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The Grim Raiders MC Now Recruiting (PS3)

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 03:49 PM Edited by Wiizzz_Fiiizz, 09 December 2013 - 03:37 AM.

Hey There Everyone I'm Wiizzz_Fiiizz President And Founder Of Newly The Grim Raiders based in Los Santos. This is the original chapter of the Raiders MC and will hope to add others in Blaine County and Other Parts Of Los Santos.


This MC is about the brotherhood and loyalty to other Members. There are simple rules that follow which include:


1. Must own one of three Motorcycles.  (Hexer) (Western Daemon) (Bagger)

2. Don't Kill other Members Or Allies.

3. Show loyalty and respect to all Members And Allies.

4. Please tell someone in the MC if you can't attend church preferibly The Leader.


If you wish to join please message me the following information so we can decide if you would fit in!! If you are a low level we will do missions to help rank you up. The Information you will need to provide:


1. Country: (Prefer Australians so we can play at night)

2. PSN:

3. Age: (Must Be Mature)

4. How much do you play online:

5: Do you have a mic: (prefer to have people with mic for easier communication).


The Prospect Length will be a maximum of Seven Days (depends on rank) With a minimum of 3 Days Or Earlier If Church does Happen during your trail and we vote you in.


Dress Code (Only Applies when playing and riding as a crew)


Patched Members: White Shoes, Jeans, Crew Shirt with Black Jacket And our Emblem on the back as well as on your bike.


Prospects: White Shoes, Jeans And Crew Shirt You are not permitted to wear the crew cut until you are patched in, But You must have the emblem on your bike as well


The Grim Raiders MC Rankings (Social Club)


Leader - President: Wiizzz_Fiiizz


Commissioners - Vice President:

                            Sergeant at Arms:


Lieutenants - Secretary:


                    Road Captain:

                    Mr Mayhem: (Carry's Out Kill Orders)


Representatives - Full Patch Members


Muscle - Prospects


(NOTE: for the next few people to join will be granted the highest vacent position in the rankings untill the position of Mr Mayhem is taken)


We Will be doing missions, messing about in free roam all that type of stuff etc.


Church Information: Church for now will only happen when the crew is full and will only happen when we can get most people online from the crew at once.





If you like what you read please message me on the forums sorry about the bad logo for the crew i rushed it all but if you have any ideas on what it should be please share as i look to find a much better emblem (Crew Cut) also if you have any ideas on how to improve the crew please share on what you think could make it better.



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