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GTA Online: Content Creator Questions & Answers

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Posted A week ago

I have a question, as I'm new to the content creator I've only seen that you can create a race, LTS, a hold job and I think one more where I've forgotten the name, does anyone if R* adds more gamemodes that you can create, cause I have an idea where it's like a hunter game mode, where players have to hunt someone within a set time to win, still an idea in the works but it might just be an idea if there isn't a suitable mode to create it *sigh* so in essense does anyone if R* adds game modes to create in the creator?

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Posted A day ago



it's been a while since I've played GTAO, let alone used the editor in any way, and I would love to catch up about the following :


1 - each platform (360,PS3,XB1,PS4 and PC) has its set of custom created races, right ? Meaning, you can't play on PS4 a race created on 360 or from PC to XB1, or any other combination ? 


2 - and what about the number of items you can use to build stuff : Is it still limited, on PC and next gen, to 50, as it was before with the 360?


Also, are there any new features since let's say June 2014 ?


Thanks a lot 

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Posted 14 hours ago

So I'm going to build my first map, I'm sure I will have many questions!


my first 2 are;


How do I set the boundaries of my map? I want to stop choppers flying too far away


How do I set the respawn time of the chopper? I want then to respawn every 5 min


on xb1 if that matters



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