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Savegame request, Rub Out/Death Row, Steam PC Version

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  • vomitercetti

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Posted 06 January 2014 - 07:10 PM

Does anybody here have a savegame after Death Row or Rub Out for Steam? 
Or a link where i can download one for Steam?
I searched all the time but couldn't find any at google.:S

  • Spuds725

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 03:43 PM

If you don't get anyone to take up this request-- you can create your own save.....


Go to this page--- http://gtaforums.com...-second-coming/


Scroll down the page (but in the first post-- it is quite large)-- and near the bottom of the first post-- there is a Code tool Called "Timevault" -- this is an INSTANT mission passer-- theabove gives a brief description of the code tool and a link....


This was made for PC disk version but it has been reported to work on the steam versions....


To use


In your VC files find the Data folder--- in the data folder there is a file called main.scm--- (it would be a good idea to back this up in case you accidently delete it)......


Rename main.scm to anything--- I normally just rename it    mainorig.scm


Now download this modified file-- http://www.freewebs....evault_main.scm (I have rehosted this)


Rename this to main.scm and put it in your data folder (where the original main.scm was).


Now-- start your game.


Any mission marker, rampage, vehicle mission, etc you start will instantly be passed-- in the case of the mission markers you will be teleported a short distance away from it so you don't start the next mission at that location....


Thats it-- to return to your normal game play... just swap your file names back to their normal names.... I usually will rename the modified scm file to timevault.scm


The original thread for this code tool was-- http://gtaforums.com...-vc-code-tools/


Note-- I tested this and completed a save to 100% with this code tool on the PC disk version--- I used this for missions and tasks, I used his Wanderlust tool to complete jumps, I used his Shatterstorm tool to collect packages..... the only think I had to do in the game for 100% was rob the stores and collect the vehicles for sunshine autos....


THe only issues that have been reported with this is that if you complete the boat yard mission with this-- the money icon will NOT show up (will never generate cash for you)--- Ditto if you complete the LAST mission for Printworks (no money icon)-- everything else works perfectly.




//edit// Someone also posted a video of this on youtube--- I personally don't trust "mediafire" for hosting-- very spammy site so I would download from my link above... your choice though...


  • marie4u

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 10:36 AM

i think he gave you detailed information.

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