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Design Your Own Safehouse (S.A Redux)

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 12:53 PM Edited by L0st-D4md, 04 December 2013 - 01:00 PM.

I did an old thread like this three years ago, literally. Instead of just bumping that, I decided to simply revive it in the form of a new thread. I have grown older...and my writing has got better (lel)

Design your own Safehouse for GTA San Andreas

Name: Name of the Safehouse
Location: Where about in San Andreas is the save is located
Garage: If the safehouse has a Garage and how large
Interior: Describe the interior of the house
Exterior: Describe the exterior of the house
Income: If the property has any sort of weekly income
Wardrobe: Where the wardrobe is, if any
Acquired: How it is acquired, such as completing a mission
Radio Station: What radio station is playing in the house, if any
Extras: If the house as extra interactive ammedities such as game consoles
Spawns: What pickups, vehicles, etc spawn in and around the safehouse, like health
Other: Anything else you feel needs mentioning

This is my own example:

Name: The Four Dragons Penthouse
Location: The Four Dragons Casino, LV
Garage: No
Interior: A luxury penthouse with a captivating view of the nightlife (Writers block)
Exterior: Image
Income: As the vanilla Safehouse does not turn CJ's partnership profits, the casino now generates $2500 a day.
Wardrobe: Wardrobe door located in the bedroom, indicating a walk in suite
Acquired: Learning To Fly mission, like in vanilla
Radio Station: Bounce FM plays thought the penthouse
Extras: Gaming console, Interactive hot tub in the bedroom
Spawns: Cane spawns beside the wardrobe, weapons spawn outside the casino after collecting horseshoes as per normal, random luxury cars spawn outside the casino too compensating for no garage
Other: See more

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