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GTA doesnt feel the same anymore

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 12:38 PM

all I can say is that I hope R* puts in SP DLC for all the stuff that they missed, if not, ill start setting up my tent for gta VI


Yeah me too. If not I'll send time hoping for VC in GTA VI and going back to playing GTA IV+EFLC.

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 12:52 PM Edited by Cyper, 11 January 2014 - 12:54 PM.

People are getting older, including myself, that's why there is a difference.


But there is also another factor to it: accessibility.


The word ''accessibility'' means that it is easy to get into the game. For many developers this means that the games becomes simplified and more scripted so the player wont have to figure out what to do. The majority of players hate to be put in a position where they have to think in order to solve a problem. Therefore, it is better to make it ''on rails''.  This is why the vehicle physics is partly screwed up, why you can land on the roof and look right and get the car back on its wheels. Or why missions are incredibly scripted and much more easier, and why the combatsystem was created to be more ''fluid'' - in that way they could flood missions with enemies to keep the player ''engaged and entertain'' by killing 20 bad guys in two minutes by popping in and out from cover. Or why you can blow up cars by driving into them with a SUV. The combat system in GTA V isn't even improved since GTA IV. It's far worse. Striking sequenses are removed completely, and you can kill a person with one single punsch. Because it's spectacular, cool and simple. This is what the casual ''Pick up, play, dump, go for next game ''- people want.


Personally I'm not interested in any of this rubbish. I despise most of the modern games. It's like they are designed for retards. They give very little freedom and dictate the player to much. The missions in GTA V was good in a creative sense but some missions was way to scripted, easy, and over- the top. Over the top may be alright, but then, it must be difficult. Not strkingly easy. I had more fun with shotouts and fighting in GTA IV. Even though the missions themselves was bad and repetetive in GTA IV they were not as scripted as GTA V. Even better - in Vice City and GTA III i could be very creative with how I wanted to complete a missions. That is gone in GTA V.


Then you have all the horrible problems with GTA V. What I hate the most is the AI.

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 12:55 PM

The idea is good but rockstar is losing that imagination and motivation they had.. probably becase they are getting old too. Now it's all about business. before it was all about fun. Those who get me get me

I realised with IV but was in denial... V proves it, the fact that The Houser brothers (and their close team) = "GTA" = The Houser Brothers (and their close team), paired with the fact of age means that "GTA" will/has matured with them! I miss is the comedy in GTA, it used to be like any other cheeky Charlie at school, and finding comedy in EVERYTHING even if it is as immature as "69" in everything or funny billboards, now it has matured with them, and a lot of the comedy seems to have been replaced with "realistic" things (bill boards etc).
I can see where some are losing the "fun" element in terms of game play, but for me the added realism is exactly what I wanted in III, VC, SA. I guess it's about time GTA included some kind of "mode" where it's based solely on old skool GTA fun, no/less cops, loads of "cool" cheats etc etc...
"GTA III(a game I overlooked)." - ?!?! WAT... If one is of an age to play Gta III when it comes out, One simply doesn't "overlook" it!
No really, wtf were you thinking at the time? :p
I'm not sure I agree with that. As a fan of GTA for so many years I don't think the comedy/humour has changed much. Sure the environments have become more realistic, but the trademark comedy/humour is pretty much like it was 10 years ago. It's just expressed in different ways.

Instead of 69 jokes everywhere we now have billboards saying "Strap on time".

I wonder if many people have noticed in GTA V when you pause whilst in the strip club and look at the strip club map the stage/runway where the strippers are is shaped like a dick and balls?

The Housers may have grown up physically, but I think their childish, sexual innuendo minds are still the same.

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