabe said and the four men quickly loaded themselves in the gray Sentinel.


"Where we headed?" Kane, on the driver seat, asks.


"You gettin' us to the construction site for the conference center."


A few minutes later, Kane asks the same thing to Gabe.


"A'right, man. Now, you tell me, what's goin' on?" Kane asked to Gabe.


"We goin' somethin' after big. There is some new Greek dealers in the city, but they connected though. They lookin' for a good crack source, so here we are." Gabe briefly asks.


"Bulleye lookin' for loading up the pond, eh?"


"Exactly. Bulleye may have a lil' anger issues but he a businessman, fo' real. Today's market be more than slingin' dope on the corners and sh*t." Gabe says a bit agressively.


"Relax, man. I was just bustin' yo' balls." Kane chuckles and says.


"You be careful 'bout that, nigga. Bulleye is like a father to me. He takin' care of me since 12. He feed me, he gave me hot bed, all that sh*t. So, I'm sensitive 'bout that." Gabe gives Kane a little warning.


"Man, you heard of mescaline? Try it when smokin' weed, okay?" Kane busts Gabe's balls a bit.


"Man, shut the hell up." Gabe chuckled and said.


When the men arrive the meeting location, they get out of their wheels but they realize there's nobody around yet.


"Man. Where are them cocksuckers?" Gabe said impatiently.


Then a navy Patriot cut through the construction site and pulled up just in front of Kane, Gabe and the two other Ballas. A short, white man who is obviously buffed with steroid, wearing a black sun hat, black torso and a pair of dark blue jeans outshined himself, probably he's the dominant one.


"You late." Gabe tried to roughen up the Greek a bit.


"You know, niggas. The jam traffic is a damn problem in this city.


"What did you just say!?" Kane, hearing the N word, angrily came forward. Gabe tried to stop him, putting his hand on his chest.

"I... I... don't mean to be racist or something. I tried to be sympathetic. That's it." The Greek defended himself.


"Well... Don't be f*cking sympathetic. We just doin' business here." Kane was still angry.


"Uhh... let's go down the business, yeah?" Gabe tried to cool down the bad atmosphere.


Gabe zipped off the bag, revealing the dimebags full of crack in it. Zeus attempted to reach out for a dimebag but the whole place got shaken by deep, loud biker motor sounds. Then two bikers, with cobra icon on the back of their leather jackets, confronted the deal.


"Well, well, well... You ditched us for these damn ni**ers, Zeus? You're a f*cking traitor." One of the bikers, with a Sawn-Off shotgun in his hand, talked under his bushy beard with a redneckish mouth.


"You better watch you mouth, or I'll rip yo' bad tongue off." Kane was pissed off over those racist bikers.


"Shut up, chocolate boy. I'm talking with this treacherous f*ck here." The biker did burst fire on his eyes while he was at the end of the sentence.


"f*ck off, skinheads. The deal is off. You're a bunch of racist f*ckers but nothing more. Also your ice is sh*t! Like chili powder in it." Zeus gone rough towards those racist bikers.


Later, a short silence will dominate the area, just the two side will look at each others' with angry eyes.


"I'm pissed now!" The other biker, who is notably younger than the other, fired his Sawn-off shotgun, putting a bullet on one of the random Ballas' skull.


However, the bikers could make more action; Kane, Gabe, the other Balla, Zeus and his two men emptied their magazines on the two bikers, killing them in cold blood.


Right after, the men will be aware of harsh, strong, approaching motorbike engines.  So Gabe opens the trunk of his Sentinel and hands Kane an AK-47 which has been stuffed up there.


"Would make a hand, homie." Gabe shoved the assault rifle out of the trunk and hit it on Kane's chest.


Later, a wave of hostile bikers will show up on the area quickly and they will start ride madly, drawing 360 while opening fire on all Kane, Gabe and Zeus. Here will make a challenge for the player, because the bikers are drawing 360, they will need steadily change the side of their covers (on Gabe's car obviously).


After brushing the mad bikers, other Balla goon gets killed by a biker that wields sniper on the top of the building under construction.


"What the f*ck!?" Gabe will respond with a open mouth as the bullet goes through his homeboy's skull.


"sh*t! How did they get up there?" Zeus will respond confused, as well.


The whole men will take cover behind their cars, not wanting to be a clear target for the sniper.


"Shoot the sniper, Kane." Gabe orders.


Now, Kane must shoot the sniper and the three other bikers protecting him. However, it's advisable to kill the sniper first, because one shot from the sniper rifle will result in a huge waste of health. After the sniper is killed, the other bikers will not be much of a big deal.


The men, get out of their covers, thinking that it's finished but two bikers suddenly show up, fully speeding up. The biker in the front immediately grabs the bag full of crack and rushes away. The other biker tries to keep up with his friend but he is stopped when he gets shot by in the skull by Gabe.


"Go grab that bike, and get the damn bag back!" Gabe orders Kane.


Kane takes the bike of the dead biker and tails on the escaping biker. The biker surprisingly makes his way into construction site. He jumps over a ramp in the site, landing on the road. For his chance on an empty spot. Later, he makes his way into the sewer, will continuously turn left and right. However, when he jumps out of the sewer, a car bumps into him, causing him to fall off his bike. Here, the biker reluctantly gives the bag to Kane and starts to plead for his life.


"Give me the bag!" Kane will harshly tell to the biker.


However, the biker will hold onto bag more tightly.


"Give me the f*cking bag!" Kane now points his gun on the injured biker, demanding the bad with more intimading style.
The biker reluctantly drops the bag, having Kane take it.


"Okay. Now I gave you the bag. Now please don't kill me. Please!" The biker will start pleading for his life, meanwhile he whines like a little b*tch.


Now the player is given the choice of killing the biker or sparing his life.



Kane, whose Pistol is still in his hand, fires six bullets on the biker's torso.



Kane just kicks the biker softly and tells him "Just get the f*ck out of here."


Afterwards, Kane gets the bag back to Gabe and Zeus, who are still waiting at the construction site.


"I got your bag." Kane says with cool manners while he walks like a badass.


Gabe hands the bag and opens it again, holding it towards Zeus to let him have a sample.


Zeus gets a piece of rock, put it in the palm of his hand, later he smashes the rock with the butt of his gun and snorts it. Zeus will experiene difficulties while he tries to get the rock pieces through his nose. After, Zeus will shake himself like he is warped by an electrical leak, which leaves Kane and Gabe watching him with open mouth.


"Wow! That's what I can call 'good sh*t'. A'right, man. The deal is on. Take this [shoves a wad of cash from his pocket] as a deposit for out big deal." Zeus will steadily sniff, in order to get the rock piece get through his nose canals and gets a reasonable amount of cash from his pocket, hands it to Gabe.


Gabe counts the money, later he nods his head, like saying that the green light is given. However, Gabe will say nothing, he will just get back in the car with Kane.


"I guess... see you around then." Zeus will surprisedly say and get back in his Patriot with the crack bag.


"Take me over the club, eh. So I can tell Bulleye about this thing." Gabe asks Kane for a lift to Alhambra.


"f*ck, man! Those skinhead bikers are crazy. They killed two of our boys." Gabe says.


"Yeah, what a clusterf*ck was that. However, we saved our own skins. You'd be glad." Kane tries to look at the glass from the full side.


"Screw this, man! It's a shame a couple of racist ass bastards come and screw your deal."


"It always work that way. At least, we have the money, the Greek guy have the rock."


"Damn straight right." Gabe puts a solid end.


When they arrive at Alhambra, Gabe will thank for his good services today, and gives him a six thousand to show his respect.


"The deal is on, and you did good today, bro. You deserved that. [gives Kane a six G] Laters, homie." Gabe will get six thousand bucks from the stack of cash Zeus paid for crack and give it to Kane.


"Thanks, homie. Laters." Kane will bid farewell to Gabe.


Gabe gets out of the car and slowly walks to the gate of Alhambra.




Shortly after this part is completed, Kane will be ringed by one of his crew members named Nay Nay.



"Hey, Kane. Long time no see, homie." Nay Nay makes a fast introduction.


"Yeah, if you find some time to drop by yo' homies, we can see each other." Kane sarcastically criticizes Nay Nay's habit of frequenting Alhambra.


"You right. You goddamn right, man. There always somethin' showin' up, I'm a busy artist, y'know. Anyway, I heard you rollin' with Bulleye. That true?"


"Yes. True." Kane keeps it short and simple."


"Ice cool, homie. Bulleye is a straight dog, I mean. Just know his weight. Also we should hang out soon, homie... get some chicks to the bed or somethang." Nay Nay is totally a bad hat.


"Yeah. Whatever. See you soon, Nay Nay." Kane hangs up the phone.



After a long while after the completion of this part, Kane receives a phone call from Bulleye.


"Kane! How you doin', my dog?" Bulleye greets Kane as soon as he answers the phone.


"Not much. You?" Kane asks.


"I heard some f*cking bikers cap some of our boys' ass but things are cool. Zeus, that Greek dealer, called me. Nigga lookin' for someone to know the city well and I suggested you. You cool, homie?" Bulleye is happy like Pollyanna, totally surprising.


"Man, don't get me wrong but that guy is a pain in the ass." The reluctance flowed through Kane's body when he said this.


"I'd do it myself but my head drown in business. Come on, Kane." Bulleye even pleaded to Kane to have him do this.


"A'right, man. A'right. Where the cat holed up?" Kane asks for an adress.


"He stays at one of 'em brick like houses in Jefferson. I'll tell him you comin'."


"Okay, man. I'll check on the creep bastard. Catch you later." Kane reluctantly says and is about to hang up the phone.


"Oh, man. Hold on. I almost forgot. There's a train and the plan be robbin' it. You on the board, also Gabe'll help you as well, but this is a three-men job. Find yo' man for the job and we be all set." Bulleye cuts out before Kane hangs up the phone. 


"Okay. I'll check the homies for that. See ya' all later." Kane hangs up the phone.

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- PART 10 -



"I done with that gay-ass course, homie. Now, I'm soft like a f*cking cotton candy. So what you up to?"


Columbus "Combo" Burton




On the orders of Bulleye, Kane goes to Zeus' residence in Jefferson. As Kane walks down the pavement, he recognizes Zeus, along with a couple of his men, drinking canned beer but they don't seem to be drunk. Kane shakes his head in shame. It was obvious that Kane doesn't want to do this in everycase. However, he must because orders are orders even if it means babysitting a steroid pumped douchebag.


"Here is the black dude! Hey, man. What's up? Zeus wipes the beer out of his mouth with his hand as soon as he sees Kane in front of his yard. He greets him and offers him a shoulder greeting.


"Yeh. How you doin' ?" Kane passes the greeting, his unwillingness was exactly seen.


"Could do with a better place, y'know? A mountain home in Vinewood, or a cute crib down Marina Beach..." Zeus replies and throws away the empty beer can in his hand.


"If you have somethin' big in yo' pocket, I'm sure yo' bosses may pay yo' services better." Kane arrogantly says.


"Yeah, man. That's exactly what I'm doing. I got in contact with some dudes down the east of the city. They could be a nice source of coke."


"Hello, people! Combo is back." Combo appears out of the blue, which makes Kane unsatisfied yet curious.


"Yo, who is this fat potato right there?" Zeus fingerpoints Combo and says.


"Hey, Kane. Who this steroid ape friend o' yours?" Combo strikes back with a similar sense of humour.


Zeus and Kane started to walk towards each other, while Zeus' men got their hands on the guns stuck up their pants. Luckily, Kane cut in and the things started to get cool again.


"Combo, what you doin' here, fool? Yo gotta be at that anger management thang." Kane angrily says to Combo.


"I done with that gay-ass course, homie. Now, I'm soft like a f*cking cotton candy. So what you up to?"


"Look, man. I was plannin' to sleep all day after a hot action packed week, but I must help this motherf*cker right here buy some weight or somethin'. So if you..." Kane tries to fend Combo off his head but gets cut through by him.


"A drug deal? Sweet! F*cking awesome! Let's go." Combo excitedly said, probably looking for some good action after last boring two weeks and started to walk towards Zeus' navy Patriot.


"Man. What happening?" Zeus was confused.


"I don't know. Just come on." Kane was confused as well, but he didn't let his charisma ruined near Zeus.


Three men load themselves into Zeus' navy Patriot.


"A'right. I've my Uzi, just gimme a rag and I can clap the best of 'em NIGGAS. I listen gangsta sh*t everyday, I'm a big fan of Dogg." Zeus says.


"You being a dumb dick again, man. Shut the hell up and gimme the adress." Kane tells Zeus to stop being a fool, and wants a destination.


Zeus gets a little piece of paper from the lighter pocket of his pants and hands it to Kane.


"Man! This damn place be Vagos hood." Kane curiously says as soon as he reads the whole adress.


"Don't be a hot sh*t, homie. We ain't seen them Vago boys fo' a long time. This gonna be fun." Combo says.


"Yeah. You need to go walk in some serious sh*t after a sh*t time with prescription drugs and boring professor lectures. I forgot, huh?" Kane sarcastically criticizes Combo's love of action right now.


"Uh, shut the f*ck up! You chicken or what? So what's the thing?" Combo tries to stop Kane complaining about the fact that they're going to a deal with Vagos and asks for further information.


"Looking  for some nice coke source. Gotta expand the f*cking vision, man.  Now, there ain't one drug no more. Cocaine, heroine, crack, meth, acid... now it's the open market." Zeus expains furtherly.


"You's a goddamn huge investor, huh Zeus?" Kane sarcastically says.


"For sure, man. I mean I'm a successful businessman with more brains than muscles. I'm a wide thinking motherf*cker. I said I have brains more than muscles, but like some that Jack Howitzer movie and sh*t. You wanna touch my arms?" Zeus being cocky.


"Uhh, nah. Thanks. I like girls, pussies... y'know?" Kane spatchcockes immediately.


"Motherf*cker!" Zeus says as Combo bursts into deep laughs.


Later, the men arrive at the location: a long apartment block in East Los Santos. As soon as they enter the building, dozens of Vagos gangbangers eyes and shows hostile manners towards the men, especially to Kane and Combo, due to being a Balla colour. Zeus, Combo and Kane climb up to the fourth floor where the deal will take place.


They move down to the flat which is located at the left side of the floor. Zeus knockes on the door and the men are welcomed by a a bald Vagos gang member, who is with his underpants.


"Yeah?" The bald Vago with underpants, responds with a dizzy state of mind.


"Apparently you got snow, and I love making snowmen." Zeus tries to be both sympathic and cold by his manners.


"You got the greens, gringo?" The bald Vago was out of his previous dizzy state of mind.


"Sure. A satisfying amount of Benjamin Franklin." Zeus opens the bag, revealing a huge pile of money inside.

"A'right. Get in." The Vago chuckles and says.


Bald Vago lets the men in and leads them to a big dinner table on which there is a huge wall of dust cocaine.


"Wanna a taste?" The Vago asked with his deep Latin accent as he took a packet which was stayin apart from the wall and started to hop the package in his right hand.


"Cool." Zeus responded with an excited tone.


The Vago produced a little pocketknife from his pants and opened a little slit on the package to let Zeus sniff the snow.


"Here you go. Be careful, ese... sh*t's strong." The Vago warned as he handed the package to Zeus.


"Let us decide the sh*t's good or not. Go ahead, ape." Combo, as a violent yet strict businessman, tried to show that he's dominant.


Zeus takes a blow from the coke, he really likes the merchandise and is extremely eager to give a big bag of cash over it.


"Wow!.. [sniffs continously] I think I'm gonna f*cking bleed out." Zeus showed his like towards the coke, barely talking, still trying to get the coke through his nose canals.


Combo eyes the whole event with suspicious eyes.


"The wall... I want a brick from the wall." Combo, much more skeptical and suspicious, demands taking a taste from the huge coke pile.


"Come on, Combo. Don't be a jackass, man." Kane tries to stop Combo from going wild.


Combo quickly snatches a dust block from the wall, splits the brick into two. He takes one of the parts and snorts from it.


"Hey!" Combo said as he showed a weird face expression.


Combo dived one of his fingers into the package, a little dust debris got sticky on his finger. Later, Combo got his finger in his mouth, sucked it only to realize that it's just a pile of sugar wrapped to a piece of nylon.


"If we wanted to buy sugar, we would have gone to a supermarket, RIGHT!?" Combo angrily yelled on the sneaky Vago.


"Dumb buster." Kane said as he learnt that the dust is actually k's of sugar.


"What!? Sugar!?" Zeus said with an open mouth.


The trick enrages Combo and he starts to walk towards the gangster. The Vago tries to draw his gun but before he can, Combo grabs him by the neck, he pinches his neck with his left arm while he starts hitting his head over and over, with the another one. Vago yells for help but before any help comes, Combo manages to crack his skul, make his brains show up and eventually leaves him paralyzed. As Kane and Zeus watch this with horrible eyes, four Vagos members burst in from inner rooms, and spray fire on them.


Kane, Combo and Zeus quickly eliminate those Vagos (the player must act fast here, because Vagos members are armed with Advanced SMGs, with which they can easily eliminate the player, Zeus or Combo) and are welcomed by a shotgun wielding Vago, who shows up at the door right after the four Vagos are dead. The Vago will spray bullets randomly across the flat, which makes him a deadly target and Kane takes cover from the wall, or the dinner table the huge coke wall is located on, and kills the guy in the simpliest way.


Later, the men start to climb downstairs, but they're confronted by a dozen of Vagos members who use Pistols, in general.

When they're about to go down the first floor, a Vagos member at the ground floor throws a grenade which blows up the three other Vagos who were about to burst out from their flat. Here, Kane, Zeus and Combo must not urge because they'd be blown by the explosion, if they act so fast.

After that Vagos throws the grenade and it blows up, Kane, Zeus and Combo burst in and brutally kill him. At the ground floor, Kane, Zeus and Combo find three bikes (BMX) near the stairs. Kane unlocks the each bike, lets Zeus and Combo take first and he snatches the last one.


As soon as they exit the apartment, a yellow Voodoo, controlled by two Vagos gang members tails on the men and they guy at the passanger seat opens fire on them with a Micro SMG.


"Follow me... homeboys!" Zeus started to ride like crazy when he heard the first gunfire and told the others to follow him.


"Zeus! Hold on there, motherf*cker. You don't know the city." Kane said.


"Seriously, I hate this pumped monkey." Combo grunted as he tailed after Zeus.


The group follows the lead of Zeus, who will generally take alleyways, narrow roads and something like them. The hot-action car chase ends when Zeus rides into a playground where a white boy does show with his skateboard as another white yet fat, nerdy boy with glasses records a tape of it. Kane, Zeus and Combo speed down into pit in which the skater boy frequently goes down and up from. The Vagos leads the three men into the pit, but they bump onto the skater boy, killing him.


"Oh no! Phil! My star! My wonderful star!" The fat, nerd boy said with an open mouth as Phil was swimming in a pool of his own blood.


Driving so fast, the Vagos eventually lose the control of the car after they jumped over the pit, the car flips down and this leaves the two Vagos right in the middle of a burning wreck.


"Woo hoo! The motherf*ckers turned into a grilled cheese toast." Zeus yelled out.


Having got rid of the hostile attackers on their back, Zeus, Combo and Kane stop, Zeus thanks Kane and Combo and rides away.


"Wow! The sh*t went crazy back there." Zeus said with his action-loving voice tone.


"For sure." Kane said with a lame voice tone.


"Thanks, homies. If you weren't there, those spics would have turned me into extra size burrito." Zeus thanks Kane and Combo for protecting him.


"Don't mention it." Combo said with a lame voice tone, as well.


"I gotta roll. Catch you later, men." Zeus bid farewell to two men and rode away.


The short silence dominates the area until Kane comes back to the anger management thing.


"Combo, you ain't escaped from that damn course, did you?" Kane said while he held the anger inside him.


"Nah, nigga. It been two weeks since the damn course... the painkiller, dumb lectures and all that sh*t." Combo responds.


"You say so?.. sh*t." Kane couldn't believe the two weeks have ended up.


After a short silence, Combo jumps in.


"So... man. I've heard about that train heist and now I'm soft like a k of sugar wrapped in plastic, I think... I would be the man for the job." Combo surprisingly was in his most serious manner.


"Soft?.. Yeah, that mean a lot from a guy that cracked another guy's skull JUST an hour ago. [pauses for a second] Who the f*ck told you that?"


"Nay Nay. I pushed the little f*cker and he popped that out." Combo responds.


"Nay Nay?.. I will rip that b*tch's tongue off. That bastard." Kane said while grinding his teeth.


"So what you thinkin' ?" Combo asks for Kane's opinion on the train heist.


"I don't know, man. I don't f*cking now. Just gimme a break bit, a 'right." Kane exhaled a huge amount of air from his mouth and said.


"Well... I'm hungry like a motherf*cker. How about a Cluckin' Bell?" Combo asks Kane's company for a meal at Cluckin' Bell.


"Sure. I'd love me a Cluckin' Bell." Kane accepts Combo's offer.


Kane and Combo go over eating at the Cluckin' Bell in East Los Santos.


"Man. One day, I will go off a heart attack, eatin' buckets." Combo says.


"You've a huge belly sagging under yo' breasts." Kane mocks Combo's overweight.


"Shut the hell up."


Upon exiting the restaurant, Kane and Combo recognize a couple of Grove Street Families members spraying the wall oppositing the Cluckin' Bell.


"Look! Some Grove fools taggin' up our turf!" Combo fingerpoints a couple Families members who spray a wall green.


 "Let's go get 'em." Combo yells.


There are three Grove members near the wall, one of them will be spraying the wall until he realizes two Ballas are coming to him. Here, you will be instructed melee fighting. You will be shown how to duck and deliver a hard fist in an opponent's stomach, how to grab an enemy by the collars and punch him in the face and something like that. First, the Families members will be unarmed, but after defeating them all, one of them will stand up and draw a knife on Combo and Kane. Now, Kane must disarm the gangster and steal his knife. Also, you don't need to get in a melee fight with the gangbangers, you can simply shoot them with your guns, but this way you won't be instructed melee fighting tactics.


After defeating the members, Combo gets the spray can of them, throws it to Kane.


"Wanna do some tag, man?" Combo throws the can to Kane, who catches it by the stomach.


Now, Kane must tag over the Grove graffiti on the wall. The grafitti system is more different than it's in GTA San Andreas. Spraying a tag is more like Bully style. You need to choose the graffiti type you want to spray and later go over it. Sometimes, your spray can will stop bursting paint. All you need to do this shake the can a bit, and it will start bursting paint again.


Combo will suggest going to do some gun practices.


"These fingers ain't seein' triggers fo' a long time. A little bit practice would be a'right." Combo sort of suggests go to shoot some guns.


"Yeah, I bet there'd be cramps in yo' fingers." Kane sarcastically comments.


So Kane and Combo go to Ammu-Nation in Willowfiled together and get into shooting range where two men have a friendly competition. For the mission, Kane and Combo both will be given Pistols. There will be several moving targets required to be shot. Winning the challenge or losing it won't affect the mission progress, just Combo will comment on the situation differently.


Kane wins
"The gear of the gun was wrong, I swear. Otherwise you wouldn't stand a damn chance." Combo says.

"Yeah, whatever man. I think yo' hands are too greasy to hold a gun." Kane responds.


Kane loses
"My homeboy. You need to learn a lot to reach yo' chief's level." Combo says.




"Drop yo' chief over his crib, eh?" Combo asks mixed with order.


After arriving at Combo's apartment. Combo asks Kane if he will involve him in the train heist. Feeling that he has no other choice, Kane accepts to give him a place in the heist.


"Here we are." Kane pulls up the grip brake and says.


"Kane, you though 'bout it?" Combo asks.


"Thought 'bout what?" Kane completely forgot what Combo said to him.


"The train heist, man. You need one more person. There no better man than me for this job, I guess." Combo refreshes Kane's mind.


Kane just keeps silent and exhales a mouthful of air.


"Come on, man. What happened to old days we used to roll together, fire guns, get chicks an' all that sh*t. We were f*cking homies." Combo tries to hit Kane's emotional sense.


"Till' you've become a drug poppin', murderin' maniac." Kane, resented with all grief over the old days.


"Jesus, not again. That's what makes us a team. You a smart bastard, I be the one who whip his dick and pisses all over. Let's be a team again, man. I want to make it right, make it f*ckING right."


"Uh, come on. You're in." Kane unwillingly says.


"A'right, man. Hit me up when somethin' shows up." Combo says.


Combo walks into his apartment, as Kane looks at him gullibly yet like saying "Jesus!" after him.



Kane earns five thousand bucks for accompanying Zeus during the bad drug deal with Vagos.




  • Tagging mini-game is unlocked.
  • Shooting Range Challenges are unlocked.



Sometimes after this part, Kane receives a phone call from Gabe who talks Kane about the "big job".


"Kane!" Gabe says from the other line of the call.


"Gabe. How you doin?" Kane answers.


"Come over the Crystal Gardens, that crack lab of ours. It's time fo' the 'big job'. And you got a man fo' the job?"


"Yeah, I got him."


"A'right. Come along with yo' boy and we end this sh*t up."


"Okay, man. See you there." Kane hangs up.



Right after Gabe's phone call, Kane calls Combo to tell him about the new progress.


"Speak." Combo says with his usual dizzy voice tone.


"Combo! Get to the crack lab in Crystal Gardens. The time's come." Kane says.


"A'right. I'll hit you up there." Combo says and hangs up the phone.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Happy with how this story is shaping up!


Just read the last two chapters. "Sugarboy", especially with Combo demanding a taste from the other coke and the following shootout, reminded me a lot of Hood Safari from GTAV.


The whole thing had nice little references back to San Andreas. Zeus enjoying Madd Dogg; the getaway on BMX's; tagging up turf after beating up your sworn rivals. I don't know if they were intentional but I enjoyed them.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Happy with how this story is shaping up!


Just read the last two chapters. "Sugarboy", especially with Combo demanding a taste from the other coke and the following shootout, reminded me a lot of Hood Safari from GTAV.


The whole thing had nice little references back to San Andreas. Zeus enjoying Madd Dogg; the getaway on BMX's; tagging up turf after beating up your sworn rivals. I don't know if they were intentional but I enjoyed them.


I liked the setup of Hood Safari: the Balla dealer trying to fool Franklin, Trevor and Lamar with a block of drywall, the raged shootout on Grove Street... I like interesting stuff involved with drugs, such as the drywall thing. That's why I went with a part like this. 

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- PART 11 -

Dead Freight



Kane goes to Ballas' main crack den in Crystal Gardens to put the train heist job in order. Kane goes around the back of the lab, knocks the iron door twice. After a few minutes, a black man with buzz hair and a thin moustache opens the door, with a shotgun in his hand.


"Who this?" The man asks for an identification.


"I'm Kane and uhh..." Kane tries to talk but he's immediately cut by the rude man.


"I know no Kane. f*ck off! If you want stone, come back and other time." The man quickly says and slams the door on Kane's face.

Cut into the crack den, Gabe and Combo are seen sitting together around a wooden table, with one beer can for each, and a huge pot full of peanuts on it.


"Randy, who was that, man?" Gabe asks.


"A punk-ass calls himself Kane. He a junkie or somethin' I think." Randy arrogantly says.


"Kane? What the f*ck did you do!? He is my man, yo. Get him in." Gabe says and takes a big toke from his beer and later take a bunch of peanuts from the pot.


Randy opens the door again, facing with an angry Kane.


"Come in!" Randy fully opens the door.


Kane looks at Randy angrily and slowly moves his shoulder as he looks at him.


Inside, Kane walks towards Gabe and Combo who are sitting on a wooden table, enjoying beer and a pot of peanuts.


"Kane! Wanna some beer, man? You gotta be thirsty." Gabe greetly welcomes Kane as he chuckes the can of beer.


"Nah, thanks. I'd rather pull this job quick, it'll make me chill." Kane calmly says.


"This yo' man? He looks like a chubby and ni**er version of Charlie Manson, but seems okay." Gabe jokingly says.


"F*ck you!" Combo says and drinks a little beer.


"Yeah... my dried up ass crew chief. Doesn't need to pay a shrink to call him a psychopath... he a stamped one already." Kane jokingly replies as well.


"F*ck you too, Kane." Combo, now a bit angry, says.


"So, gentlemen... we gonna hit that train or what?" Kane says.


"Yeah. Lift your asses, crew. Let's go." Gabe says and throws a peanut in his mouth.


Gabe and Kane start to walk away as Combo chuckes his beer at one, and later joins them.


Then, Kane will find himself in the front yard of the lab, along with Gabe and Combo. Kane recognizes a gray Picador right in front of him, assuming that it's the wheels for the job.


"Kane, you drivin'. Charlie, hop in the back." Gabe gives direction as he walks towards the pickup.


"Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait! Why I'm sitting on the back." Combo rejects sitting on the case of the truck, in a way.


"Because this my wheels, asshole." Gabe simply answers.


"Oh yeah? You think what would happen if I sit on the back? With this belly, this booty..." Combo strikes back.


"Dammit! You right. A'right. Go near Kane, I'll sit on the truck's ass." Gabe angrily says.


After everybody takes their place in the vehicle, Kane moves on.


"Where we goin' ?" Kane asks.


"East Los Santos." Gabe answers.




"Man, what makes this mothef*cking train so special?" Kane asks in wonder.


"Some punk-ass drug pushers outside the town carrying a sh*tload of drug money. They tryin' to set up a new factory in LS. So we gonna both enjoy a good wad of cash and eliminate a possible competition." Gabe says.


"Sounds good to me." Combo says.


"Yeah, but you have a plan? Jacking a big-ass cargo train wouldn't be so easy." Kane asks.


"Course, I got a plan. I paid the dog in the booth... Greedy busta'. So we'll get the control of the booth, block the way. Them fools ain't gonna know what hit 'em." Gabe explains the plan.


"That could work." Kane, a bit suspiciously, says.


"Just get the f*cking grip. I can give a damn middlefinger to others." Combo replies.


"Y'all shut the f*ck up? We gonna get in the train and leave it be rich brats like Fresh Prince, a'right? Now get goin'." Gabe replies.

After reaching the destination, the three men leave the pickup near the railroad and walk towards the control booth across the other side of the railway.


"Here, take this [hands the booth guy a few bucks] and get the f*ck out of here!" Gabe hands a little cash to the employee in the control booth and sends him away.


Gabe takes his place in the control booth and tells Kane and Combo to hide somewhere they couldn't be seen.


"You get behind something over that you ain't be seen." Gabe orders the other two.


"I can hide well, but I can't say the same thing for Combo." Kane jokingly says.


"F*ck you! Come on, eh... cracker homeboy." Combo replies to Kane in the same way.


Kane follows Combo to a small brick wall behind which they duck, so they won't be getting attention.


Soon after, the train is seen coming out from the tunnel and making its way towards the booth, meanwhile Kane and Combo, still ducking behind the wall, have armed with their guns, probably as experienced gangsters, they know what will happen soon.


"Why the f*ck is this barrier here?" The train driver says full of confusion.


Then, three drug dealers jump out of the train and go to the booth for checking what's going on.


"Sup, gentlemen? The documents?" Gabe plays to keep it calm.


"The documents? What are you talkin' about?" The white dealer with a red bandana on his head angrily answers.


"I gotta check what you loaded. It's the procedure, sorry..." Gabe replies.


"You saw this, motherf*cker?" The drug dealer quickly draws a Pistol off his pants.


Reactionally, Gabe quickly gets his gun and shoots the dealer in the chest. Seeing that the other two armed dealers are coming to him, Gabe quickly ducks under the booth to protect himself from a sudden death.


Kane and Combo get out of cover and shoot the other two dealers before they get Gabe. Later, Gabe gets out of the booth and checks Kane and Combo.


"You a'right?" Kane asks Gabe if he's shot or something.


"Cool. Cool. I'm cool. You go check the train while I watch fo' some sneak ass bastards." Gabe tells to Kane and Combo.


Kane and Gabe climb the back of the train, entering through an iron door. As soon as they get inside the train, they face heavily armed drug dealers bursting fire on them.


"This iron junk heap be full of hipster dressin' motherf*ckas. Damn!" Combo yells.


"Man, just shoot them bitch asses." Kane says.


Kane and Combo will need to pass through all two vagons to kill all the drug dealers in the train. There will be ten drug dealers to be taken out, in total. However, the shootout in the train will be a great pain because the drug dealers are heavily armed, even some of them are using AK-47s. Also the place lacks of cover, you're just able to cover behind piles of wooden boxes, but they'll be rarely found.


Killing the two vagons full of heavily armed drug dealers will lead Kane and Combo to the control room of the train eventually.


Kane and Combo burst in the room and Combo fires a bullet in the drug dealer's head, who was about to work the engines again. That blows up the dealer's brain, causing its pieces to stuck on the window on his splash of blood.

Soon after, Gabe is heard demanding help when two cars full of Vagos pull up in front of him, probably they're after the goods as well.


"I'd need some help here, homies!" Gabe yells for some help.


"I'm gonna help Gabe. You go find the stash a'right?" Kane says.


"A'right, a'right... You guys have fun." Combo unwillingly accepts.


Gabe is seen taken cover behind his pickup. Kane can take cover behind the pickup, but excessive bullet holes onto pickup will cause it explode, which will lead the failure of the mission. Anyways, the Vagos would not be much challenge if you have picked the assault rifled of the dead drug dealers on the train.


After all the Vagos are dead, that doesn't finish yet because then a Sentinel full of Dominican Cartel member comes the scene.


"sh*t! Where all this come from?" Gabe says as he blows the shells of his shotgun.


"This town is not that type can keep a secret after all." Kane answers as he fires on the Dominicans.


After all the Dominicans will be wiped out, Combo shows up outside the train, on the back board, telling that he has found the money.


"Niggas! I got the money. Seem like they stuffed the sh*t in some tight trash bags." Combo yells it over Gabe and Kane.


However, suddenly, the train starts to work again for no reason.


"Sh*t! What the f*ck?!" Combo says in shock.


Kane gets in the pickup meanwhile Gabe hops in the case.


"Don't worry, man! We right behind you." Kane tries to calm Combo as he drives behind the upgoing train.


Now, Kane must catch up with the train, getting close to it till' the distance is enough for Combo to throw the money bags to Gabe, who is on the back of the truck, picking up the trash bags. All Kane must to do is keeping the pickup steady, so Gabe can catch the bags. There will be ten bags of money in total and the player must make Gabe catch at least seven of them. If Gabe misses more than three bags, the mission will be failed.


After collecting the money payload from the train, we will be suddenly cut to the outskirs of Las Colinas where Kane, Gabe and Combo has taken a little break after a hard yet fruitful job.


The three men bump their beer cans on each others' in a glory, celebrating their hard yet worthy victory.


"We did it, man! We f*cking did it! Wooh!" Combo says as he bumps his beer onto the the others'.


"I can't believe we f*cking did it!" Kane says in his all glory.


"I told you, fools. I told you we'll f*cking rich men after this mothef*cking job." Gabe takes a big chuck of beer in his mouth as he says.


"We're the biggest crooks in town." Kane replies.


Out of nowhere, a child, probably around his 14 or 16's, shows up while riding his mountain bike. It seems like the kid has figured out he has bumped into bad guys. Realizing the big trash bags in the back of truck makes it more accurate in his mind. The kid tries to be seen as 'sweet' when he waves his hand to the crew. The men just show no respond, they just look at the kid's face with open mouths and confused face expressions. The silence remains until Combo hits the kid back by waving his hand and later he shoots the kid to death with a bullet to the torso.


Combo waves his hand towards the kid and later draws his Pistol stuck up his pants.


"Noooo! Combo! Nooo! Don't f*cking do it! No!" Kane starts to plead Combo as he recognizes he's getting his gun from his pants.


Combo, showing no remorse but grinding his teeth, kills the kid in the blink of an eye. The death was hard for the little kid. The kid passed his last minutes while he tried to inhale some air with his ripped off lungs but he eventually ended up choking on his own pool of blood that was all over his throat.


"I understand you kill a pusher, torture the f*ck out a pig, but what is this? You killed a child, a LIL' DAMN CHILD!" Kane bursts his anger on Combo.


"I don't wanna do that, but I ain't see another choice." Combo angrily says.


"What? You mean the kid gonna talk. He probably  had no idea what he saw." Kane walks towards Combo.


"Yeah. That exactly what I mean!" Combo strikes to Kane, as well.


"You a damn child killer!" Kane says as he pushes Combo by hitting him on the chest.


"Don't tell me a child killer, you f*ck!" Combo pushes Kane as well.


Gabe cuts into Kane and Combo, splits the fight.


"F*ck! Stop it! We gotta sort this out! Quick." Gabe says as his one hand on Kane's chest, the other is on Combo's chest.


"The f*ck you thinkin' ?" Combo agressively asks.


"I don't know. I don't f*cking know. Just load the body and the bike to the pickup. We gotta get it somewhere quiet before someone sees that." Gabe says, all anxious. 




Kane finds himself in the driver seat of the gray Picador with Gabe. There's a huge, thick nylon wrapped on the case of the pickup to cover the child's dead body and his bike. Combo is gonna go with another transportation, because there's no room at the pickup.Now Kane must get the pickup back to the crack lab in Crystal Gardens without receiving attention. This requires Kane to drive slower because going too fast may lead the nylon fly off, revealing the child's corpse. Also receiving any wanted level will lead the failure of the mission.


After reaching the crack lab, Kane and Gabe will be carrying the dead body inside with the wrap on it. Gabe will be urging to knocking on the lab's door, he knocks the door like he will be crashing it. After a few minutes, Randy opens the door and investigates the two men about the wrapped thing.


"Oh sh*t! What that?" Randy asks as he has halfly opened the door.


"Just open the motherf*ckin' door!" Gabe yells to Randy.


Randy fully opens the door, Kane and Gabe quickly runs inside the lab with the wrapped body. After putting the wrap on the white marble floor of the lab, Kane gets out of the lab to bring the bike.


"You gonna tell me what's that or not?" Randy curiously asks as Kane bursts in the lab with the kid's bike.


All Randy, Kane and Gabe pull together in front of puffy nylon, Gabe crouches besides the wrap and opens it revealing the bloody nylon, along with a little kid's dead body whose chest is all bloody.


"What the f*ck did you, boys?" Randy tells in shock as he looks at the dead child's body in awe.


There will be a short silence dominating the area, nobody will say anything.


"Also why the f*ck you bring a child right into meh place? There be a f*cking sign writing 'Dead Child Storage' or somethin' on my crib?" Randy keeps going on Kane and Gabe for the incident.


The door is knocked.


"Randy! Go get the door!" Gabe orders Randy, showing the door with a slight move of the head.


As soon as Randy opens the door, Combo walks inside in a rage, even knocking out Randy on the floor as he walks.


"You here, huh?" Combo says after checking near the group.


"Yeah, we here, you psycho buster. F*cking dick!" Kane is still angry to Combo for the incident.


"Uhh... gimme a break, homie. You know I needed to do it." Combo defends himself with an agressive yet a bit choked tone.


"Well... it seem like you throw that kid in just to feed yo' bloodlust!" Kane yells over Combo.


"Cut that f*cking sh*t, a'right! We have a dead body on the floor of a crack home and you just arguin'." Gabe splits the fight, and tells the men to turn to real problem.




"But how?" Combo says and starts to think.


All the men will remain silent to think about what to do with the child's corpse. The first word comes from Combo.

"Got it!.. Uh, f*ck it!" Combo later thinks that the idea's null.


"Maybe we could... No!" Gabe has come with something but later he rejects telling it, because he thinks it's not worthy.


"Maybe you guys should... Nah, it's damn dumb." There's something that came to Randy's mind but he later thought it's an actually stupid plan.


Seeing that they're just wasting time, Kane goes to a narrow corner of the lab, pulls out his phone and calls Suge for help.


"Suge, man! You available?"


"Actually I was in the middle of somethang, but shoot it." Suge says.


"Things f*cked up here, man... and I think we need yo' help." Kane now says with a more anxious voice tone.

"What happened there?" Suge a bit anxiously says but also keeps it cool.


"Can't tell it on the phone, man. You gotta come here. Quick."


"Okay. Where you now?" Suge asks.


"Y'know that crack lab in Crystal Gardens, right? There."


"Okay. Keep yo' head down. I'm comin'." Suge says and hangs up the phone.


Later, the screen fades to black, throwing the player one hour later or so.


Randy and Gabe sit on the wooden table on which Gabe and Combo were sitting on in the beginning of this part, the both are smoking cigarettes. Kane has laid on a wall, crouching while his head is down, looking on the floor like saying "What a waste.". Combo has been sitting on a pile of cartoon boxes, just moving his legs up and down. Immediately, the door is knocked down and Combo, who is the nearest one to the door, opens the door.


"Combo! Get the door." Gabe says.


Combo stands up and slowly moves towards the door. As soon as he opens the door, Suge enters the place like a blowing wind, his long leather coat is pulled off because he is too fast.


"Okay. Now, tell me what the problem?" Suge doesn't even recognize the dead child body until he comes right in front of it.


"Oh sh*t!" Suge jumps in awe when he sees a child corpse whose all chest is covered with blood.


"Which nutjob f*cking did this?" Suge yells over in anger, he's really angry.


"You called him over, right Kane? You were always a big F*CKING pussy!" Combo presumes that Kane has called Suge and yells to him in anger.


"What you gonna do? Gonna BURY a DEAD KID under the floor of a crack den in a public housin' project? No doubt anybody wouldn't find 'bout it!" Kane strikes back.


"Stop! We have a dead little boy right here, and we gotta get rid of this sh*t! That's our problem." Gabe splits Combo and Kane and returns to the situation.


"Yea... I ain't want a dead brat on my floor!" Randy cuts in.


"Okay. We gonna load the boy and his bike in my cage. Kane, Combo... you go destroy the car at the junkyard in Angel Pine. It be a crusher there, should work to get rid of this sh*t." Suge explains what they're going to do.


"Hey! What you an yo' boys here gonna do?" Combo asks like he's complaining.


"We're gonna destroy that bloody sheet up. Now go!" Suge says.




Kane and Combo get in Suge's blue Emperor which now contains the child's dead body and his bike. As the last objective of this part, Kane must get the car to the junkyard in Angel Pine, so they can destroy the car in the crusher. If the trunk happens to pop out, you can stop the car and close the trunk before you get any attention, but receiving any police attention will end with the failure of the mission.


"Look, man. I really ain't mean shootin' that kid but I see no other choice." Combo tries to make Kane believe that killing that kid was necessary.


However, Kane doesn't respond, he just concentrates on the road.


"You and me on the streets fo' a long time, homie. You know... sh*t happens!" Combo barely talks, probably he is doing such thing, trying to make himself clear to someone, for the first time.


"Shut up, Combo if you don't wanna get yo' ass beaten." Kane is still angry to Combo, and while saying this all the anger could be noticed throughout his eyes.


Upon arriving  the junkyard, drive to the crusher. It's close to the entrance of the junkyard, located between two cranes. Kane and Combo leave the car in the soil patch, so the car will be taken by the orange crane and dropped into the crusher to be destroyed.

After destroying the car, Kane and Combo walk outside the junkyard. Combo bids farewell to Kane, but Kane doesn't seem to take it.


"See you soon, man." Combo says and starts to walk away.


"Yeah, whatever... Get the f*ck out of my sight."


Upon this point, the part will be ended. Kane receives $ 5.000 from the heist (he and Combo were meant to take $ 10.000 for each, but the tragedic havoc lessened their cuts) and having the blue Emperor crushed will make Kane earn $ 1.500 bucks for extra.




  • Crusher is unlocked.



Shortly after the completion of this part, Kane receives a phone call from Suge.


"Kane! It's Suge." Suge introduces himself with a much more serious voice tone.


"Sup?" Kane says with a calm yet a bit choked voice tone, still under the pressure of the unfortunate incident.


"Just wanna check what happened down there." Suge says.


"We need to talk 'bout this?" Kane plays hardball, although he is angry to Combo, he doesn't want to tell him off.


"I'm afraid... yes." Suge becomes more serious.


"Uhh... take a damn shot. Just a damn shot! What coulda happened?" Thinking he will need to tell this anyway, Kane makes a quibble not to keep him out of a direct compunction.


"Combo..." Suge says between his grinded teeth.


"Exactly. We were gonna rob that damn that train, a'right? We did... got them bags of grip, but we stopped by Las Colinas befo' gettin' back to the lab. There, a lil' kid showed up and Combo f*cking shot him. Now please gimme a break man. I livin' a bad day already." Kane unwillingly explains the whole thing.


"Okay, man. Go get some sleep or somethin'. Get a grip! See you later."


"Yeah. Much love." Kane hangs up the phone.

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Posted A week ago

Dialogs are so so so solid. The story is also nice. Everything looks good.

Just nice! Waiting to see what happens next!

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Posted A week ago

I like this guy Randy. His first scenes reminded me a whole lot of Gerald McReary.

It's a reflection on how well you do dialogue that I can get such an impression from only a brief appearance.


Wow. Child killing. How you talked up the train robbery, I thought that was going to take centre stage. I didn't expect that.


I got shades of Todd killing that kid and Jesse's horror in Breaking Bad, but it seems you're going to go much deeper with this. Even though they've crushed the body, I still see it coming back to bite them in the ass.


One your best chapters so far.

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Posted A week ago Edited by TheUnholy, A week ago.

Thanks guys. I hope I did a good job. :)



I like this guy Randy. His first scenes reminded me a whole lot of Gerald McReary.

It's a reflection on how well you do dialogue that I can get such an impression from only a brief appearance.


Wow. Child killing. How you talked up the train robbery, I thought that was going to take centre stage. I didn't expect that.


I got shades of Todd killing that kid and Jesse's horror in Breaking Bad, but it seems you're going to go much deeper with this. Even though they've crushed the body, I still see it coming back to bite them in the ass.


One your best chapters so far.

I'm glad even a minor character like Randy has made a shocking effect. 


This was why I was trying to put a less destructive thing on the objective for the train heist. However, I really liked your idea of a priceless painting... I've decided to make that a major plot device for the third chapter... thanks again, man. You're really a great help. I guess this part was a clear reflection of how Combo could push thing too far to do what he sees right... however I assure you, this was just Combo's philosophy, And I think I've managed to dominate Kane with some characteristic during this chapter. This parts gotta be a destructive one... a turning point, so I needed to put something like a child's death... like in BB.


For the next part... the Green Sabre will make its first appearance ever.

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Posted A week ago

Despite his actions, Combo is still one of my favourite characters. He tries to serve Kane's interests in the best possible ways, which aren't always the best options. He's a much more tolerable loose cannon to watch than Trevor, however worse his actions end up being than Trevor's.


And always a pleasure, although I think credit is rightly all your own. ;)


Consider this a cheeky bump while I await the next mission (and appearance of The Green Sabre)

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