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What annoys you in gta v?

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 11:24 AM Edited by LoreenSharkey, 18 May 2017 - 07:55 AM.

Don't like those disappearing cars. Though that's made for optimisation and it is really good in gta V.

Also, seems like aircrafts are a bit too slow. Find a proof over here

  • Darealbandicoot

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 07:30 PM

Clothing restrictions.an example is how Michael can wear suit pants with a shirt or jacket on his own while switching to him but i cant make him wear it in his wardrobe or wear something like his outfit in the times come. For Trevor it's not as bad but stupud things like not being able to wear hit tennis polo outside that outfit but his tennis shorts can be used just fime with almost any outfit and for all three characters, its ridiculous how many hoops you have to jump through to get a balaclava with certain clothes. Oh whats that? You want to recreate Franklins exact jewellery heist outfit that has is actually in outfits but is unused? thats fine but if you DARE wear grey shoes instead of black you get no balaclava OR gloves.

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 08:02 PM

The lack of immersion mostly caused by the way the characters dump their non-default vehicles and change their clothes almost every time you switch away from them. What really is the point of buying clothes, and especially cars and mods?


I just completed by latest run through without doing any of that except to check off the 100% requirements right at the end.  


I always wished a character's default car would be replaced by whatever they drive the most. Lots of games record stats about your "favourite" vehicles so why not? It especially annoys me how your default car sometimes magically shows up at the end of a mission that didn't involve driving your own vehicle, or equally annoying is when you're left in the middle of nowhere with no vehicle at all!


Also, what's up with the Premier that Michael gets when Jimmy takes his Tailgater? You should have at least been allowed to select a replacement at that point of the game.


To be fair, this is a problem I've always had with the GTA series in general, My favourite cars always end up sitting in garages to be hardly ever driven for fear of losing them. Back on GTA3 I'd always take that one civilian Sentinel from Marco's Bistro and try to use it as much as possible, but whenever I showed up to a mission that made me abandon it I'd reload my save and use a different car lol.


You could say that at least GTA5 has the impound as a sort of safety net, but it's ridiculously inconsistent and buggy, such as how vehicles driven by other characters tend to show up there. For example, I've found Franklin's Buffalo there when I'm Michael, and I even had Tracey's Issi appear there when I was Franklin, wtf!

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Posted A week ago

I was going to make a thread on this in series chat, but I remembered about this one and it's mostly related to GTA V anyway.


It infuriates me to hell when Michael and Franklin meet up after the Vangelico heist discussing the outcome and Norton casually strolls into the damn lounge room like he was there all along listening in the hall way.


It's so awkward and completely kills the climax to the heist IMO. I get how the same gag was used when Trevor confronts Michael, but holy sh*t Michael should buy a door lock. Seems any asshole can can walk in off the street..:lol:

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Posted A week ago Edited by Dr. Robotnik, A week ago.

^ To be fair, Dave and Michael know each other, so maybe he just knew the password to Michael's gate.


Anyway, I'll admit that you could say this about just about any sandbox game, and I'm normally the last person to complain about enemy AI being too easy, but boy, as accurate as they are in the open, they sure are suicidal morons when you have good cover underground or on top of a building with no stairs or ladders. It just bugs me a little that they never seem to figure out how much of a meat grinder the subterranean parking garage near the Union Depository is, no matter how many corpses are already piled near the pillar they're about to take cover behind.

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Posted A week ago

The AI being Navy Seal Sharpshooters in the game. When I was going for one of the pointless stunt jumps that took me into the prison, I was dead within 20 seconds even with full health, armor, and ducking all the way. So I had to resort to entering a damn cheat code just to survive. And even outside the prison on the freeway going south, they still could hit me. WTF?


Also, the property management is awful. They should've just taken the set ideas from Vice City where you have 3 or 4 mission and at the end you get the max weekly income. Speaking of properties, how come the city doesn't generate any broken cars for my scrapyard? The fact I have to go on a rampage myself to get money from it is pathetic (at best). And LOL on the golf course. (Especially watching the video for the letter scraps or spaceship parts and the guy in the video flies a helicopter in and Rockstar suddenly turned it into Los Santos International Airport with a restricted airspace warning. JFC...)


I could go on, but GTA 5 is by far my least favorite GTA that I've played. Maybe GTA 3 with the 500 different gangs was worse for me, but since I haven't gotten that far in that game in 10 years... GTA 5 is taking the (moldy) cake.

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