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San Andreas Mod Installer (SAMI) .NETFRAMEWORK1.1 Problem

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Aly Zaroon
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Posted 24 December 2013 - 07:12 PM

I installed SAMI it's perfectly installed but it won't its says you need to .netframework1.1 click to get it so i clicked and download the program .netframework won't install either its says you already have installed .netframework1 1.1 or later so what should i do?

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Posted 27 December 2013 - 07:45 AM

SAMI was usefull because modders could write installscripts in an easy way
but SAMI isn't recommanded because of 2 resons:
1. SAMI requires netframe 1.1 and the installation of this old code envirement can make bugs to your system
meanwhile all computer should run on min. netframe 3
2. SAMI doesn't have the the function "Rebuild Archiv"
the function "Rebuild Archiv" is available in
recommanded img editors:

IMG Manager
Alci's IMG Editor
Spark and SAMI don't have it
It needs to run "Rebuild Archive" after changing files inside of IMG archiv to update the file register
minor changes are no problem, but a lot changes or change small files with big files need to run this function

maybe not all of the recommanded tools are working for you or requires additional envirements
but the IMG TOOL is very simple and will work for shure

The problem is, to change a lot of files. IMG TOOL can only change one file by one
The other tools can change more by one operation

running install scripts like with SAMI is normally the best way for the users but a bit difficult for img archiv modification

So, if SAMI is already running for you and you want use it, then use IMG TOOL to run "Rebuild Archiv" as final operation

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