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A little Story about a crazed cop!

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 07:13 AM

I want to tell you all a little story about a man with a Bati 801RR, and his random encounter with motorcycle related police chases! 

     So once upon a time this guy in Los Santos bought a Bati 801RR. This guy was mad good at riding this bike i mean wicked! (alright we're exaggerating a bit here but anyway) He was really good at riding that Motherf**king bike!!! He rode that bike all over creation since like GTA 5's release! Robbing qwiky marts, armored trucks, escaping 4-5 star wanted levels... never having any real difficulty with cops or anyone else with his bike.
    Then one day an armored truck drove by and he decided to steal the money! he drove up, shot the driver(s) in the face with a 12 gauge, blew the back doors off and took the money like clock work since it had been done countless times before!!!!! BUT!! this time was different. While leaving the scene a lone cop from the back of the pack that was chasing him, came flying up at like 300mph with like 1000000000k ft.lbs of torque apparently and nailed him square in the back of the bike killing him instantly before he even fell off! "Well sh*t!" he said. The bikeless loser then had to resque his poor lonely bike from the disgusting excuse for public safety we like to call police officers... or as i call them... "Orificers of the law" where the bike had been impounded.
     Upon rescuing the Bati, he was littered with bullet spray all missing this epic devilish rider; however, history tends to repeat itself now and then and once again a lone orificer of the law rises from the back of the pack at 300mph hitting the rider and killing him instantly...again.... More than alittle annoyed he then decided to plan the escape a little better. He jumped the wall for a second time into the impound lot to discover that not only was his wanted level the traditional 2 stars it was now 3, and there were 6 additional cops awaiting his return. He pulled out his sweet ass AR and began firing at the cops. He easily killed the cops, took his bike and began on his way in attempt to lose the tail! BUT WAIT!!! what's this? the lone orificer of the law has returned?!!! "Well son of a bitch!" he duck dodged and weaved like a nothing anyone had ever seen before yet somehow he was still nailed square in the back at 9000000000mph and killed instantly...
    Extremely puzzled at why all of a sudden this was an issue! he began pondering whether or not he should just blow the f**cking bike up and call the insurance... But no! he was determined to get that damn bike himself!!! **fast forward 30mins and 4-5 more deaths later** He finally got that damn bike!!! he must have killed easily 200 cops and the cause of every single one of his deaths was a crazed cop driving faster than the games mechanics allowed!
    Moral of the story? sometimes the cops get tired of your sh*t and negate the physics of the game to kill you multiple times in a row, even though you've never seen these tactics once in your life since the beginning of the game.

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 12:07 PM Edited by Mathew4296, 05 December 2013 - 12:08 PM.

It happens, mate. Don't piss off the cops, they WILL bend the laws of physics and space just to f*ck your sh*t up. The LSPD are a mean bunch.

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