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Posted 01 July 2016 - 11:03 AM

You are right, I exaggerated a bit with the "They still are the Nº1 Drug producer in the world" statement. But what i was trying to say, is that North Korea produces drugs as a country. It's not like in Mexico or Colombia where they take Cocaine production to the jungles and eventually get caught by the authorities and have to move somewhere else. In NK, the authorities are in charge of the drug production which is probably one of the only (i am taking a guess here) countries that manufacturers drugs with the government totally involved.


At the same time, North Korea is going unfair competition in the drug business. For main reasons:


-They provide high quality drugs with almost a 100% purity

- They can ship it to any criminal organization that buys them the drugs "easier", since they have used diplomats or ships of their own.

- They can produce a lot of stockpiles of drugs, which means it's probably cheaper.


I bet they have tried to make (if they haven't yet), greenhouses with coca plants to produce Cocaine.


But who knows to be honest.

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