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About Kids Playing This Game

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  • ZeusMowat_278

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Posted 42 minutes ago

Hello guys, I don't really see what's all the child discrimination is about, but I've been heavily insulted for being underaged, and I really think games should not be rated on age, it should be rated on maturity. I am almost 13, but I'm mentally mature enough to play and understand this game. The kids you hear screaming "ni**er" and other popular insults that sound like they are 7 are obviously not mature and should not be playing this game. Hope this topic doesn't get deleted but what do you guys think about kids on this game?

If you're under 21 you should not be playing this game.. and your parents should be ashamed for buying such a game for you if you're under 15... period. But parents these days are mostly worthless anyway, from what I can tell... it is now Trevor's world...

Under 21? That's a bit unfair... maybe under 16

  • gta3masta5000


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Posted 28 minutes ago

I'm 16 but I've been playing GTA since I was 5. I started with GTA 3 played every one since. I can distinguish it from reality. It doesn't make me go around shooting people for nothing. It doesn't make me go around calling people a c*nt and piece of sh!t, people make me call them names, but never have I called someone a c*nt. I find that a lot of kids these days 10 or older would understand a lot of the humor in GTA (it saddens me that they're so young, but it's true), and I realize in a year I can buy GTA without parents (I live in the US), but that doesn't change the fact that I don't think that anyone younger than 14 should play it. Yes, I started playing at 5 years old, but that doesn't make it right. Just my opinion.

  • BlackAce23

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Posted 11 minutes ago

As much as kids can be little sh*ts in the online gaming world, they make up a majority of the gaming demographics, so they are here to stay DEAL WITH IT.

Sasuke Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uzumaki

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Posted 6 minutes ago

I see your point. There are some kids mature enough to play this game. I'm still a teenager, but I never call anyone anything racist or offensive. It's better to keep the game fun for everyone rather than it just being a playground for bullies.

  • JetsRLove

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Posted A minute ago

The kids in online say "nigga" almost as much as people at my school do so I kind of gotten used to it.

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