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Farewell to my beloved

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Posted 15 December 2013 - 07:46 AM

Listen to this song while reading: In the arms of the Angel


To my beloved Jet


It was what, 1 month ago that we were introduced? Remember the times when death was constant with us? We would fly among the clouds, soaring through the air like birds do. What a delight it was. The in game months we spent together could never be undone. The time I first met you, I was obsessed. I wanted to keep you, I wanted to show you off to the world, I used you to my own selfish gains. I was stupid, I should have never used you like that. You didn't mind though, you loved to be the center of attention. I knew you did. And I took advantage. I was selfish.

Over that 1 month with you, I don't think I ever told you this. It was never on my agenda to actually... develop feelings for you. Not the lovey dovey want to have sex with you feelings. Just pure companionship. Like I had a friend. I got a friend in you. Well... I had a friend in you. The friendship grew over the days since we met. We fought countless battles, tanks and jets. We never gave up though. We fought and we fought and over time we grew as one. We grew to be the ultimate team. I developed a enclosed skill of being a pro pilot, taking out the bounties and hostilities below the ground with your cannons. You made me realise that big explosions do not matter. Haha, you made me feel ultimate. I hadn't felt ultimate in a while. Depression is a battle. You made me deal with it.

Then, I cracked. You brought out a new person in me. I would call up the mechanic and you would surprise me. Oh those were the days! Sometimes the mechanic would be reckless with you and take you through buildings. You made sure he suffered though. The locations we met each other every day were countless. Those locations remind me of you. Of our friendship, our companionship, our unique love. I am a different person now. With out you my life would not be the same as it is today. I feel happy now and every time I find a jet in the military base, it reminds me of how we first met. Of the times you and I would blast my friends with your booster, the times we would run over the mechanic, when we would take out tanks by flying over them then straight down and pulling up at a moment where you spaz out and nearly crash or crash. It was great. The streets we spawned down, the hills we landed, the enemies we have destroyed. Even the flight time in the sky. These moments can never be undone. I could go on but you know this is the end of the line.

In game, at the military base, I will salute to you every day. To make sure you know up in that little plane heaven that you have a friend in me. Even though you doubted it, you seriously, with all my heart, have a friend in me. I will miss you big buddy. I love you bro.

With my best love and undoubted friendship in me, may you rest in peace.



(Just a reference to my signature)

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Posted 15 December 2013 - 10:25 AM

Wrong fourum. Moved to WD.

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