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A couple of online free roam ideas.

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 04:49 AM

I posted this a few months ago.... but since I couldn't find it to bump it, I'll just re-post it. btw, sorry if this is in the wrong section AND I will NOT be coming back here to read feedback.  If someone wants to write this idea to R* that is fine.... I do not know how to do that.  I won't be coming back for feedback the GTA forums community is full of buttmaggots. Sorry :-/ 


I've got a couple of ideas for free roam in GTA V.  


(I'm typing this sentence after I just finished this, my brain hurts. I just want to let you know, I did proof read, I'm sure there are typos though. I tried to think these ideas out....but I'm sure there are little things I didn't think about that would make my mini games fail..... but I want feedback, let me know where there are holes in my ideas, where the mini game just wouldn't work. Or add on to what I've written with your own ideas. Please let me know if you think my ideas are good or stupid. And yes, I know some of the reading is going to seem tedious,redundant and all over the place... sorry)




You could be able to pull people over with cop cars (pull real online players over, not ncps) How would this work?


Say I pull up behind somebody with a police car. I turn the sirens on and it automatically starts the mini game. The other player can choose to pull over, in which case would pay me a certain amount of money ($100-$1,000???) and ending the mini game (police win)...or he could try and escape me.


 If he chooses to flee then I can chase him, I have to stay locked onto his car (within a certain distance) for 5-10sec.straight (or another specific allotted time) with my lights still flashing, and if I do so, and he doesn't pull over, then he would automatically get a 3 star wanted level (at which time the computer police will start chasing him).


 If he does choose to pull over (because he doesn't think he could escape me and doesn't feel like dealing with a 3 star wanted level, dying (from the NPC) and losing $2,000) then once he does pull over, I park behind his vehicle (at a certain distance) turn my lights off (which the game would read as him pulling over) and wait 5-10sec.... at which time I would automatically get $100-$1,000 from him (without leaving the car) and the mini game ends.   And I wouldn't be able to activate the mini game again for another 5 in game hours?? or a certain amount of time. that way, if he pulls over and I get the money, I can't just automatically start the mini game again with him.


How would he escape me and win the mini game? If he can stay a certain distance away from me for a certain amount of time (10-20sec??) then the mini game ends and he escapes.  The seconds (time) are to be consecutive btw. And there would be a little bar or counter at the bottom of the screen showing the amount of time.


Here are some solutions to some problems.......


 once I get behind him and turn my lights on, it starts the mini game. So him and I are now officially in a mini game (like the impromptu race). If he gets out of his car at any point, he automatically gets a 3 star wanted level and loses $100-$1,000 to me (the same amount he would lose if he just pulled over in the first place) and the mini game ends.  If he shoots my car and/or me, he automatically gets a 3 or 4 star wanted level. If he kills me, he automatically gets a 5 star wanted level.  If I kill him I would automatically get a 5 star wanted level (it's all about having a police chase, not killing each other) If either of us kill the other, than it's an automatic 5 star wanted level and the person that killed the other will lose $2,000 to the other player (to pay for their hospital bill) and the mini game is over. You'll still have the 5 star wanted level though, even after the mini game ends.


 If he gets a 3 star wanted level and the NPC police start chasing him, how do the police know not to attack me if I hit one of their cars? Well, officially being in a mini game, as long as I stay in the police car... the NPC recognizes me as police. So if I get out at any point, the mini game ends.  


What if I pull him over, turn off my lights (remember, thus signaling to the video game that he HAS pulled over), and right before the 10sec. mark he decides to take off??  Well, I just turn on my lights and the chase is back on (remember, we are still in a mini game mode).  Once I turn my lights off, the mini game has to read him and me at being still (not moving our cars). Or else I could just chase him with my lights off and once the 10sec. mark hits, I automatically get the money from him (cheating).  I really want this to be about a police chase or someone deciding not to run from the police and actually pulling over. 


I'm trying to think of any holes in my idea. 


So lets say he flees, and I stay behind him for the 10sec. and he does get the 3 star wanted level... what happens then? Because killing each other is the last thing I want to happen. If the NPC police kill him, then that's fine. If the NPC does kill him, the person playing as police gets $100-$1,000 (but not from the other player, since the other player will lose $2,000 from dying anyway). It's ok if the NPC kills him because we have no control over the NPC and it was his decision not to pull over and he knew he might have to face a 3 star wanted level.  So then what happens when he gets a 3 star wanted level? I figure once he has a 3 star wanted level, there is no pulling over for him anymore and paying the ticket.  I think he should still have the option of staying a certain distance away from me to "lose" me (and win the mini game), but if he doesn't and I stay locked onto him for another 5-10sec, he gets a 4th star... and then if he still can't escape and I stay locked onto him for another 5-10sec. he gets a 5th star, thus making his life a living hell, and he'll be wishing he pulled over and paid the $100-$1,000 ticket instead of facing a 5 star wanted level and getting killed by the police and losing more money that way. 


So lets say he gets a 5 star wanted level, is there anyway he could still win the mini game and "lose" me?? Yes, lets say he has to stay a certain distance away from me for his counter to start counting up. Lets say when he has no stars it's 15sec.... then once he gets 3 stars, in order for him to escape me, he has to stay at a certain distance for 25 sec, 4 stars, 35sec, 5 stars 1min.  The times are completely up in the air, I have no idea how many seconds would actually work good for the mini game, other than that the person playing as the police officer shouldn't have to stay locked on for as many seconds as the player trying to escape. 




You know how other video games (mostly FPS) have medic roles? Well what if Free Roam had a medic role?  


Lets say you're playing in free roam and someone kills you. You get two options, either spawn and lose $2,000 or choose to get revived. If you choose to get revived, someone in free roam (except the person that killed you) has the option to find an ambulance and rush to you in the certain amount of time (depending how far away they are from you) and revive you, in which case you would not lose $2,000 and the medic would get money for saving you.  


ok, so basically this is how it would work.  Once someone is killed and the person who got killed decides to get revived, that person would show up as an orange (or whatever color isn't used by R* yet) dot on your screen (remember, except for the killers screen). So now there could be the possibility of 14 other players seeing this orange dot and racing to this guy to revive him so they can make a little extra cash.  Here is how you solve that problem... because you have to be in an ambulance in order to start the 'reviving mini game', the first person in an ambulance and triggers the sirens gets to try and revive the person... for all the other people, the little orange dot disappears and they can no longer trigger the mini game.  Once someone is in the ambulance and triggers the sirens, that is when the mini game official starts and the ambulance and medic in the ambulance are in passive mode (I have heard there are problems with passive mode, but this idea is on the assumption that passive mode will be fixed).... anyway, the medic will be in passive mode and the ambulance indestructible (so that the person who killed the guy in the first place doesn't camp and wait for the medic and kill him).  So now, once someone gets in an ambulance and triggers the sirens, they have a certain amount of time to reach the victim. The amount of time can be decided by how many miles away from the victim they are.  The medic has to stay in the ambulance until he reaches the victim. The victim will have a big yellow circle around him and the medic has to park the ambulance in that circle, only once the ambulance is in the circle, the medic can get out and walk/run to the victim and all they would have to do is just push a single button which will revive the victim. Once the button is pushed and the victim revived, they will then spawn at a hospital (so the killer doesn't camp, wait for the medic to revive the victim and then kill them both)(the killer won't know which hospital they will revive at). once they spawn at the hospital, the victim doesn't lose any money and the medic receives money ($2,000? idk).  


Another idea for this, is once the ambulance reaches the victim, the medic can press a button that puts the victim in the back of the ambulance, and then the medic has to drive the ambulance to a hospital (with a timer still going) where there will be a yellow circle by the front door of the hospital and once the ambulance drives in the yellow circle, that is when the mini game ends and the victim spawns and the medic gets their money. The medic would have the choice of driving to any hospital... the hospitals would be specially marked on the map once the victim is in the ambulance.  


So what happens when the victim chooses to get revived but no one wants to revive him? The victim can, at any point BEFORE another players triggers the ambulance sirens, hit a button and re-spawn and lose $2,000 as normal. So if you die, choose to get revived and are sitting there for like 5min and nobody is going to revive you, then you can just re-spawn as normal.

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 04:52 AM Edited by vince91, 30 January 2014 - 04:56 AM.

AND I will NOT be coming back here to read feedback.


I won't be coming back for feedback the GTA forums community is full of buttmaggots. Sorry :-/ 






too bad because unless you change the damn text colour, i ain't reading all of that


(oh, and with a username like 'fish', one would suspect you love buttmaggots right?)

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 04:54 AM

Lesson 1 - click on your name at the top and select My Content.


Scroll to threads only on the left.


Choose thread and bump.




You can thank me later.

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 05:37 AM Edited by RowanSane, 30 January 2014 - 05:40 AM.

Too dark, couldn't read. Also, what a dickhead...

Edit: as a public service I managed to read the first few lines of each idea....he wants to be a traffic cop, he wants to be a paramedic. In free roam.
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Posted 30 January 2014 - 05:40 AM

AND I will NOT be coming back here to read feedback.




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Posted 30 January 2014 - 05:46 AM

I laughed the entire time that I scrolled down the OP.

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