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Do you ever use Lester's off the radar?

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  • FJack

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 05:25 PM

All the time.

Just last night a guy parked Simeons high value vehicle in front of the eclipse tower next to an adder or entity with a bunch of sticky bombs on the ground (none on Simeons car for some reason). So we drove by off the radar, I got out and walked on the sidewalk with the npcs then just got in Simeons car and drove away.

When you're off the radar players don't even see you, they're too busy staring at the radar since it's so useful...

kind of wish there were servers with no blips on the map. Or just friends and crew blips. I just hate tuning my instincts to think when I hear gunshots I should check my gps instead of looking for the shooter. Seems really silly when you think about it.

  • z0etr0pe

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 05:48 PM

probably the best feature in the game. i use it to sneak up on bounties in my buzzard. they have no f*cking idea what hit them and from where lol.

  • GTAmazing

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 06:52 PM

It's usually pretty easy to tell when someone is using it. When a player disappears but hasn't left the game it's pretty obvious.

Even so you still cannot see them unless you pay $500 to see players on the radar by which time he would have shot you

  • TickleBot

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 07:23 PM

I use it a lot. I like to utilize it after I snipe someone, evading tanks, getting somewhere safe etc. It's a great service!

  • Scumbag_Dave

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 08:37 PM

Good to hear so many positive thoughts on this.


I just wish that when you are off the radar, your name doesn't show up above your head either. I think it would be mad fun if you could try to pretend to be an NPC walking in the street haha.

  • Tassimo

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 08:41 PM

Just use it to get away from tanks and from other stuff, never using it in gunfights, i want it to be fair.. 

  • rodrich266

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 08:44 PM

I use it all the time, I love to see all those idiots with bounties on their heads just waiting in their houses who proceed to leave them when I go off radar, thinking I'm out of the lobby and surprise them!

  • TimelyMeerkat


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Posted 21 December 2013 - 10:54 PM

I use it sometimes when I want to kill someone by surprise, or when I need to escape a war zone, where there's like 9 players in one area killing each other.

It's usually pretty easy to tell when someone is using it. When a player disappears but hasn't left the game it's pretty obvious.

No, it's not obvious, the player COULD have joined a mission.

I didn't think about that.

  • DaTurdburgler


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Posted 21 December 2013 - 10:55 PM

Yes, I do.

  • Dasrouse

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 11:00 PM

It's useful to get away from someone trying to chase you down and kill you.

Exactly, I am minding my own business and some douche wants to follow me around and try to pepper my car with bullets.  All I need is some distance and then make the call to Lester.  Drop a sticky at where I was last seen before the would be stalker arrives.  Wait and then kaboom, here is your restraining order.

  • ProblemChiild88


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 10:13 AM Edited by ProblemChiild88, 24 December 2013 - 10:14 AM.

Joined a lobby and seen some guy trying to do tricks and fly real low around the 400k apartment with a Titan. So I shoot a rocket at him just to see if I could get a hit... I miss.

So I pull out my heavy sniper, after a few shots he goes down and it says I killed him. Mission complete right? Nope 30 sec later he puts a bounty on me $9k.

I take off in a car I had previously liberated from an NPC, however I forgot to put bullet proof tires on haha. He is on my tail with a red entity and I finally shake him and he crashes into a corner of a building. I drive towards the beach near the golf course and go into off the radar from later and I duck and hide in a driveway of a random house. I see him fly down the road full speed and he is looking but can't find me.

I take off and and head for sandy shores, hop into the black jet and fly around a bit. Then I head back into the city. Eventually I run back into the guy and didn't know he was in a buzzard. He shoots me down, I spawn and he circles back for more. Hit him with the mini gun a few times. He flys off then comes back, pull out heavy sniper again and hit the buzzard once. He flys off then circles back again and attempts to circle around me. One more heavy sniper shot to the cockpit and I shoot him out.

Wish I had a recorder, the whole thing was pure comedy.

  • uptownrockstar

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Posted 24 December 2013 - 06:37 PM

Gonna use this tonite

  • CReaper210


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 06:39 PM

I tend to forget about it. A shame, because there are so many times when I could use it, but I just always forget for some reason.

  • RAS_ZeroZ


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 06:47 PM

I'd probably use it more if I could dial lester from the hold-select menu.   Need a speedy way to dial him rather than scrolling through the phone menu

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