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GTA SA looks like GTA V

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 09:54 AM Edited by husham2003, 27 January 2014 - 08:50 PM.

Hello,ppls,i here to recomend you some mods that can help.

I need help for this,cuz i don't know how to make mods...  :cry:

This mods are:

Binoculars:For making a zoom (like a sniper,but is not a gun)

Jerry Can:I really need it to create a fire.To explode the car,cuz when i am putting the Satchel,cops follow me,and the peoples run.

Jerry Can is my favorite weapon from GTA V,but cuz i can't download GTA V for PC,i want make this for San Andreas.

And some weapons from GTA V:

Assault riffle

Pump Shotgun

Sticky Bombs

A black SMG

A black Micro SMG

And the black sawed-off shotgun.

GTA V clothing mod for GTA SA (you don't need to go in clothing room,you will just stay beside the clothes,and buy it,and a panel opens like in GTA V)



And i almost forgot...

GPS Mod:When your putting the target in the map a Red Line appears like in GTA V when your putting the target.


And i mean a col,or anything else,that lets GTA SA have more weapons,i mean like in there (watch this site),i mean:

Three or Two Snipers,

Four Shotguns,including the Pump Shotgun,

Assault SMG

Assault Shotgun

Carbine Riffle

Advanced Riffle

Advanced MG,and the MG,and more.


:lol: Thanks if you did that,cuz i can't :lol:  Some cookies for you (only if you already created the mods) :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:  :cookie:

Thanks for reading this.


After editing this topic:

I mean...

In GTA SA,you shouldn't have only 12 (knowed)weapons from the GTA SA weapons (watch the link),you should have 25 of Them,i mean added (I don't want to have only some guns,or only this guns i mean i want (from the topic before editing):

Four Shotguns,including the Pump Shotgun,

Assault SMG

Assault Shotgun

Carbine Riffle

Advanced Riffle

Advanced MG,and the MG,and more.

And you should fin them in places that you can't find guns.And after i watched the _DK [DK22PAC (i loved his GTA IV HUD)]GTA V HUD and styles,i liked this,but you should help me.

And a Phone with contacts,

Call Ryder,Sweet or anyone and he should come (watch the topic called GTA SA Phone Mod) and Call Taxi,not like that mod (Call Taxi),and you should listen to music.And when you don't know where you are,open the Application named GPS,

for Seeing where you are [if you will se this link you will know http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HzlyZy9r4SY

,i mean only the GPS,not the others,

And you can put the Phone mute,while you get calls,and you will get a Message (above the GTA V HUD).

And a CAR ALARM MOD.When you jack a car,and no Cop is in there,the Alarm Starts.You will have a Timer (showed as a Bar,not like a Timer) (0:10 seconds)

,and you must Run,the peoples will call the Police,but they will come in 10 seconds,before this,you need TO RUN HOW FAST YOU CAN FROM IN THERE !!!

GET TO OTHER ALLEYS,but if there was a Driver inside,he will call the Police,and you will get 1*(star) and some Police Mavericks (but not shooting you).

And GTA V camera views,like the car views from Hyper Cam,but without Hyper Cam.

And a CNN Camera View.

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 10:14 PM

uhm yeah ah okay uh huh hmmmm so you are asking other people to make a big-a** mod for you because you cant do it?

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 10:22 PM

Is that a request? A mod? It seems more like a huge request.

Please use a pinned topic for requests.

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