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The GTA V beta hunt

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by Darealbandicoot, 2 days ago.

Actually there IS a Trevor toilet switch scene. I got it after switching to him after sidetracked. I have it posted on my twitter and the switch scene seems kinda rare. https://twitter.com/...4462194690?s=19
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Posted 3 days ago

So.... anything new? Probably someone here in the forums is keeping something on ice to reveal in 10 years but still.

If you don't want to get an instant C&D, it's gotta be like this with R*...

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Posted 3 days ago

Honestly after what happened I doubt we're going to see anything new. This thread has been open for 4 years and I'm fairly certain it's run it's course from all the people that have picked the game apart after all this time. Unless someone had something awesome like a dev build, or if there's a developer that wants to speak out about the development of the game!


Oh wait...

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Posted 10 hours ago Edited by LegitimatePride, 9 hours ago.

So, since the latest Open IV updates FINALLY add the actual names of the audio files automatically, and because now we will never have another opportunity to solve the many mysteries that we could of had, I want to point out another completely unused audio container that for some reason no one mentioned here:

"mrs3.awc", interestingly it's the only one with that name, there is no "mrs1/2", and according to the name, it may had, who the heck knows anymore, been related to one of the Mrs. A & B missions, apparently the 3rd one, which is the one where we had to drive around to badmouth Mrs. B, however, the lines in it are for a group of people conversating, which logically thinking could only fit for the 4th mission, where we had to take photos of Mrs. B banging A's husband in some bar. The lines are said by unknown characters and were majorly deleted, so there's gaps. And by the way, no GXT with these lines are found:

MRS3_AQAA_01: Guy 1: I don't know, it's worth considering.

MRS3_AUAA_01: Guy 2: I better go get the truck.

MRS3_AWAA_01: Guy 3: It's about time these get a fair shake of the stick.

MRS3_AYAA_01: Girl 1: Ron does have a sweet tooth.

MRS3_BAAA_01: Guy 4: We've got to score some of that sh*t, I'm like, a total localvore. (Note: "localvore" is person who eats only locally-grown foods)

MRS3_BCAA_01: Girl 1: Rather her than me.

MRS3_BEAA_01: Girl 2: I hope she washes her hands afterwards.

MRS3_BGAA_01: Girl 3: I heard that stuff works!

MRS3_BIAA_01: Girl 1: I don't get it. Has she been pooping in the hot tub?

MRS3_BLAA_01: Guy 5: A conservative in San Andreas? Bullsh*t.

MRS3_BUAA_01: Girl 1: Well... probably better for him than the prescription stuff.

MRS3_CCAB_01: Girl 4: If that works, I might totally going to harvest some virgins. Again.

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