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Sea of Souls

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Opening scene......

Aerial view of New York City. Plumes of smoke radiating from all over the city. a close up of liberty island tents and medical stations all over the island. The white walls stained red.But not a body or remains not a sign of life just emptiness. Times Square lit up only by the sunlight forcing its way between skyscrapers. Cars rusted and wrecked. Fire engines abandoned buildings burnt out leaving just the skeleton of cast iron beams,dust and charcoal surrounding it.

Voice it's been 1 week since Armageddon!

A man opens his eyes from inside the troop carrier. He see's a reporter broadcasting from inside of the craft. She is your typical news reporter. Blonde hair blue eyes. Fake smile. And the kind of chirpy voice that even when she says its then end of the world it seems like no biggie.

Religious organizations have been holding vigils at local communities some even mass suicides! Humanity has fallen! But is it too late for us to be saved!

Can you believe this crap!

A solder across from the way vocally grabs the mans attention. He is weathered veteran. His tight buzz cut the crows feet. The flecks of grey through his hair not to mention a few scars to boot.

Voice- Crap, that's what the worlds going to?

The solider casts his attention to the man now. He looks up at him. His eyes fixed.

Soldier- Sorry but who are you again?

Man- I'm just an aid worker. I'm here to just help out at Central Park with the rescue effort.

Soldier- (laughs) you must be crazy Central Park is off limits to even us, ain't no chance in hell your getting any where near there.

Man- Listen they're might be a break through in at least understanding what this is. Central Park is we're some of my colleagues lost contact with us, they said they met someone who was on to something big before they went down.

Soldier- if they went down! They're dead! Trust me you don't want to go there. Besides your by yourself shouldn't there be more of you.

Man- I volunteered to go.

Soldier- well damn your about as crazy as us then. Good luck!

The both shake hands firmly making eye contact in respect. His thick Tennessee accent shone through.

Man- hopefully see you around.

The jet propelled craft opened its Hanger doors showing the early morning light in New York as they touched down in Times Square.

Soldier-alright listen up! This is the extraction zone ! This area is hot and crawling with hostiles. Our mission is to secure the flight recorder of a downed drone. Each and everyone one of you make sure you stick with your teams and don't venture outside our perimeter. We can't guarantee your safety inside our perimeter, and we damn sure as hell can't guarantee it outside. Alright then lets make this quick people.

The soldiers charge out of the rapier and make a formation around the craft with their guns. They scan for targets when the news crews and tech's come out to start the mission to secure the downed drone. The crew all start peeling off in a direction the lone aid worker in tow. They go through the streets moving as fast as they can not to disturb the enviroment to much. They pass by cars where people had died and are still decomposing.

Camera man- Jesus the stench!

Reporter-hold it together stan!

The soldiers are moving through streets when suddenly they come across and entire section covered in what look like large spikes each with their own hairs. At the base of each pine are large bulbs or boils each covered in what looked like veins. The soldier stops holding his fist to halt the crew.

Soldier- This is Ackles, we have an obstruction on our path. location waypoint charlie. cannot proceed to Trojan please advise?

HQ over soldiers comm- This is HQ you are clear to go on that section Ackles check your geo-nav and re-confirm position.

The soldier taps at display that is inbuilt to his sleeve and reconfirms his position.

Soldier- HQ were are at waypoint Charlie! There is an unknown obstruction please advise .

Soldier no2- what the hell is that?

Soldier no3- don't care just want to get in and out pronto!

HQ- Satellite imaging shows that area clear as little as five hours ago Sargent. Linking into your live now!

Ackles scans his head left and right giving HQ a scope of what is in front of them.

HQ- We see your obstruction Sargent please wait for new orders.

Ackles- Copy that HQ.

Soldier 2- Seriously somebody needs to have a word with those pencil pushing pricks about how to so their jobs.

Soldier 3- Were just a statistic! They f*ck up on the math we get killed!

Soldier 5- Both of you shut it!

The camera man got into position to get a shot as the reporter readied herself in front of the camera.

Reporter- Ok this is Lindsey Lauder for Channel 7 news we are here in New York City enroute to a downed military drone that may hold some vital intel to what exactly turned the big apple into this hellish play ground. Life as you know it maybe dying here in New York but something else has made the big apple it's new home..

HQ- Sargent you and your men are to proceed forward to objective Trojan.

Ackles- Come again command?

Suddenly the door of the rapier shuts and it begins to lift off the soldiers look up as it leaves in a hurry.

Soldier 3- great! f*cking great!

Aid worker- Calm down! Last thing we need is a spook with a plasma rifle.

The soldier fires the man a stare. He walks off towards the Sargent.

Srg Ackles- Right people were going through this. HQ go left us here until we reach our downed drone Trojan. We are going to split into two teams myself and two of my best men our going to work our way through this and get to our waypoint. My second in command Daniels will lead the scientific team too their objective from there he will rally back to me to help secure waypoint Trojan.

Lindsey- so your going to leave us unprotected?

Ackles-This mission is not about getting you a scoop but securing some vital intel into what were actually up against.

Lindsey- surely it's of BOW origin? Has any group claimed responsibility for this attack? Taliban? Chinese? North Korean's?

Man- trust me lady this ain't no BOW attack. This looks almost like vegatation? Natural.

Ackles watching as the aid worker opens a car door pulling out a body a hole in the top of the skull. He then tosses the body onto the floor and starts searching his pockets.

Lindsey- Stan get this!

The camera turns to the man as he takes out a wallet and tosses out loose change until he finds house keys. He starts to climb back inside the car opening the glove box and searching for anything useful he then finds the drivers license on the floor under the drivers seat.

Man- Bingo!

The camera crew draw closer as they aid worker shows the Sargent the license.

Man- this man was on his way home from work. He wasn't fleeing the city. Just look at the direction his car is in

They all pause to look. The car is facing towards the city. The man then points to the car itself

Man- his car has no supplies , no water , he has a picture of a wife and child in his wallet. his child is not old enough to sit by himself. We're is the car seat ? He wasn't running he was going about his daily life when he died. Look around you most of the bodies for at least four blocks are the same.

Ackles- explain the hole in the head?

Man- No idea what caused it. That's why I'm heading to Central Park. One of my friends called me said they met someone there had answers.

Lindsey looking at the aid worker suspiciously. His build athletic. His eyes hazel and his hair dark brown with a bushy beard. He looked more outdoor survivalist than an aid worker.

The three scientists looked at one another nervous about be left virtually unattended. When one spoke out.

Scientist-You can't just expect us to sit tight so to speak while you dilly dally across the street!

Ackles- Well then how about I drag everyone across this mine field and let's hope for the best!

Aid worker- Listen folks we've been dealt this hand, all be it a crappy hand but a hand none the less.

The scientist and soldiers look at each other Ackles preps his team as they start moving towards the unknown obstruction. The rest follow Daniels as he leads them to the scientific waypoint.

Two hours later.....

The lead scientist is checking readings on his display he looks at his display tutting away to himself. Daniels looks around holding his rifle.

Daniels- what's wrong you now!

Scientist- we've been making a snails pace! we've been taking the long route around to our objective and the power cell is draining.

Daniels looks at him taking a few steps forward in a aggressive posture. He spits at the scientists feet.

Daniels- I've been taking the long way around because each area I've scanned is showing readings of the same material that was at waypoint Charlie.

The reporter is filming the whole altercation between them when the camera man pans around at the scientific team.

Camera man- Eh guys , were missing two people?

Everyone scans around when suddenly they hear a load scream. They all run in the direction of the roar when they come across the corner they seen two scientists impaled on a large spikes one through the shoulder and the other through the stomach.

Daniels threw his weapon over his shoulder when he got there he reached out and pulled at the scientist impaled in the shoulder. She screamed out as she slid off the spike and onto the ground. Suddenly the two bulbs at the bottom of the spike exploded sending sharp like pines into the air in all directions. The aid worker leapt into the air taking down the lead scientist behind the nearest car. The spikes could be hear pelting the metal as they slammed Into it.

Both men waited a second when the aid worker heard sounds of movement.

Aid worker- wait here!

He poked his head up noticing Lindsey and Stan on the ground near a car also. They looked up at each other when they broke cover to survey the damage. The aid worker walking into the street in jeans and a bright red jacket was hard to miss. He met up with the crew when there was a loud roar from the three bodies near the spikes. Daniels was covered in the spikes. The aid worker examined the body noticing the spikes were in fact alive the tail end of each spike was wriggling slightly. He looked at Daniels face he could see he was convulsing as we're the other two scientists. He began to strip his body down quickly removing the pistol that was still holstered to his leg. He then slid free the knife and cut the strap from Daniels plasma rifle.

Camera man- He's not dead and your raiding him! What the f*ck man!

Lindsey- We have got to do something.

Suddenly a serious English voice was heard in the distance.

Scientist- there is nothing that can be done for him. Right now we need to just survive.

Suddenly two bodies stagger from around the corner there mouths bloody when they start sniffing the air. They smell the blood and let out a screeching scream as they begin charging.

The camera man turns videoing the oncoming creatures. Lindsey lifts the pistol and slides it free from the holster when the aid worker places his hand on top of the gun.

Aid worker- fire that and were dead for sure.

The aid worker grips the knife he took from dying Daniels holding it blade down. He runs at the two creatures as they charge towards him. There hands out stretched there teeth dripping red and with eyes white as snow. As the charge toward each other the man at the last second runs up a car kicking off the side into a kick directly to the face of the creature sending it folding over onto its neck. He turns quickly slamming the knife into the neck of the oncoming creature at the same time deflecting the out stretched arms away using the creatures own momentum. He delivers a kick to the back sending the unsteady creature to a car. he quickly places his arm across the creatures body slamming his face to the hood. Ripping the knife free from the neck sending blood spraying out he drives it directly into the skull killing it. He turns to see the first creature is getting up to its feet. He pulls free the knife and stands still even as the creature roars. It runs at him once more. And again using the momentum deflects the arms to the side sending the creature off balance spinning to deliver the finishing blow as the knife goes straight through the skull at the back. He slides the knife free wiping it clean on the creatures shirt. He walks forward towards to the group.

Lindsey- tell me you got that?

Camera man- oh yeah!

The scientist walks towards the aid worker who is holding a knife. He looks him up and down.

Scientist- your no aid worker I've ever seen.

He walks on seeing all three members of the team have died. He picks up the rifle checking it is loaded with a plasma round in the chamber and a clip he then grabs the hand gun from Lindsey clipping the pistol to his leg in the holster.

Aid worker-I'm going to Central Park. My advise to you is. Get to the extraction zone. Tell Ackles if he's still alive what happened.

Scientist- We need to radio for a pick up. And Daniels had the only radio and they are DNA locked.

Aid worker- Like I said get back to Ackles he will radio for an extractions

Scientist- you and I both know he won't. He'll if he even made it through that mine field they will ask him to upload the data first and just leave us here.

The aid worker just looked at him his eyes were serious. The aid worker then looks around as light is beginning to fade.

Aid Worker- we need to get off the streets, with light fading we need to find some where to hold up for a night.

Scientist- We really need to push on.

The aid worker stops and walks over to him and whispers in his ear.

Aid Worker- Your welcome to go for a stroll anytime you like. Right now you have to trust me I know what I'm talking about.

The scientist looks at his display. Power percentage is 72%

Scientist mumbles under his breath

Scientist- I hope so.

Location waypoint Trojan the following day.

Ackles comes limping around the corner his arm is bleeding badly and the bone is visible. He Badly staggers and throws up. He looks up seeing the drone. it is buried into the side of a building. he limps his way over to the objective screeching can be heard in the background. as well as gunfire followed by screams in the street. He rips out his ear piece. Looking back his face etched in regret and guilt. He turns gingerly holding his arm with his side arm in hand.

He climbs over debris there is creature buried underneath the drone it's arms reach out to grab him. He stands and looks at the creature. It's eyes white it's skin falling off its face from weeks of decomposing. He slides his pistol into his holster and picking up the biggest rock he can grip in one hand he smashes the creature in the face repeatedly until it gargles and dies. He takes his knife and screws open the side panel of the drone. He yanks it off. Moaning in pain from the movement.
He pulls out his dog tags from under his tactical vest. He yanks them free and slides them into a slot on the drone. A little girls voice speaks

Drone- My systems are seriously damaged flight capability is not possible. Sensors are operational. Flight recorder intact. Data collected ready to send...uplink cannot be completed damaged cluster in main motherboard. Manual retrieval needed. Manual retrieval needed. Manual retrieval needed.

Ackles- Drone this is master handler. Eject data collected as well as any samples taken.

Drone- Master Handler....verifying .....verification complete.

The drone opens up like a flower releasing coolant out into the air. Sargent Ackles staggers to his feet. He looks inside the drone. he waits for the coolant to clear before reaching inside. he see's the flight recorder glowing with its red light. he retrieves it. he then presses a button on the inside of the drone it opens to reveal a medical kit. he takes a hypo syringe and injects his injured arm with cell replicating nano bots. he covers his mouth trying not to scream out. Ackles composes himself when he looks back inside the drone. he finds samples collected from recently dead or turned humans. each filed code named Necromorph # followed by a number sequence. he collects the data placing each data slide into a small carry case. he then starts tearing away at some of the internal components. He manages to make a small connection to send a small packet of data before it melts the make shift motherboard. Sparks fly burning his fingers

Srg Ackles- God Dammnit!

He slumps down on the rumble and debris injured and fatigued. He then hears the drone power up. The voice not a little girl but something more basic. Beeps. He turns his attention to the internal diagnostics display he can see writing.

Srg Ackles- this is HQ Actual, data packet received but not complete. Proceed to manual extraction point Zodiac.

Ackles looks at his display seeing waypoint Zodiac on his display. He throws his head in his hand and closes his eyes in frustration. In his darkness he hears a voice.....

Daddy, you promise you'll come home?

He is taken to his daughters bedside 24hrs prior to the mission. He places his hand on her forehead brushing her hair to the side.

Ackles- I promise

He comes too slumped over in the debris his other arm feeling not as painful. His fingers tingling. The nanobots were doing their job. His wound had stopped bleeding. And each nanobot had repaired any blood vessels damaged as well as tissue. He got up gathering all the equipment he needed and set off towards waypoint zodiac.

Back with the survivors.

The aid worker is working on picking the lock to the roof of the apartment block they sought refuge in. The door finally opens and he waits inside the stairwell for a split second for his eyes to adjust. He then walks out with the plasma rifle aiming down the barrel at anything that moves. He see's the entire block's residents on the roof. They are all dead. Huge holes in their skulls the same as the man down in the street. He lowers his gun looking to at the bodies. They were all just standing upright. But there bodies are in contorted positions. Some look like they had been scratching the skin off the face. Others covered in pine like hairs. He looked at each one studying what had happened when he heard the door creak open again. He turned in an instant aiming his rifle at direction the sound came from. There stood The scientist with the reporter Lindsey her camera man.

Lindsey- start filming!

Scientist- what in gods name?

The aid worker stood looking at him with the same expression. The reporter set herself up in a good position to shoot footage.

Aid Worker- they just came up here, and died?

The scientist walked with him when he noticed the contorted expressions frozen on their faces.

The Scientist- This is not like anything I've encounter after a bio-attack.

The aid worker looked at him again with a intrigued expression.

Aid Worker- been to many of those?

The scientist- yes too many. Seen enough pain and suffering to do me a lifetime. Unfortunately somebody thinks I'm an expert at what I do so I get drafted quite often.

The aid worker looks him up and down he could tell he knew what he was talking about from how he conducted himself. Albeit in a cocky manner but that didn't bother the aid worker as he felt if you back it up you have a right to be cocky.

The scientist- I'm getting the feeling this isn't your first rodeo either. The way you killed those creatures on the street. That's a very interesting skill. We're might one have acquired that?

The aid worker could sense he was digging for info on him since the street. He just lifted his rifle.

Aid Worker- lets move out before the streets get busy

The scientist- what's your name?

The aid worker looked back at him. His expression serious.

Aid worker- Lets not make things personal. We're here to survive and well names is some what of a formality.

He walked down the stairwell into the shadows disappearing leaving the scientist to ponder what he had said. Lindsey and the Stan the camera man were recording a segment on the opposite end of the roof.

Lindsey- you got it Stan?

Camera guy- yeah got it! Ahh.

Lindsey had turned to walk off with her voice recorder recording a vocal entry of her experience. Stan turned and felt his arms he had walked too close to one of the dead residents. Three pines stuck in his arm he grabbed the first two and yanked them out but by the time he grabbed the last one it split in two he dropped the piece in his hand and immediately went back for the second piece when it wriggled in under his skin. He tried his best to catch it but it was gone. He looked up his expression on his face was pure worry. He seen the scientist who was standing across from him.

Scientist- are you ok?

The camera man took a moment to answer his mouth dry. He stammered slightly at the start.

Stan- yea yeah! Just , find this all hitting me now.

The scientist looked at him with a unsure expression he then checked his display he had been carrying. Power level 47.5%

Scientist- he looked up at the clear blue sky above.

Scientist- Forecast for today is more sun it would seem.

The team of survivors are moving through the streets avoiding random walkers. When they reach a block away from Central Park, they scan the surrounding area using the rifle scope. Groups of walkers and other various mutations walk around aimlessly. The aid worker notices the walkers at the far end of the street.

Aid worker- their eyesight is poor, but their sense of smell is strong. We need to slip by them a fire fight here would get us killed.

Scientist- if they hunt on smell we need to smell like them.

A walker is stumbling by a nearby alley way when the aid worker comes out from behind it slamming his knife into its skull. He then drags the twitching corpse into the alley way and slides his knife free again.

Aid worker- so which part you want?

The other three survivors look shocked as they contemplate the idea. The aid worker takes off his red jacket and covers it in blood. The scientist covers his white lab coat in dark red blood. Lindsey is nearly sick when she smeers it over her clothes. Stan after rubbing some over his neck and over his arms is looking at the blood on his fingers and whispering to himself

Stan- thick, vile , rotten ....smells tasty, no i can't, but it's a shame to waste this treat I should lick my fingers clean...no no, but it's so hard!

He starts slapping the side of his head gaining the attention of the rest of the group.

Aid Worker- Stan! What you doin?

He looks at them confused and snaps back.

Camera man- I'm freaking out man, I ! I'm not used to this.

Lindsey looking shocked at get partner.

Lindsey- Stan, it's ok, we just get this last scoop and were out of here...back to the office. Wha..what do ya say?

He looks at her his head still shaking. He keeps rubbing his right temple.

Camera man. Lets just get this done and go home.

They all sneak behind cars. The air worker sliding free his side arm passing it to the scientist.

Aid Worker- you know how to use it.

The scientist took it gingerly he slide the chamber back and noticed the round he then check the safety he switched it to off.

Scientist- fired on the training range but never in field.

The aid worker smirked as he looked over the car.

Aid Worker- well I guess today's your lucky day.

They broke cover heading towards Central Park. The aid worker fired five single fire rounds picking off the closest targets as the other ran. He could see a make shift lab in the centre of the lake. The bridge leading to it was covered in bodies. They all ran for the building four more shots were fired from the rifle sending bodies dropping. And creatures tripping over them as they charge. He ran to the front of the group butting a walker in the face with his rifle. He got to the bridge seeing some dead troops he signaled for the others to get inside. He rifled through the dead mans clothes he found clipped to his vest an extra clip and a plasma grenade .he pulled the pin leaving it attached to the body he bolted to his feet. And few seconds later a bright blue flash followed by a loud explosion. body parts flew every direction. The aid worker shook dust and debris from his hair. He looked up his ears still ringing his vision blurry he could see the outstretched hand of the scientist helping him up this his feet.

From a higher vantage point through a set of binoculars. Ackles watches the Aid Worker stumble inside as they shut the door.

Ackles- looks like I have some company.

Inside the labs. The slam the door shut. The aid worker still disorientated Is on his knees wretching. The scientist takes his rifle and wedges the door shut it opens about have an inch. They turn to see fingers squeezing their way trough the gaps. The aid worker is leaning against the wall.

Scientist- you were very lucky out there. Plasma grenades put on a big explosion yes but they also send out a resonating sound waves designed to hemoridge the internal organs. This what you have is known as.

Aid worker- Coopers syndrome. It'll pass just had my head shook to sh*t.

The scientist pulls him aside as Lindsey records another voice memo. He produces a display on his sleeve showing power percentage. 12.2% he looks up at the aid worker.

Scientist- my mission was to go with the other scientists until Ackles team recovered the drone. I would then open up its main core and disable its auto destruct protocol code named. New dawn. It will send a sharp pulse into the atmosphere. The result will be the ozone layer will be disrupted for a few hours. But it will only take minutes for us to die of radiation poisoning and the ground will be scorched. Everything will be killed all life.

The aid worker looked at the scientist his face not impressed he had kept this information from him.

Aid Worker- any other secrets we need should know about it?

Scientist- perhaps you should ask yourself that question.

Lindsey broke the silence when she called out.

Lindsey- Guys! Stan's gone!

They all look around seeing no sign of the camera man. The aid worker walks away from the scientist. He touches a flickering panel on the wall.

Aid worker- internal sensors are offline. They've been cut. Running an external scan.

The screen is flicking with power fluctuations inside the make shift lab. He is moving across New York when he locates.

Aid worker- there is a rapier on an intercept course to this location. Ackles must've made it.

The scientist- that's our way out, how long till it gets here.

The aid worker presses on the screen bringing up a projected eta for the craft.

Aid worker-20 mins

The scientist checks his display seeing how long till the drones fail safe would activate.

Scientist- we have 24mins till she goes.

Lindsey- till what goes exactly ?

The Aid worker removes his jacket tossing it on the ground. He is wearing a black t-shirt his right arm tattooed with a Maori design. He presses several more key strokes finding a nearby military vehicle on standby on the other end of the city. He presses a few more strokes on the screens as flies in and out of different ui's bringing up a timer on his watch.

Aid worker- found a recon craft across the city it is in standby eta till it finishes its preflight prep. 23 mins.

Scientist- best get a move on then

Lindsey- What about Stan?

Scientist- Your friend is infected with what ever this is. He was acting strange on the roof. And when he was in the alleyway we all saw it.

Aid Worker- I was going to deal with him when we got over here.

Lindsey- deal with him! What! He's my friend not just a stray dog!

Aid Worker- he won't be! Not for long!

Lindsey stood there lost for words when the aid worker and scientist started moving forward towards the central lab.

The doors are slid open violently by the survivors. they see more spikes on the floor and a man stood in the centre of the room. He was dead contorted like the others but with something large coming out of his skull.

They all pause and look around he is in a sealed room. Air tight. They gingerly avoid all the spikes and reach a terminal. The scientist types in a few keys and brings up previous log entries. A large tactical display of New York powers up on the rear wall it displays all the infected area's. New York is completely overrun. The scientist is watching this when it minimizes and a log entry appears on the screen. A dark haired Chinese woman appears on the screen. He hair is soaking wet. Her face dripping wet. She begins to speak in an American accent.

Voice- we have tried to identify if this has been a bio-terrorist attack. But all of the indications point at a natural event. Although there is a mutation in the viral strain it can be identified to cordycep parasite. It infects the host and after a short incubation period it takes over the hosts brain. From there the transformation is quite random. Some simply find the highest point and go there to die. While others change. Become aggressive and violent. The virus is airborne. That is why they climb to the highest point. Because after a number of days. A short stem will appear through the skull. It will grow another 7 feet before stopping and releasing its spores into the wind. Thus spreading the virus further. Our site has been compromised. My colleagues and I exposed. We have went through decontamination procedure but many of us are showing symptoms of infection. I have enclosed a data cluster on personal computer in my office. It will highlight all our findings as well. I hope somebody gets this before its too late. Dr Kim Jeung signing off.

The footage stopped. The scientist looked inside the sealed room seeing the body was wearing a lab coat. Stained a yellow and brown color now it had an Id tag. Dr Kim Jeung.

The scientist- I believe this is Dr Jeung.

The aid worker walked towards the glass he stared at the body. He looked at the contorted face. It had decomposed badly. It's hands where scratching at the face before it died. The hair had mostly been ripped out. He looked down at the tag seeing the picture.


Dr Kim walking. Through a building wearing her work clothes. Which consisted of a pencil skirt and white shirt. He hair long and flowing behind her.

Hello I'm doctor Kim Jeung. My dad's aid has informed me that you shall be my chaperone today?


A car is speeding away down a road gunfire and sirens. Screams are heard.

Kim- Jesus they're after me!

Voice- hang on!


A motel room in a the back end of America. The lights are dim and Dr Kim is sitting on the bed flicking through the tv channels

Kim- so this is the witness protection?

The aid worker comes out of the shower this time with spikey hair and clean shaven. He has just finished stitching a wound to his shoulder.

Voice- I'm more of a demolition expert.

She smiles at him. And stands up and walks over to him.

Kim- let me take a look at that?

Flashes back to the lab.

His eyes begin to well up but he hold himself together enough not to cry. He swallows hard.

Aid worker- where's her office?

The scientist points over his shoulder behind the terminal he worked on. He see's the terminal dust had settled over it. He walks over to a picture on her desk. It was of her standing an arm was visible around her. He opened the back of the from and slid out the photo. He unfolded it revealing Dr Kim and himself arm and arm smiling at a bar somewhere. He folded the photo back up taking the image and placing it in his pocket. He looked at the computer it wasn't locked. He retrieved the cluster making a copy of it placing the micro luster under his watch. He then copied it again taking the file with him.

He walked outside the office seeing the scientist standing at the console he had been watching through the internal CCTV camera's. both men locked eyes neither of them speaking. A nod was all they exchanged as the scientist now knew his true mission.

Lindsey was standing at the back of the room when she heard a voice from outside the room call her. She turned only to see a figure charge off down a corridor. She walked after it looking down a corridor she spoke in a quivering tone.

Lindsey- Stan?

She could see a flashlight at the end of the tunnel it was shining off the wall. She walked down to investigate we're the light was coming from. Upon reaching she could see her camera on the ground she ran to it picking it up. She felt a blood all over the strap. She began to panic and as she turned. Stan stood right behind her. She went to hit him away when he grabbed her wrist and bit down. Her flesh tore from her skin she screamed out. She managed to shove him away when a loud gunshot rang out. And Stan's brains had sprayed all over the walls. Lindsey looked up seeing the Scientist holding the pistol. He had shot Stan dead. As he took a second to check if he killed Stan she quickly rolled her sleeves down to hide the bite. The Aid Worker ran around the corner.

Aid Worker- what happened?

The scientist turned to look at the aid worker. His eyes playing catch up of the events that transcribed. He looked up at Lindsey.

Aid Worker- You ok

Lindsey looked at him her cheeks wet from crying.

Lindsey- No! My friend is dead!

The aid worker looked at the scientist and back down at her dead friend. He turned and walked out of the room leaving the scientist to console her. The aid worker walked through another area of the building he could see a room with shadows in it. They where shuffling around slow. He slid free his knife and had a quick peak around the corner. Five infected were shuffling around. He took note of their positions and room size. It was average. Looked more like a locker room. He waited for the nearest one to come close when he stepped free from cover. It immediately smelt him and snarled reaching out. He took it into the narrow corridor. And again brushing aside the arms in a deflecting maneuver pinned it to the wall driving the knife into the back of the skull. He slid it free as the creature fell to the floor he searched its clothes finding nothing of use. He takes a look they are all still spread out. He just steps out into the room. Holding the knife he see's at the very back the words armory. It looked ransacked from what he could see. The first zombie was a soldier he had abdominal wounds his internal organs spilling out onto the floor and the remainder hanging. A stiff kick connected to the face of the creature it was knocked off its base. He followed up with a stomp to the head. The second creature managed to get close enough to pin the aid worker to the locker. He reached out with his legs and pushed off the nearby wall sending the locker tipping over pulling him and the creature down. He held it under the chin to prevent being bitten when he looked up seeing the other two drawing closer. He manages to get his legs underneath the creature and push it off slamming it into the wall. He then rolls backwards landing on this lower back throwing the knife directly into the skull of the creature he flung into the room. He quickly scrambles to his feet holding out his fists. He swats away the arms once more sending two quick punches to the side of the head following it with a kick to the stomach sending staggering back towards the other creature. Seeing his chance he runs towards them sending a drop kick into the other one sending them both off the feet flying inside the gun cage. He quickly gets to his feet lifting a fire extinguisher slamming both in the face several times until there is nothing left but a hole of gargling blood. He drops it walking inside seeing nothing but empty lockers he looks around the floor when he notices a old bolt action rifle.

Aid Worker- hello old girl

He picks it up along with the box of rounds she could hold eight at a time. He loads the mag. After checkibg the rifle over he walks out into the hallway and into the lab scientist is on the main terminal he looks at the aid worker with a panicking expression.

Scientist- where the hell were you? This thing is ready to blow in 9 mins and were stuck in here.

The air worker checks his display. He can see his back up plan is just lifting off. He looks up at the roof seeing a hatch.

Aid worker- we go outside and find Ackles. You get your Rapier ride out of here.

He stands on the table his rifle slung over his back. He twists at the stiff hatch. The wheel squeals as it opens the hatch. The aid worker opens the door seeing quite a lot of activity at around the perimeter. He climbs back in. And looks at the Scientist and reporter.

Aid Worker- there's hundreds out there the nearest clear landing spot for a rapier is in the street. We'd never make it there let alone on it. We'd be swamped. Somebody is going to have to stay run distraction.

The scientist looked at him the air worker cocked the rifle. And looked at both of them.

Aid worker- You two get on the roof lay low I'm going to open the front door and well run for my life.

Scientist- that's suicide!

Aid worker smirks looking at the doctor. He holds out his hand.

Aid Worker- The names Nick Sanders.

He grabbed his hand in a firm hand shake. Passing him t

Scientist- Robert Pearce

They both nodded knowing this maybe the last time to see each other. Lindsey stands quiet in the corner.

Shouts !!!!

Nick- you ready??!

Robert- Yes!

Nick fires a shot at the fuel cell on the plasma rifle causing a massive explosion sending the steal doors flying out into the horde. The creatures in the front row are turned into pieces. the creatures further back charge over the front row catching fire on the way. They screams filling the narrow corridor with a defining sound.

Robert- Lindsey come on!

Gunshots ring out echoing through the corridor below. Lindsey grabs Roberts hand he yanks her up and they both duck down quickly watching as the majority of the horde respond to the distraction. Robert grabs Lindsey's hand and drags her down the side sliding as quietly as they can. They stop right at the edge of the roof on a raised section of welding. Robert looks at her steely eyed. And signals to jump. He leaps down landing rough sending the pistol spilling away from him.

Robert- sh*t!

Lindsey drops down hard as well she alerts a nearby creature as it runs towards her arms out and screeching. Robert quickly grabs the gun and fires several shots hitting it three times twice in the midsection as finally in the head. It falls at Lindsey's feet but the horde has been alerted.

Robert- come on!

Lindsey runs with Robert up the hill and through the trees and long grass he see's the Rapier flying in fast two troops drop out as it touches down. They provide cover fire for Ackles who is running across the otherwise of the street. Robert is holding. Lindsey's hand when suddenly he feels her grab his shoulder. She tries to bite him he wriggles free from his lab coat running towards the troops.

Robert- Help!!!

They spin around and one troop fires in Roberts direction he skids to a halt.

Robert- wait! Wait! Wait! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

He turns seeing Lindsey slapping her head and screaming out! He looks back Ackles walking forward.

Ackles- he was part of my team lets just get out of here.

Soldiers- The data were is it?

Ackles looks at Robert. Lindsey was starting to come out of her confusion and was staring right at them.

Ackles- I'll give it to you on the Rapier.

Soldier- I have orders to secure the data first.

Robert- Christ! We're all going to be dead if we don't get out of here!

The soldier raises his firearm to shoot Ackles when a gunshot rings out and his brains hit the back of the Rapier. Ackles reacts shooting the other Soldier dead and then the reporter. The Rapier pilot is preparing to lift off when Robert jumps in the Rapier.

Robert- I wouldn't do that unless you when to end up like your friends.

Ackles gets in looking across to see where the shot came from he sees a man standing on top of the medical labs in Central Park holding a rifle. The Rapier lifts off in a hurry and darts out of the area. Leaving the man on the roof on his own. He has no ammo left and is now holding the rifle by the barrel. A creature crawls up.

Nick- and the pitcher throws.....

Crack! The gun smashes the face clean off the creature snapping its back breaking its neck.

Nick- home run! And the crowd go wild!!

He see's another creature appear on the roof followed by a second one slightly behind it. Both creatures snarling their teeth dripping with infected saliva.

Nick- And he passes second base!!!

Crack and huge hit sends the creature falling and rolling off the roof into the hungry horde laying siege to the building.

Nick- The crowd still cheering!

Crack!! He nails the other one sending it flying off his feet. It flys backwards landing on its neck folding over. He stands looking down at the hatch. the snarls and screeches getting louder it was a matter of time before he was over run. He closed his eyes memories flash by. Kim and Nick dancing out in the woods by a fire.....Nick massaging her back in a motel in room. He remembers looking at her hair flowing in the wind as he drove his mustang through the country side. She looks at him smiling flicking away her hair.

A loud chime signals on his watch. The drone is about to activate its New Dawn protocol. Suddenly he hears engines when suddenly from around a skyscraper comes the military recon craft. It comes tracks his location via his watch and hovers right next to the building he looks at the hatch seeing the hands reaching out. He closes his eyes and see's Kim once more she is smiling back at him. He hears footsteps on the roof the creatures have climbed up he opens his eyes running away from their out stretched hands he leaps onto the wing climbing into the craft that resembles at letter V. He slams shut the canopy and hits the throttle. Nick is weaving in and out of tight corners avoiding buildings at the highest speed he can go. The craft's alarm beacons go crazy warning of a collision. He pulls the stick hard to the right barrel rolling away from a building he steadies the craft when his watch chimes again.

Suddenly a bright flash blinds him he places his hand over his eyes. The drone detonates sending a large pulse upwards. The clouds vanish almost instantly. The brightness returns to normal. He see's the clouds have gone he can even see the darkness of space. He punches the throttle. Weaving in and out once more but he is not making enough time.60 seconds until point of no return....flashes on his canopy.

Nick- computer plot optimal course out of the city!

The display shows a grid on the canopy highlighting were to go estimated time takes is too long. Nick examines the route flying the ship around skyscraper.

Nick-computer what about through the buildings!

The computer plots the course in almost a straight line. It takes him just outside the point of no return by 3 seconds.

Nick- right then we go through.

He yanks the stick right powering up the forward plasma launchers. He fires two shots the first one tears through the building like a knife through butter the other punches a hole in the second building. He flys through the narrow gap bits of debris flying off his canopy. He narrowly misses support beams as they fall. He punches through the hole on the other side sending glass and debris to the street below. he adjusts his course to allow for second gaping hole. he slams the recon craft through sending his instruments crazy. his right engine has debris locked in the turbine and is reducing power as it tears around inside the giant engine like a razor blade. He hits the throttle harder.

Nick- Come on baby you can do it!

Nick doesn't adjust course for the second beam he switches to the plasma cannons and begins shooting thousands of rounds into it! It crumbles but its not completely. The craft crashes through it hard. Red danger messages are all over the canopy now. His other engine is losing power fast. He looks at the grid he is almost out of the zone. He notices the hull temperature has risen. The bolts begin to buckle his canopy display cracks sending the instruments waving across his screen like a tv out of tune. He see's on a display on the controls that his plasma launchers are fully powered. He turns the cannon's to face the rear of the craft. He then diverts power from the cockpit life support and other non essential area's of the craft. He gets the power percentage on both cannons to 120% percent. He quickly buckles ups. And hits the fire button as the hull begins to glow amber. The craft jolts forward at a neck breaking velocity. It goes It a spin the sheer g- force ripping the right wing off. Then the left. The fuselage spins out of control he see's he's less than 10 feet from the safe zone. He punches out! Sending him launching forward in the canopy escape pod. He fires the emergency landing thrusters to adjust the arc before slamming into the water the craft leaves a giant wave of water the rest explodes and falls into the ocean outside New York. Suddenly the pod surfaces bobbing up and down like an apple in a barrel of water. The door slides open. And Nick throws up at the side of the craft.

He looks over his shoulder-seeing the city glow and smolder. His watch beeps he touches in his ear.

Memo- Hound-dog this is crows nest , come in ?

He takes a minute to compose himself before responding.

Nick- Crows nest this is Hound-Dog I'm going to need pick up.

Memo- Nick you son of a bitch you had us all scared. Scarborough is on his way.

Nick sits back in the pod taking out the picture of him and Kim and stares at times gone by.....

Nick- so tell me , is this how the world ends....

Voice of a woman....... The virus spread past any borders we put in place. It over ran armies and crippled superpowers. The end came slow and in the night. It crawled across the continents with ease like a modern day plague. People band together now in pockets resistance. Fighting, looting, murdering to stay alive.

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Posted 12 January 2014 - 03:38 AM Edited by Ziggy455, 12 January 2014 - 03:40 AM.

Hey Marco, upon reading this I've discovered that you're trying to write a script in the form of prose. It makes reading this story a little hard to do because we're not seeing it formatted properly. Here, let me show you how a script is formatted. 


We always start off a scene in a script with three important things:


Is it inside (INT- Interior) or is it outside? (EXT - Exterior). So yours is set outside in Times Square.


Where is it set? Simple! Times Square. 


And finally, what time of day is it? Morning, Noon? Night? Day?



EXT. TIMES SQUARE - DAY  This is referred to as the Slug line. It must be put on every new scene. 


Alright, next you have the opening paragraph of the scene, in which you set the image in the reader's head. You've gotten it right so far, but the format and font is off. EVERY script is to be written with New Courier. So! Let's take a look at your opening paragraph and scene with the right format.





Aerial view of New York City. Never include camera angles. This is what is referred to in the industry as as 'stepping on the director's toes.' He doesn't tell you how to write your script, so don't tell him how to do his job. Plumes of smoke radiate from all over the city. A close up of Liberty island is full of tents and medical stations. The white walls stained red. (What white walls?) But not a body or remains not a sign of life just emptiness. Cars rusted and wrecked. Fire engines abandoned buildings burnt out leaving just the skeleton of cast iron beams,dust and charcoal surrounding it.


It's been one week since Armageddon! No. Really? Armageddon is too broad and cliche. Why not hint at what has happened? *It's been one week since the plague started killing people. 




This is just a taster but I'm sure if you read some general scripts you can understand the formatting very well. Nobody is going to want to read this as it is, so please try and re-format it. 

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 10:57 PM

Yeah Ziggy i will reformat this and really appreciate the feedback.

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