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Need help with bulletproof tire mod

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Posted 01 January 2014 - 03:37 AM

I've VERY little experience in this sort of coding (I only understand a little), but I took a vehicle invincibility mod, edited all the values to 0 and tried the tire vulnerability with both 1 and 0, it didn't work either way when I tested it in SAMP. I can't post the code ATM as I'm on mobile. IIRC, there were 5 values that were 1 (I assume they were fire proof, bullet proof etc) then a line or two below there was the tire vulnerability. Would it not work in SAMP, or did I do something wrong? I'd appreciate some help, sorry for the lack of info. If you'd like to check the mod yourself it's this one: http://www.gtagaming...cleo-mods/22009

Cheers in advance.

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