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Posted 12 December 2013 - 05:59 AM

Camden paths across over each other

Zig zagging across an entire nation with trails to show

The faun pauses in delicate delight for it shrolls and dies

A world of delusion bubble and unworthy grief bring a new day 

The barn owl follows it's shadow in an seeking quest to become old

And the dust of a cross-dresser becomes irrational - systematical


It was the morning fog of a June summers break

And the palms of the trees shined with it's leaves scrapping the pavement

And it's trunk erect to the world - unknown, above

With tinsel and bells to show off the great of it

Bringing foolish goons and lakeside views to the wetlands of distraught


Fragile beings of damaged souls and punished fools dressed in gold

Long straws of bands strand across it's scattered path

crossing and trailing to only begin at the start - it's nation to be

Followed by Dalian seas that bank up from the North

So what can it be, what can it be


Sounds of all, from all that could be

Sharp bends and turns from it's long dress

Overcoming the horrid sounding of silence

To realize it all starts again with a thud and a bang

Over to start and start to over - again and again


Dressing it's horizon in a false color

Nothing it can be but something we can not perceive

Underrated and overt-oped when it grinds against the gravel

The dirt and it's rocks of orange and dark brown

It fades but settles back in with a balance of glitter

And the kettle finally boils to it's last squeal


Hatred and people and all of it's badness to become an overpowering one,

Nothing can be settled and the level only rises,

Forever more, it casts a dark shadow over the existence of everything,

And the horizon still looks the same - the same as before. 

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