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Your protagonist characters!

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It's kinda easy. All you have to do is mention every protagonist from your Storyline/Mission pack and what mission pack they are from, and remember mention their story too & remember, this is only from your mission pack. So those are mine.





Cody Sindacco Smith. - Had to move away from Vice City because of several reasons, he got to his family in San Andreas and was hoping to get a new life. But the hope didn't last long. He was born in 1971.



Appearances: Back To Los Santos (Protagonist) Path Of Revenge. Hard Time.



Antonio Sindacco Smith. - He has three kids, Cody, John, & Cecilia Smith. He used to work with The Romano Family, but got betrayed by the family. He moved from San Fierro to Las Venturas because of his wife.  Born in 1940.


Appearances: Path Of Revenge (Protagonist). & Journey To The End



Brandon Cooper. - A family man who got problems, alot of problems with the Ferrante Family. He decided to leave his Ferrante Family, and start a normal family himself. That wasn't so easy. Ferrante wanted to locate him down, and kill him and his family. This is how Brandon starts his criminal-side. Born in 1966.


Appearances: Hard Time (Protagonist) 



Dallas Powell. - A member of the Grove Street familes along with his friend, Jayden. They have been friends since the age of 4. But, after Dallas got friends with Brandon, everything turned upside down. Dallas left his friend, Jayden. And got together with Brandon. But being friends with Brandon, Dallas got several problems too. Born in 1978.


Appearances: Hard Time (Protagonist)



Wesley Greene. - A crazy man who lives in the desert of Las Venturas. He often have problems with the O'Ranchers. He used to be a good friend with Brandon Cooper, but Brandon lied to him and tricked Wesley to believe that he died during the robbery of Caligula's Casino in 2006. Born in 1964.


Appearances: Hard Time (Protagonist)


Preston Hunt. - A smart man, who lives in San Fierro. His dad, Vincent Hunt died when he 11 years old, and had a problem dealing with his dad's death. 15 years later, it was 1966. He decided to find the murderer of his dad, and get his revenge. This is were his Journey To The End begins...

born in 1940.


Appearances: Journey To The End (Protagonist)



So, that was all my protagonist from my mission packs.

Comment yours in the comment section! :D

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Posted 10 January 2014 - 02:38 PM


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Patrick Norrington

Protagonist of Most Wanted. He was an average car dealer in LC but was framed by "SKS". Together with the help of his friend Zane Walsh, he must prove his innocence to the court.

Date of Birth: 8/11/1967


Nat Dukes

Protagonist of Shattered Union and After the Flash. He was working for the US Marines and quit his job a few years before The Flash. (Don't wanna spoil the rest of the story)

Date of Birth: 5/22/2000


Carl Johnson

Protagonist of Operation: Betrayal, and The Beta Missions.

Date of Birth: 1968

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 03:47 PM

San Andreas Mafia: Tommy Angelo

No Crossover Limit: Stara

Aztecas Stories: Robert Vialpando

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