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My Thesis: What Happened To All The Death Metal?

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 10:43 AM

YES, the thread's title clearly states what I'm going to be talking about today. The question for the matter is What Happened To All The Death Metal?

I'll tell you what happened to all the Death Metal ... ... *Long silence*

How the hell do I explain this?




The GTA series have always had awesome soundtracks. Some were better than others but more or less, they were awesome. I think my personal favorites are San Andreas and IV.


Way back in the days of old, we had so much to choose from. Rap music, classic rock, R&B, electronica or perhaps the 80s. Now as I play V, I don't even know what I hear. I can't even describe half of the musical content on GTA V, and the stations that I actually do like often repeat literally the same song every ten minutes. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, WEST COAST CLASSICS!!!)


Back on topic, I go on GTA Forums on most days, and every now and again I see a topic regarding the lack of hardcore metal music in V. I honestly don't blame you at all for liking that music so much. Considering that TLAD had some awesome metal, of course were going to be a little surprised over sudden change. The closest thing GTA V has to any sort of metal is Channel X, and that's not very close at all. Punk music isn't that bad, and the music selection on X is decent, but its still a long way off songs about shooting blood from one's male organ


So yeah, I have seen a lot of complaints regarding the music selection in GTA V, particularly from my fellow metalheads. All I can say for now is;

What Happened To All The Death Metal?




That's right. R* doesn't actually care about what music you like very much. I can see they were trying to reach out to the traditionalists when they came up with the West Coast Classics station, but honestly, if R* did give in to the demands of the majority, they would have brought Radio Los Santos back in its original form. They also would have done a number of implementations gameplay wise and GTA V would have been much better. That is all a story for another night, however.


Being said, Rockstar dosen't actually care about our music tastes all that much. What they DO care about however is using music to set the right atmosphere in the game's setting.




I'm going to break this all down into simple sentences that even a twelvie with ADHD can stick to it (No disrespect intended)


Why did GTA Vice City have a lot of 80s music?

Because it was the height of the 1980s, of course.


Being said, why did GTA Vice City have that exotic Spanish radio station?

Because Miami/Vice City has a booming Hispanic population.


Why did San Andreas have so much rap music?

Because the game focuses on gang life in the ghetto, being set in 1992 which was a golden age for the West Coast


Why did San Andreas have a country station while IV didn't?

Because San Andreas has an interactive countryside, unlike IV which is full cityscape


Why was GTA IV the only game with a Jazz station?

Because the Jazz depicted the gritty, urban environment which was Liberty City, also empathizing the Mafia subplots.


Why did III have a OPREA station, god forbid?

Refer to the question above....


Now lets use the same questioning on GTA V's radio


Why does V have a country station while IV didn't

To go with the rural and desert areas of Southern San Andreas. IV didn't have country because it was so out of place for the environment


Now explain the pop, breakbeat, reggae, soulwax and that crappy Mexican station!

Ummmm...can somebody answer that for me? o.O




Soon enough...

As I have pointed out above, you can see that Rockstar included certain music for certain reasons, giving maybe 1 or 2 f*cks about the taste of the fans.

I will now do more in-depth explaining in the case of the rock, metal and punk genres.


We'll start with Vice City, which had a Hair metal station. WHY? Because it was nostalgic or that some people may enjoy Motely Cure. However, the real reason was because Hair Metal was trendy in the mid 1980s and Rockstar wanted to create that authentic 1980s atmosphere.


San Andreas had Radio X, which played grunge music. I'm surprised I didn't hear anything about smelling Teen spirit, but it was grunge music all the same. WHY did they use Grunge? Because Grunge was popular in the early 1990s and Rockstar wanted to create that authentic 1990s atmosphere.


I'm going to branch out a little in GTA IV's case as far as rock music goes.

Radio Broker was about the indie lifestyle, the contemporary desire for individualism and to be a hipster.

L.C.H.C was punk music going against the establishment. That same establishment which is shoved into our faces in daily life like a McDonald's sign on your work commute.




What now? Whats next? The Lost And Damned. THAT is where we get to the Death Metal. Yes, The Lost And Damned was the point in which Rockstar departed from the obvious and actually gave us some metal. Not songs about piercing veils and shooting our Valentines. This was actually some DEATH f*cking METAL!

First L.C.H.C was playing Punk music, and then it was playing antique thrash. WHY? Why such a jolted transition? Because GTA IV and TLAD are two very different atmospheres. Sure, they are just as gritty as eachother, but each have their own unique light on gritty. Many different shades of grey. GTA IV goes deep into the mafia underworld and personal story of a war veteran turned hitman. TLAD, however explores the Biker culture and how its going out of style.


The simple answer to the sudden inclusion of Death Metal is because...Bikers love to listen to hardcore music. Punk is hardcore too, but comparing Death Metal to Punk is like comparing Cradle of Filth to Bullet For My Valentine. Listening to the Blood, Fire, War, Hate Death Metal show just made my Lost and Damned gameplay experience. It was just so perfectly chosen to fit the theme of the game. If they just kept the Punk music, I may not have taken it so seriously.




Yes, the f*cking point. If I may rephase our topic question,

What Happened To All The Death Metal?

R* gave us Death Metal. Now it is gone.

What Happened To All The Death Metal?


As we talked about before, different music fits in different themes. According to Rockstar, contemporary West Coast culture and Death Metal doesn't mix too well. Logically thinking, I agree it wouldn't go too well, but I would still enjoy it. Saints Row doesn't make sense anymore and I still play it. (Can't be f*cked downloading IV)

Do you know why they went back to punk music with Channel X? That is because Rockstar thought it went better with West Coast culture. From what I know, American punk has roots on the Westside.


Liberty City is a grim place in comparison to San Andreas. Obviously that calls for grim music. Channel X was decent enough to make me shut up for at least a while, but now I am trying to explain the question of:


What Happened To All The Death Metal?




Rockstar only had a Death Metal station in TLAD to fit with the gritty, brutal biker theme of the expansion pack. In V, they dropped metal in favour of punk to make the west coast culture seem more authentic. Obviously that has upset some, but to be rather blunt, Rockstar would rather create a living, breathing world where the music reflects the theme, rather than creating the worlds our imaginations hope for.


I don't think Los Santos is a living, breathing world, unless the organism in question is a heavy smoker. I think it is just a desolate, hollow shell just waiting for a certain middle aged, sadist, bisexual, hipster redneck with anger issues to start going around killing everybody.





Blackjack and hookers may not go good with radio stations, but I'm serious, if you could make a radio station for V, what would you play? Would it be a talkback radio or simply a dream playlist? Would it be an expy of an old GTA radio station. Like MSX FM in the III days. Did you ever notice MC Codebreaker sounds like hes saying "Having sex in bed with your mother" ?

Then again, I can't really get past thick English accents. I know hes saying "MSX FM" as to watermark the DnB.


Anyway, if I could just share ONE EXAMPLE of a song I would play GTA V to, it would be.....




In fact, next time I get a chance to play GTA V, I will arm myself to my yellow teeth and kill some cops to this masterpiece of a recording.


If you enjoyed my little story, why not click here and listen to my favorite radio station. Maybe you'll become a little inspired for future GTA rampages

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 12:42 PM

I like many different types of music, so yeah, I think the music selection stinks this time around. Perhaps it has to do with licensing; all those same old, same old songs that have already been allowed to be in video games, so it's easy to get them, maybe? Or crap "songs" by crap bands that nobody's ever heard of and they're just glad to get a little exposure, because the only place you're going to hear them is in a video game.


I live in a small town, and the radio stations suck. They're not geared toward people who actually think about music. They take the "comfort" or "nostalgia" approach, trying to appeal to the herds; thus, the same old crap over and over. You would think that in a city like LS there would be some brave souls who run pirate radio stations or something, or at least have a wider musical taste.

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 01:24 PM

Every game that I play, I prefer to turn the music off, even the background music just creates chaos, unnecessary chaos. That doesn't mean I don't listen to the radio, well the foreign stations always get a skip.

R* left a lot to be desired with this mix, besides maybe five songs, the radio is always OFF when I play.

I remember IV had good music but there were many songs I never heard before and I usually forgot what station I heard it on, so again, radio OFF.

I don't know about your Death Metal itch and whether or not it would fit into V's world, but I've done races and even the odd rampage listening to some Doom, I guess whatever rocks an individuals boat :)

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