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The Storm

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 02:21 PM

Standing in a storm,
With light on the horizon.
Always out of reach,
I give up even trying.


In my heart is grey.
Not white or even black.
just obscurity, nothing.
A wordless epitaph.


What I feel for you,
Breaks my heart in two.
Where once you were my everything,
Now i just feel nothing.


The sunrise of my night,
Setting all things right,
Only papered over the cracks,
But now it's all come back.


The sun will never rise
no matter how fast I run
no matter what I try,
It's all cruelly undone.


The question I have asked,
For over a decade;
The answer's now come to me,
Alas, ten years too late.


The chance has slipped my hand,
And I am left behind.
Nobody understands,
What lies behind my eyes.


The road forward is blocked,
and there is no turning back.
Once love had spurred me on,
But now i have lost that.


How can i feel nothing, and mourn it?
How can my hope and dreams be stripped?
Were you ever the one for me?
Or was it just not meant to be?


Where did it all go?
Time, love, hope, us.
I feel sorrow, yet numb,
Things never look up.


One step forward, and two steps back.
When you call, i have a panic attack.
Face up to my fears,
Which I've held for years
If I confess my torment, will my life get back on track?


I reach out, I scream and yell.
But nothing escapes this dark and dreary cell.
Locked up in this cage,
A prisoner of this plague,
My breakout attempts are coldly repelled.


Standing in this storm,
With no way to turn
This world is so forlorn,
And my soul, it slowly burns.

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