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About Kids Playing This Game

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Mental abuse? LOL.. what a croc of chit.  the crap that some people come up with is beyond me.   :sui: Yes, because shielding a child from every and any type of adult situation until they're 18 is totally what you should do and has no negative side affects what-so-ever.

(Wannh, that's not what i said! - that's what you're implying, sir.) 


You take this to the extremes. Did i say shield the kid from everything? No.

But if you think it's ok to let a child witness and participate in things meant for adults, you probably also believe kids should watch pornography and enter night clubs/bars as well.

Hell, talk profanity and f*ck your spouse in front of them. f*ck it, let 'em have a turn. Because why should we try to keep age-restricted acts and content? f*ck that, right?


​Lmaoo.. i can't help but laugh at this.  Just because of absurd it is.  "Since i'd let my son play a video game a little outside of his age group, i should let him f*ck his own mother"



I guess we should just forget about the stuff that's on the news, on the radio, and the fact that they hear and probably see much worse from other children than any video game in SCHOOL (bitch all you want, it's true)


Typical teenage response. "Everyone else does it..."

The child isn't the world's responsibility; it's the their parents'.

If they see or hear worse (which, first of all would imply they're being raised in a pretty sh*tty setting) in the outside world, why should their home not be a fortress from those things... again, you seem to want children to be exposed to these things. Why? because it's cool? What invisible crowd are you trying to impress?


When did i say "everyone else does it"? Never.  re-read and try again.  My point was simply making it that you can't shield children from every little drip of bad.. and when you do, most of the time they end up revolting.  And just because they'd see or hear worse, doesn't mean they are living in a chitty setting [and even if they were, it may be a poverty issue, which, is a whole different issue in itself.]  kids will be kids.  i can't tell you the things i saw and heard in school, i mean from grade 2 to graduation,i'd probably get banned if i did.  And no friend, just no.  I could give a chit's less about being cool or whatever crowd agrees or disagrees with me.  If you'd read what i said, i have no problem with a parent NOT allowing a child to play the game.  I have a problem with people who say that parents who let their children play a game with adult content are horrible parents.



People need to stop with all this "they dont know right from wrong" chit.  If they dont know right from wrong, then it's YOUR fault, as the parent. 

And I suppose buying them media like GTA V will only help, right?  


Well, i'm not going to say it would help... and i'm not going to say it couldn't hurt, but it's not the worst thing in the world.


They can learn this at any age.  the younger, the better.  while their brains may not be fully developed, they still understand the concept of Action ~ Consequence. 

And yet these games all instill the idea that actions have no consequences...How do the 3 protagonists end up in the conclusion of the game?

(inb4 "I played this game at x age and I didn't want to kill people or rob stores IRL!" Congratulations! you're clinically sane and possess basic reasoning)

Justifying the exposure of young minds to a medium that glorifies violence...you might as well justify kids listening watching media that glorify the objectification and demeaning of women.


First off - I'm not trying to justify children playing the game.  that's not my argument.  my argument is that the claim that parents who let their children play the game are automatically horrible parents, No if's, and's, or but's, and i feel like thats absurd. Again, if they understand the real life concept or action ~ consequence; and they can understand that a game is just a game, and nothing more, then the should grasp the fact that everything in the game is not real.


OK let me ask you this:  if a parent never ever lets their child play an M rated game, until legal age, has a strict curfew, makes the child study, feeds them good food, but from that young age instills in them forms of bigotry, such as racism, and sexism, hatred for people of other colors, gender, or religions, does that make them a good parent? Hell no, right?!


But people, i mean dumbasses, are pleading that parents who let their child play the game are horrible parents dont matter what.  even if they teach them good core values, [the value of hard work, the value of money, the value of trust, right from wrong, integrity, honesty, tolerance, respect, etc] feeds them food, works all day to provide a better living for said child, gives up all of their free time, and money to make sure the child has food in it's stomach and clothes to wear, and an education so they have a future.  if a parent does ALL that, but lets them play a M rated game for a little while, that makes them a bad parent? Seriously?  Get the fuxk out of here ! It's the dumbest thing i've ever heard on this forum, and that's saying A LOT.  Some of you MF's dont know what a "bad" parent is, for sure.


 If they dont, it's not the game's fault you're a bad parent.

Thanks for proving my point, which is why they shouldn't be near it at all. The game was not meant for them.


but how is that your point? if you're letting a game teach your children values, you're a bad parent.  If you teach your child values, but let them play a game, that doesn't make you a bad parent.


You're not an adult at 18 if you still act and live like a child. They're the same type of people that think that age = maturity, which, heh heh… is NOT the case, at all, EVER.  

I agree with this. 

You're not an adult until you're fully financially independent & responsible...

but this isn't about maturity. this is about young minds who shouldn't be exposed to certain things, no matter how "mature" (god I hate that word) they think they are.

Can maturity land you inside a bar if you're < 21? Lol nope.


Of course maturity can't get you in a bar if you're under 21, but a set of boobs can.


Only reason kids still fight to play M rated games is because the world still believes games are children's things. You've never seen kids fighting to get inside a whore house.


I expected better from you Xyn.. I expected better.  


lol. We don't have 100% similar opinions...oh noes.


Its not because we have different opinions; its because you said that letting a child play a game is mental abuse and neglect.  i think that's a crazy statement.


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FACT: all mature rated games are played by children.

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I shouldn't have posted that very dumb post in the first place, Well explained to a dumb person like me.

@MartyTheGamer Sorry for Bashing.


Gotta admit i played GTA 3 when i was younger than the game rating but back then most sexual Parts of the game are ether Sexual reference name or Hooker's (with nothing other in sitting in a car and the health goes up).


 You are have integrity and guts to be able to man up in front of others. I have a lot of respect for that. Just try not to call yourself dumb, we all have different opinions and sometimes they change. You also apologized to the youngling so you seem like a good person.  

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Posted A week ago

Playing GTAO with kids owns and is fun, don't think I'm gonna read 20 pages debating whether or not this is true.

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Posted A week ago

FACT: all mature rated games are played by children.

FACT: People steal as well, doesn't change the illegality of it. Just because the system for preventing it is imperfect doesn't mean we have to tolerate kids in our 18+/mature rated games.
They are literally breaking the law by playing these games. Get rid of them.

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Posted A week ago

20 pages and still ongoing. /thread mods. We know who plays, we know who has a issue with it, we know who bitches about it and we know who doesnt give a fuk by this stage. Like really what else has this topic gotta give ffs?

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