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Funniest things NPCs say.

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  • Dr.Rosenthal

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Dr.Rosenthal, 3 weeks ago.

I very much dislike the terminator Koreans during I/E steal missions, but I love how the say "Suck my diiuuee" lol

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  • ryannata

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Posted 3 weeks ago

^hahaha and don't forget the triads in gunrunning buggy sell missions "you should go home" and then they stepped on a mine
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  • Sn00ps06

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Posted 6 days ago

Sh*t d*ck. Hear me sh*t d*ck!

I hear this all the time!

  • Dark_Angel_39412

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Posted 6 days ago

Not an NPC per say but Self Radio "This song reminds me of drug abuse" turns out the song is This is Me from The Greatest Showman

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Posted 4 days ago

Was being chased by the po po and one of them yells "I'm gonna get that idiot" - not heard that before.. Cops sure are dumb, had set up a proxy bmb on a container ship at the docks, dipstick steps on it and screams f**k and dies 

  • kcole4001

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Posted 4 days ago

My fave from V is the simple "wwwOwwwwwwwww!!!!"

Always amusing.


My all time favorite is from IV, if I remember correctly - when you carjack an older black gent and he says: "I ain't walkin!"

I'd look for their cars to steal just to hear that.

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