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Editing the Ped.dat file

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:20 AM

Hello all, I have been trying to create a more gang land style GTA IV for my current LCPDFR playtime. I have edited the Popcycle to include many more gangs, and rival gangs in the gangs areas. I even went and edited the relationships.dat to make it so that certain gangs are cool with each other while others are enemies. The only thing I am missing is finishing up the Ped.dat file. On that file, there is only 10 gangs, while in the Relationships.dat file it has 12 gangs. I am fearing that the Biker Gangs and the Russian gangs (both have 2, leaving 2 gangs out which is the difference between the two files) share the same lines as their others in that file. I am hoping to be able to have the Lost and the Angles fighting over turf, and not them being cool with each other. Or the Russian gangs getting into crazy shootouts near Hove Beach.


Either way, if anyone could clear up this for me that would be great. Basically I am trying to figure out what the Gang_1 is and Gang_2, and so on. I tried a google search but couldn't find anything.


Thanks for the help!

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