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Do people legitimately miss ALL the features from previous games...

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 07:21 PM

I miss nos and hydraulics

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 07:33 PM

Speaking of development potential: a good property management mission for LS Customs would be to get a certain car, mod and deliver it to the LS airport right into a cargo plane taxying on strip or to the docks.


Sadly, no Rockstar developer would ever read this.

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 07:33 PM

bish0p2004, on 19 Dec 2013 - 6:21 PM, said:
it's just an example of the limitations that Rockstar is putting on the player (which began with IV), whereas in SA, the game was one big playground where the sky was the limit.  
Also worth mentioning is the hypocrisy I see among many gamers, is the lack of complaints regarding the presence of aliens in V...but quite a few people complained about CJ getting into Area 51.
Hopefully in the future, Rockstar goes back to a real open world/sandbox game and f*ck off with these limitations.  I mean, it's a video game after all and fun gameplay should come before everything else.  As of now, IV and V lack the innovation that the 3D era games had as far as gameplay is concerned.

Spot on, I definitely agree with this bro  :^:
The limitations in the HD era of GTA games has kinda put a dampener on the gameplay experience. I really missed being spoiled for choice in the sheer amount of things to see, do and explore in huge playground-styled worlds that the GTA III-era titles like Vice City and San Andreas offered. This is something that I really feel that both GTA IV and GTA V have been short on this generation. Rockstar really needs to get back to drawing from the very elements that made this series so great in the first place, while at the same time implementing brand-new ideas, concepts and innovations into the game.

Definitely. Unfortunately, I feel that the success of GTA V and online gives R* reason enough to stick with their current formula...which is pretty much less freedom in free roam.

Also, instead of trying to continually improve on fun gameplay features from previous games, they will continue to remove a lot of them or limit the amount we can do.

But hey, at least they'll keep improving things like the strip club...which I'm guessing we'll be able to see vagina in IV yay.

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 08:44 PM


Er, I think you completely missed the ball of what Odyssey was trying to get at.


From what I gather, he's not saying V has bad gameplay, but rather pointing out how some people are bitching about V "having a terrible story...worst game ever"...because those same people are so hung up on the narratives rather than the gameplay.


And there's no shortage of these people on this here forum.


Actually, there is sadly no shortage of those people on any video game forum, i'm a member over on the GameSpot forums and that forums is full of 'story whores', it is so bad over there that if I say I dislike Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid 4 because they focus too much on story that they forget about gameplay, I get accused of hating them just because they are popular games.


The thing is; V's story isn't even half as bad as the haters are trying to make out. Subjective as my opinion may be, it was certainly more realistic, convincing, and captivating than San Andreas' ridiculous story. And it was the most fun game in the series at the same time!

No it isn't, and I actually really liked GTA Vs story, it was unique and fresh for the series. As for GTA San Andreas, that story never captivated me at all, but the fun gameplay did, and I still actually play the game, but just for modding, doing another legit play-through would kill me thanks to missions like Cesar Vialpando and Life's a Beach. GTA IV may have had a better story, but there is no way a story like that would allow for varied and fun missions like those in GTA V.

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 09:11 PM


I miss


- Pool

- Multiple Cities (San Fierro & Las Venturas)

- Lowrider Hydraulics (I'm surprise this isn't in the game, I miss them low rider battles)

- Graffiti/ Taggin' (Personal fav feature from SA)

- Rival Gang Shootouts/Fights (Thought this would be expanded, But gangs don't get into conflict with rival gangs.)

- Interiors 

- Body Changes (Like in GTA SA where you can build CJ some muscles, get thin & etc)

- Boxing

- Clubs

- More than one strip club

- Recruiting random gang members

- The ability to have a bandana over your face (GTA Online)

So you want SA2, nice. 




I guess so, GTA SA was packed with features that i liked and it felt like "L.A". Don't get me wrong I like GTA V, but i still have that "something's missing" feeling.


For example. Lowrider Hydraulics why is that not in a L.A based game? or the Bandana thing? I see in one of their photos a women wearing it while robbing a store. Or what about the gangs in LS? I would have loved to see them be more active in the this game... drive-by's/rival shootout's, Rob me while i'm driving a nice car lol. Maybe I'm alone on this but I just expected some of the past SA features to be expanded on in this version.

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 12:48 AM

I miss Hot Coffee and wonder why they haven't crossed it with Yoga activity, i mean come on, look at the promotionals!


That was again too much promising.

This is the problem with you people. You see or read something before the game comes out, and immediatly assume





And just continue to pull features and "promises" out of thin air. And when they're not in the game, you all bitch about how Rockstar said it would be in the game.

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