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Epsilon Wrap up.

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 03:17 AM Edited by daega01, 02 January 2014 - 03:21 AM.

I have logged most of my free time searching for answers behind many of the mysteries in Gta 5. I have an update on the epsilon program. It has been said by many that there are 15 tracts listed on Gta, it is either false or has been fixed which would lead me to believe it was a typo. So THERE ARE NOT 15, BUT ONLY 10 TRACTS AS OF THIS TIME.


Upon reading the tracts over and over I had some of my own theories I tested that I can now say are disproven. After constant mention of a lake I got very curious, after hearing the mention of the egg along with it. It is mentioned that the lake is clean and clear so I immediately ruled out the Alamo Sea ( If you have ever explored the area where the sea hits the ocean in a sub you will know what I mean, I however did search it anyways for good measure after time). I then saw the phrase "drink from this lake" so I immediately searched the reservoir to no avail as well.


 I personally think they did this on purpose as a joke about cults in general. Give them all the money they can get and all they give you is a vague letter and a feeling of belonging. Oh and in this case a rusty old tractor that can barley make it up hill to the garage and a bonus vanity license plate. It would be nice to at least be able to meet with someone and have some real cut scene after finding the Tracts though.


  I continued searching and did find one interesting coincidence. The epsilon website boasts of a new building being built in the heart of downtown. What building could this be? I bet it is the half build building right across the street from the egg in the water fountain everyone is buzzing about. I personally do not feel there is any more to be found through epsilon at the moment but maybe in the DLC the building will be finished and we shall have the answers to this, the jetpack, the mural and every little mystery bugging us all so badly.


 I do recommend however everyone with a twitter to tweet the gta5 page and ask them to tell us if we are wasting our time scouring the game for more secrets from the mural and other areas, Maybe if they realize how many of us are looking they will either give us a hint or tell us we are wasting our time. Good luck and good mystery hunting everyone, hope more secrets will be never figured out with the upcoming single player DLC as well, Kifflom!

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 06:06 AM

where the f*ck are all the cars?

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:36 PM



I found all the tracts. I used on of the guides/maps online can't remember where from. maybe IGN. And all the cars were SUPER easy to find. They have set spawn points while you're looking for them. Just Google 'GTA 5 Epsilon cars' or something along those lines and you'll find them. But if there's any of the cars on the list you want/can't find normally steal & garage one before you bring it to Epsilon. That's how I got my Vacca.


And I stole the money. Sweet mission chase afterwards. I mean 2+ million or a rusty tractor??? And you still collect the tracts if you take the money and run...

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 05:24 PM

where the f*ck are all the cars?

I found all cars cruising around in Vinewood Hills. The Vacca was parked though, in a driveway down the hill from Frank's pad. The Bati, I found in the LifeInvader parking lot.

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 07:34 PM Edited by daega01, 02 January 2014 - 08:42 PM.

Extra update:

Debunked: Any claims of donating certain amounts to receive extra missions after finding the Tracts. The Epsilon Twitter accounts message stating "Has the Tract been written? Hmmm… Probably something to tithe about." Is most likely referring to the cost to finish the missions. I donated millions to no avail.


Debunked: Any claims of having to be in certain locations wearing the epsilon robes or wearing them for extended periods of time. I have logged roughly 60 in game days wearing the robes and have redone all of my searches for aliens wearing the Epsilon Robes. Debunked.


Debunked: Taking the rust bucket tractor to certain locations. Tried every location of note, spending a few hours hauling it around to every location of note I could come across and waiting till 3am and 3pm, both while in a Thunderstorm and Sunny weather.


Debunked: Checking specific locations AFTER all the tracts have been found has brought up nothing, including the locations singled out in the end credits.


Debunked: The egg epsilon refers too is NOT under the sonar collection dock, that is a giant clam. the seas are littered with them. The egg is most likely a metaphor for the monument that can be seen from the window of the new epsilon building being build across from maze bank. Giving you an egg could simply be a metaphor for the building itself. They are giving people the opportunity to rise above the ground and see the fountain as something else.


                          (Not involving the epsilon program but still debunked)

Debunked: I have been in scores of different locations at different lunar cycles, weather, and time. I have tried every major location of note at 3pm and 3am, in almost every weather possible and every lunar cycle. Nothing there, don't waste your time :) However if you feel this if a valid possibility still then I recommend choosing locations that have not been talked about yet, I only tried locations of note that were suspected.


Debunked: Space Docker having any more secrets. Due to the glitch that I have come across, I no longer have the space docker. Rockstar has confirmed that it has no further use in the game and that is why it isn't at the top of the fix list yet. Debunked.


Debunked: Ufo abduction at the hippy camp. After seeing the "beam me up" writing right below the only UFO we see opening its hatch like it is about to abduct someone, I scoured the entire area for clues. I had the theory that if I stood somewhere at a certain time I could get abducted, but that was false. I tried everything I could possibly think of.


Debunked: Searching the Alamo sea for the alien overlord mentioned in the space channel radio station brought up no results. The only thing of real note was signs of a sudden increase in the size of the sea which can be seen when on the northern shore of the sea. You can see buildings a decent way up the shore line underwater and it looks as if the high tide used to be a lot further back. While it could be a sign of an asteroid or a UFO crashing into the sea and creating a sudden rise, it could have also been caused by the ocean or even just something Rockstar threw in to add texture to the otherwise bare area of water.


Areas of interest that I am still investigating:


Lago Zancudo Meets the Ocean. Have you ever noticed how low visibility gets when in this area. Only a couple hundred feet down and you can barley see the sub. There is a few locations like this that are very difficult to search without going blindly in circles hoping you cover all the ground. This I may need some help with. I have been searching but it is rather annoying how bad the visibility can get. It does however seem to be the perfect place to hide some easter eggs.


Area of sky above certain landmarks in Los Santos. After figuring out that the new building under construction in Los Santos is probably the Epsilon program building due to be complete 2015, my goal tonight is to search the general area of the sky above it, right up to the ceiling. As well I will be searching the skies above the FIB building, WTF! Museum, and the Movie set in search of more UFOs.


Mt Gordo Yoga. Very simple one I will be trying tonight as well, going yoga on mount Gordo at different times weathers and moon cycles. (Please note that any claims of needing to do yoga in certain outfits are immediately false because your character changes before and after doing Yoga.)


I will give an update on the topics above in a few days when I gathered enough information to start a wrap up for the rest of the game. I have logged MANY hours debunking almost every claim I have come across and I want to save everyone some time by debunking some of the claims for everyone. 


   Please note that any part of the mission walkthrough can be found from other sources. Lets try to keep this post dedicated to debunking the claims being made on other forums so we can save everyone time and get some closure on the Epsilon Program Mission chain. If there are any claims you need me to debunk, pass them on to me and I will investigate.




 **Edit: I must also add that involving the mural, we now have a theory that covers 2/3rds of it. The Ufo could represent the Space Docker for Frank, and the Egg could represent the Epsilon Program missions with Michael, Leaving Trevor's mission involving the (Jetpack?) unsolved as of yet. That is to me one of the more plausible theories regarding the mural I have seen thus far. Lets hope they go for a Myths and Mysteries theme with the upcoming DLC for single player and we get a whole lot more to bicker about, theorise and debunk. HAPPY HUNTING!

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