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Sand Viper Mercenary Company (Xbox 360)

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The Sand Viper Mercenary Company is a clandestine private military corporation funded by Don Percival after Merryweather's collapse in October of 2013. The recent legality issues regarding PMC's operating on U.S. soil has decreased our operational effectiveness significantly. With opposing agencies, local law enforcement, and the standard opposition interfering with our operations, the need for highly skilled operators has never been higher. The skills you'll learn, and most importantly, the money you'll earn, make this organization one of the most unique of it's kind. If you think you've got what it takes to be a soldier for hire, and you want to work with the elite of the elite, then apply today!


The Organization takes part in various activities such as, TDM, missions, survival, capture, races, and free-roaming.




If You Want to Join Please Read Below


-Please be at least 15 years old

-Be respectful, have a good attitude about things, and HAVE FUN!

-Be willing to meet in game on a minimum weekly basis

-LOOK TACTICAL! We are a professional organization, you can be flashy when you're not on call.

-Same applies with vehicles

-Set SNDV as your active crew

-Do not join if you actively glitch, hack, DNS mod, etc....

-Be willing to voice any opinions or ideas to help the organization

-Rank and K/D ratio will not be a factor in any aspect of recruitment or placement in the crew. Your talents, abilities, resources, and ideas will determine your value to the crew.


Recommended Uniform


-Khaki Cargo Pants, Hinterland Money boots, with A tucked shirt, or t-shirt, with any type of body armor. (sunglasses must be aviators only, hats restricted to army caps, or black ear defenders)




All weapons shown here are standard issue weapons to the Sand Viper Mercenary Company


1. KA-BAR knife- 7" straight edge blade used as a melee weapon by our operators



2. Modified OTs-33 Pernach Automatic Pistol- capable of delivering 36 9x18mm Makarov rounds downrange in the blink of an eye



3. H&K MP5 Submachine gun- Weapon of choice among our pilots, fires a 9x19 mm round.




4. Modified Mossberg 500 Shotgun- 12 Gauge firearm used by operators in MOUT situations, and by our room breachers.




5. HK416 Assault Carbine- Standard weapon of all Sand Vipers, fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round



6. M60 Machine gun- Standard issue fire-support weapon. fires a 7.62x51mm round.



7. Accuracy International Arctic Warfare- Standard issue sniper rifle. fires a 7.62x51mm round.



8. Misc. Standard Issue explosive items





PLEASE NOTE: weapon choice and attachments is based purely on operator preference. These are only weapons that will be issued to you if the need arises.




1. Baseball bat

2. Crow Bar

3. Golf Club

4. Broken Bottle

5. SNS pistol

6. Micro SMG

7. Sawn-Off Shotgun

8. Assault Rifle

9. MG




Highly Modified Merryweather Mesa used for off-road transport. flagship vehicle (thank you Mr. Percival)

Modified Trufade Adder Interceptor
Modified Granger used for quick-strike assaults



Speeder High Performance Boat




Submersible vehicle, used for intel purposes




Buzzard Attack Helicopter




Cargobob Transport Helicopter




Annihilator multi-purpose helicopter





Titan troop transport vehicle






Area of Operation


Upon hiring, you will receive a map showing our different field outposts and our AO's.


Organization Hierarchy


The Sand Viper Mercenary company is split off into two branches consisting of the transport elements, and the ground elements. transport elements consist of 2-man squads that report to a specific CO, while the ground elements consist of 4-man squads that report to their specific CO's. Each squad designates themselves a callsign. All callsigns report to the CO's and the CO's report to the CEO of the company.





Depending on your selected job, a brief period of time will be spent teaching tactics, and vernacular that will help you succeed in our organization. However, we pride ourselves on hands on experience, and you'll find that most of the lessons you learn will be taught by your real-time combat experience.



Jobs Available



-Flight Squadron: 2-man teams that specialize in operating all types of aircraft. The 2-man flight crews will consist of a pilot(who will operate the vehicle, and will be considered responsible for the occupants inside.), and a co-pilot. (multi-skilled member who will aid the pilot in spotting targets/threats visually, and through the use of radar and other surveillance equipment. co-pilots will also control the guided missile system in Viper's Buzzard attack helicopters). Flight squadron is also responsible for prepping and securing embarkation areas.


-Naval Unit: Same system that applies above, 2 is 1, 1 is none. Every Viper operator is expected to be trained in the use of Naval vehicles, per the basic training program. (If you want to strictly be a maritime transportation officer, please include that in your "application")


-Ground Unit: The backbone of the Sand Viper Mercenary Company, Sand Viper shooters are highly trained, well equipped soldiers that can adapt to any environment, and overcome any obstacle in the field of duty. With the majority of this unit being former SF, the experience, precision, and effectiveness of this group are unmatched by any other in the world.


      -Assault troop: Basic infantry, Primary weapon: HK416Assault Carbine

     -Marksman troop: Sniper, Primary weapon: M82 Barret Anti-Equipment Rifle

     -Support troop: Machine Gunner, Primary Weapon:  M60 machine gun, or Minigun (if rank permits)



Application (copy and paste in the replies)


Age (Optional)-
Xbox Live Gamertag-
Do you have a Headset?-
Time Zone-
What skills do you have?-
How often do you visit GTAForums?-
How Many gangs have you been in-
What jobs would you like to do Pilot, Infantry-
Anything else you might want to add-










If you want to contact me directly on Xbox Live my GamerTag is: okie7335

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 03:41 PM Edited by blowens13, 31 December 2013 - 03:41 PM.

Still looking for new members at this time. There are high-ranking spots that are open to anyone who thinks they can fill them. Apply today!

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 04:51 PM

Awesome crew man, love the weapon and vehicle encycl. + I think this could be a great way to make money.

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