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Not A Strong Enough Counter To Tanks - My Take On The Tank Epidemic In

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  • Panicbacon


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Posted 08 January 2014 - 01:37 PM

Articulate, still whining. You don't need a vantage point to snipe someone out of a tank. After killing them,don't go off chasing butterflies or whatever, sit on the tank with your scope and kill them during the entering animation when their standing still. Eventually they will either get the hint or leave the server. Congratulations, you've prevented tank griefing.

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 02:06 PM


At a certain distance, the players avatar disappears. I hate this so much.

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 02:10 PM

Make it able to be locked onto with Lazers and Buzzards, or remove it from Pegasus and have it stolen from the military base like the Lazer. Problem solved.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 12:49 PM Edited by #UpgradeOrDie, 16 January 2014 - 12:58 PM.

I threw five sticky bombs on my own tank today right on the black vents, and it did not destroy it. Several different scenarios have showed me that the back of the tank will not always have a consistent weakness. Besides this, I'd like to see the person who can get that close to a tank and put that many explosives into it before the driver kills them. The people who attempt to reason that you can fight a tank on foot or in a car are full of it. There are only three realistic choices if you want to kill the driver: With a tank, with a sniper rifle, and the hardest is with a jet. Any other way will take many deaths before you kill them once. One kill for many deaths is not a success at all.


You have to be doing it wrong or for whatever reason, 5 detonated at the same time won't fully register the damage rate on the tank. I've done individual sticky bomb throws.


I'm assuming you're targeting the black vents on the top at the back, right? There's no way that it could withstand over 5 sticky bombs on the back and not blow up that way if targeted on the lower portion.


It's just the general backside of the tank. It takes 4 of any on-hand explosion targeting directly on the back of the tank will blow it up.


However, double it to 8 if targeted from the side, top, or front. I've tested this dozens of times.


Rhino Guns only need 3 shots, and Lazer Jets need about 12.


Oh and by the way, it takes 83 Heavy Sniper bullet rounds to destroy a tank from any side if you're over 100ft away. Destroying a tank should be your main priority. Why would you take out the driver, only for them to respawn and get back inside again?


Just realizing this was a week old lol

  • Valdorien

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 01:49 PM

I posted a thread about how the Buzzard can easily destroy a Rhino Tank. It might help.


Now to stay on topic. The sticky bombs should be more effective against the Tank. It's basically a freaking brick of C4 that you throw on the engine. 3 or 4 would be more than enought in real life against a medium Tank like the Rhino.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 01:51 PM

Grenade Launcher hands down due to accuracy, speed and far range you can destroy a tank in 4 shots on the back of the tank.

  • KimberJane

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 02:35 PM

Okay so R* probably won't remove tanks although in my opinion at present they serve no purpose whatsoever except to cause havoc in the game itself. 


So why not an option for Pegasus to only limit you to the use of tanks for one whole real world day whilst in Free Roam. When your tank is destroyed then that's it until tomorrow.

  • Ronzilla187

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 03:27 PM

Now before i start, this post is not intended to be another whine thread in and amongst the bazillion other tank threads its just merely my take on the matter. Enough people seem to share an opinion on the tanks in this game and i thought i would also.
I personally think that theres not a strong enough counter to the tank issue in this game and no balance to them, sure you can call your own tank but a tank driver with enough common knowledge knowns the 4 spawn locations for tanks in Los Santos and would know to check frequently. Plus bringing a tank to a tank fight just makes the situation worse in some cases.
You may say "Snipe the tank driver, its easy!" yes it may be easy but the fact is, how long does it take to get to a vantage point, snipe the driver and feel good about the shot only to see the tank driver spawn 100 yards from the tank and just get back in it again and resume his carnage. I have very very rarely seen a tank driver not get back in his tank because someone sniped him in it. Its a counter to tanks yes but not an effective one.
You may also say "call a mugger on him, that'll do the trick" yes it may do the trick but chances are the mugger will be easily killed or the tank driver will just get back up after being mugged and get right back in his tank, its also fairly simple to steal the tank back from the mugger if he happened to steal it.
The RPG's / Grenade Launchers and Sticky bombs are a counter also but if they are to be an effective counter to tanks  they need a buff against them. I personally think 3-4 RPGs should do the trick against a tank and stickies should be even more effective depending on where the explosion on the tank occurs ( 3 to the rear, 6 to the front etc) And for the Grenade Launcher... Well its not really supposed to be a counter to tanks so they would naturally do less damage than Stickies and RPG's.
The only way i could see it being fine with Tanks taking tones of RPGS/ Stickies and Grenade Launcher rounds like they do now is if they did something about the cost to have one delivered and some sort of cool down period like bounties have.
Some may say "Go to invite only, problem solved or switch sessions" while that may be true, a player should not have to feel resigned to playing on their own or constantly switch sessions because of a tank threat. Some people out there like to meet new people. GTA is about having a good time and to truely get the most out of the game it requires more than one person.
The only remotely effective solution to tanks ive come across which actually causes the tank to turn from the hunter to the hunted is the Buzzard with a co pilot firing missiles directly below onto the tank, the tank driver cant aim his turret up and he has no choice but to run. It is an effective method i use frequently with my crew but with the amount of teamwork this game doesnt have between your average Tom, Dick and Harry its not a reliable solution neither in my opinion.
Now i love tanks on this game; ive loved them since the first GTA. It gives you that sense of power and i would love them to stay because its something that sort of makes GTA what GTA is but there needs to be a viable counter to the tanks in this game. They give people too much power over other people and they are overpowered in their current state.
What do you guys think needs changing about the tanks? i personally think there's a few tweaks to be made to make them balanced and fair and not a complete nuisance everyone but the prepubescent  griefers out there.
May i remind you people who come on here specifically to call someone out on something that this is not intended to be another whine thread but just my opinion on the matter.

I agree. RPGs and stickys should do more damage to a tank. Also how about adding a lock on rocket launcher that takes out the tank in 2 or 3 shots? Make it have a longer time to reload than the RPG and make it 5,000$ or so a rocket. It would also be nice if stickys that were detonated on the tanks track could prevent it from moving. That way the air strike could see some use on a crippled tank. Also how about giving the Laser the capability of locking on to tanks? Even Buzzards? Also if they fixed the problem of losing ammo every time your killed while holding a mini gun that would be great. I can see mini guns taking tanks out more often especially once the ammo glitch is fixed.

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