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General North Korea discussion

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Posted 6 days ago




Meh, there's hunger in North Korea just like there's hunger in the US and other countries. The thing is that America is pretty much enforcing that hunger, so it's kind of like blaming North Korea for feeling the results of something caused by American Imperialism.


But even if he did change his mind because of his country's alleged famine, that's good enough, no?

But in reality it's more likely the case that now that he has nukes, he can finally get proper negotiations going with the South and the US. Leverage is everything.



I don't know why you are taking a dismissive stance towards the hunger issue in N Korea or even comparing it to other countries (particularly the US) when it is very real (and has been for a long time) and not at all comparable to the US in particular.


As much as I don't care for American influence in the region, squarely placing all the blame at their feet is misleading at best and definitely a misrepresentation of events there.

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Tchuck, 6 days ago.

Thing is, we don't have the bigger picture of the famine situation in North Korea because the regime will lie about whatever's happening, and exterior sources will lie because it's in their interest to portray things as terrible as possible. Same deal being done with Venezuela. Any information coming either from North Korea or about North Korea must be taken with a massive pinch of salt.


I just take issue with the insinuation that his change of heart came solely from the famine that's happening over there. Sure, it helps push him towards an expedient solution. But it's far from being the sole, and I'd even say biggest, motivator.


And well, if US and South Korea weren't boycotting the food aid that North Korea has received, there wouldn't be a famine happening.

And sh*t, according to UN studies and others, support my assertion that the west has largely overestimated the famine.

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Posted 6 days ago

He tries his best to make them look good, but nah it isn't even comparable

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