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Your favorite independent movies.

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What are your favorite independent movies? Personally I think that independent movie studios do a better job then most Hollywood movie studios, my favorite independent films include

Death of a Superhero

Donald is a teenager with extraordinary artistic talents. His future as a graphic novel artist should be bright. As his life is consumed by fantastic daydreams, Donald soon discovers that a very real enemy is trying to kill him. With an unorthodox psychologist teaching Donald to find the light in life in an otherwise dark world, DEATH OF A SUPERHERO tells the story of discovering life, love, and death in this exceptionally honest portrayal of a teenage boy facing his own mortality.

One Week.
When confronted with his mortality, Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) impulsively buys a vintage motorcycle and sets off on a road trip that starts in Toronto and ends up on Vancouver Island in the town of Tofino. Humorous, profound and extremely moving, One Week uses the great Canadian landscape as the backdrop to the story of a man and his life¿ journey. In the search for himself, he finds out what makes this country, and his life, so beautiful.

Adam is a 27 year old writer of radio programs and is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. With the help of his best friend, his mother, and a young therapist at the cancer center, Adam learns what and who the most important things in his life are.

The Hurt Locker
Three members of the Army's elite Explosive Ordnance Disposal squad battle insurgents and each other as they search for and disarm a wave of roadside bombs on the streets of Baghdad-in order to try and make the city a safer place for Iraqis and Americans alike. Their mission is clear-protect and save-but the margin of error when defusing a war-zone bomb is zero. When Staff Sergeant William James cheerfully takes over the team, his subordinates, Sanborn and Eldridge are shocked by what seems like his reckless disregard for military protocol and basic safety measures. And yet, in the fog of war, appearances are never reliable for long. Is James really a swaggering cowboy who lives for peak experiences- or is he a consummate professional who has honed his esoteric craft to high-wire precision? As the fiery chaos of Baghdad threatens to engulf them, the men struggle to understand and contain their mercurial new leader long enough for them to make it home. They have only 38 days left in their tour, but with each new mission comes another deadly encounter, and as James blurs the line between bravery and bravado, it seems only a matter of time before disaster strikes.

A pot-smoking teen from an unstable background finds difficulty adjusting to life at an East Coast prep school despite maintaining a high GPA and excelling as an athlete. Raised by his single, New Age mother after his father abandons the family, 15-year-old Ellis Whitman (Graham Phillips) gains most of his wisdom from a marijuana-growing goat herder nicknamed Goat Man (David Duchovny). Later, upon enrolling in a renowned prep school, Ellis realizes he hasn't been given the proper tools to adjust to his new surroundings. Exceedingly smart and athletically gifted, Ellis gradually begins to grasp the concept of responsibility while contending with adults who place the utmost emphasis on personal accountability.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Fifteen-year-old Charlie is coping with the suicide of his friend, Michael. To lessen the fear and anxiety of starting high school alone, Charlie starts writing letters to a stranger, someone he heard was nice but has never met in person. (Kind of like when we write letters to Paul Rudd before we go to sleep.)

At school, Charlie finds a friend and mentor in his English teacher, Bill. He also overcomes his chronic shyness and approaches a classmate, Patrick, who, along with his step-sister Sam, become two of Charlie's BFFs.

During the course of the school year, Charlie has his first date and his first kiss, he deals with bullies, he experiments with drugs and drinking, and he makes friends, loses them, and gains them back. He creates his own soundtrack through a series of mix tapes full of iconic songs, reads a huge stack of classic books, and gets involved in the Rocky Horror Picture Show audience-participation culture.

Charlie has a relatively stable home life, though, with supportive, if distant, parents to fall back on. Unfortunately, a disturbing family secret that Charlie has repressed for his entire life surfaces at the end of the school year. Charlie has a severe mental breakdown and ends up hospitalized.

Charlie's final letter closes with feelings of hope: getting released from the hospital, forgiving his aunt Helen for what she did to him, finding new friends during sophomore year, and trying his best not to be a wallflower. Charlie hopes to get out of his head and into the real world, participating in life instead of just watching it fly by.

A Place beyond the Pines
A mysterious and mythical motorcycle racer, Luke, (Ryan Gosling) drives out of a traveling carnival globe of death and whizzes through the backstreets of Schenectady, New York, desperately trying to connect with a former lover, Romina, (Eva Mendes) who recently and secretly gave birth to the stunt rider's son. In an attempt to provide for his new family, Luke quits the carnival life and commits a series of bank robberies aided by his superior riding ability. The stakes rise as Luke is put on a collision course with an ambitious police officer, Avery Cross, (Bradley Cooper) looking to quickly move up the ranks in a police department riddled with corruption. The sweeping drama unfolds over fifteen years as the sins of the past haunt the present days lives of two high school boys wrestling with the legacy they've inherited. The only refuge is found in the place beyond the pines.

The Town

Four lifelong friends - Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), James "Jem" Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), Albert "Gloansy" Magloan (Slaine), and Desmond "Dez" Elden (Owen Burke), from the dangerous streets of Charlestown, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, are seen planning for a bank robbery, on the Cambridge Merchants Bank in Harvard Square. They wait until an armored courier making a dropoff enters the bank, then they climb out of a city utilities van, wearing skull masks to avoid identification. They overpower the guard and rob the bank. During the robbery, they take numerous extra precautions - Dez destroys the security tapes by putting them in a microwave in the break room, while Gloansy puts all of the hostages' cell phones in a fish bowl that he fills with water, and Doug makes sure to toss any wads of money containing dye packs. They also take an assistant branch manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) hostage in their van. They dump her on a beach, unharmed. FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley (Jon Hamm) and his partner Dino Ciampa (Titus Welliver) investigate the bank robbery. Dino notes that the robbers boosted a city work van, which hasn't yet been reported stolen. He notes that the van was used to screen the front doors. They are called away when Frawley receives a text, indicating that the getaway van has been discovered, torched. As firefighters extinguish the remains of the getaway van, Frawley and Dino observe the scene and conclude that they are dealing with a band of new professionals. Doug follows Claire to prevent Jem from eliminating her as a witness, but they quickly begin a relationship. As they grow closer, Doug tells Claire of his search for his long-lost mother, and how he imagined she went to live with his aunt in Florida. He also blew a chance to be a professional hockey player for a life of crime. She tells Doug about seeing a tattoo on one of the men (Jem), and he realizes she can identify Jem and send them all to jail. He knows that Jem will kill her if he realizes the truth, and he persuades her that the authorities cannot protect her either so she decides not to tell the police. But Doug is increasingly disenchanted with his criminal lifestyle and the lies he has to tell. Frawley and Dino surveil the gang, catching on to them after discovering that Dez, a Vericom cable company electrician, reported sick days on the days of several bank robberies, and discover their ties to local crime lord Fergus "Fergie" Colm, who has another robbery planned for them. Doug is hesitant to undertake their next assignment, an armored car robbery in the North End. The gang takes every precaution before the robbery, including showering and scrubbing extensively to get rid of any loose skin, and even meticulously wiping down every piece of ammunition. Gloansy drives Doug and Jem in a Dodge Grand Caravan to the location of the ambush, outside a bank at Parmenter and Salem Streets. Unfortunately, the armored truck is running late so they are forced to drive around the block. When they see the car pulling up, Gloansy tells Doug and Jem to "say your prayers," and the three robbers put on rubber nun masks, complete with veils. A little boy on the street stares, petrified, as he catches a glimpse of Doug and his submachine gun. Approaching the corner, Gloansy brings the van to a hard right and screeches to a halt next to the truck. Doug and Jem jump out and overpower the courier. Jem jumps into the back of the armored truck and begins loading money into a duffel bag while Doug shoves the dolly over to the van. As they load the money, Gloansy overhears the robbery call going on the police scanner and calls this out to Doug and Jem. Jem looks up, and notices that the truck driver is not in his seat. He turns and sees the driver on the street, jamming his pistol into Doug's back. Jem fires a burst that brings down the driver, freeing Doug. They jump into the van, and Gloansy speeds away. Barely have they gone a few blocks when they are spotted by a police car. A wild car chase pursues through the narrow streets of the North End. Through abrupt moves, the robbers are able to throw off a few of the cruisers, which collide with other cars, but two of the police cars manage to catch up to them and stop the robbers' van using the PIT maneuver. One of the officers gets on his megaphone and orders them to climb out of their van. Jem, sitting in the backseat, raises his submachine gun and fires through the windshield, destroying the cruisers' engine blocks and sending the officers scrambling for cover. Doug leans out the side window and shoots up another police car, then the van drives away, pursued by several more cruisers. After a few more turns, they are driving down a hill when a Jeep Grand Cherokee pulls in front of them and cuts them off - Dez, driving the switch car. Doug, Jem, and Gloansy move their bags from their van to the switch car, with Jem laying down a base of fire to hold off the cops that have stopped behind them. Doug also tosses a match into the back of the van to gut the interior, and they drive away in the switch car. Weaving through traffic at high speed, with Gloansy driving, they manage to make it across the Charlestown Bridge before the police can block it. They reach the second switch car, and begin transferring their equipment to this car, but just as they are getting out, they see something that makes them stop dead in their tracks: a police officer sitting in his car across the street, looking at them, and obviously aware of who they are. After a few tense moments, the cop turns his head away, and the four robbers continue on their way. Frawley has Doug, Jem, Gloansy and Dez brought in for questioning. However, all four men prove smart and outwit Frawley, who is forced to release them when he fails to bring up any confessions. During a visit to his father (Chris Cooper) at the local federal prison, Doug reveals he is planning to leave Charlestown. Jem approaches Doug with another job, but he turns it down. He tells Fergie he will not do the job, but Fergie reveals that Doug's mother never left the family. She committed suicide after Fergie got her addicted to drugs in retaliation for Doug's father attempting to also leave and warns that he will kill Claire if Doug does not do the job. Doug finally agrees. Doug and Jem enter Fenway Park dressed as Boston police officers, wearing sunglasses to hide their identitites, while Dez deactivates the security system. Doug and Jem approach the guards near the cash room and pretend to be responding to a 911 call, then draw Glock 17s on the guards and force them to the ground, zip-tying their hands behind their backs. They then threaten the men in the cash room to get him to let them in. After securing these men, they load $3 million into their duffel bags and head over to their getaway vehicle, an ambulance parked in the garage, where they meet Gloansy and Dez and change into paramedic uniforms. Unfortunately, they sense that it is too quiet, look outside, and see that the police are taking up positions outside. When Jem spots an FBI SWAT team in the garage, he opens fire on them. A shootout erupts, and in the process, several SWAT officers in the garage are wounded, and Dez is killed when he is deafened by a flash grenade (Doug, Jem and Gloansy cover their ears) and then shot by a SWAT officer. Gloansy offers to sacrifice himself to protect Doug and Jem, gets into the ambulance, and bursts out of the parking garage. The police fire on the van, hitting Gloansy at least twice, and the ambulance crashes into a mobile command center. As the cops move in on the ambulance, Doug and Jem in the garage put on their cop uniforms, blending in with the BPD officers as they move in, and they go separate ways. Frawley figures out the ruse when he overhears a police captain talking to Dino about how the robbery was committed by two cops. He scans the officers on the scene, then he and Dino drive slowly through the area near Fenway Park, spotting one cop walking away from the action carrying a duffel bag. It is Jem. Frawley follows Jem into a parking lot, repeatedly calling out to him. At this same time, Doug comes out another door. When Frawley calls out to Jem by his real name, Jem turns around and opens fire on Frawley with a TEC-9. He chases Frawley around a car, and then runs towards Boyleston Street, as Frawley fires at him with a shotgun. Jem reaches the street just as police arrive to intercept him. He takes his last stand, firing on the cops with his TEC-9 and Glock 17, bringing down a few of them. Jem falls when a blast from Frawley's shotgun hits him in the leg and he crouches behind a mailbox. As Frawley yells for Jem to surrender, Jem then empties his pistols, and enjoys a last sip from a discarded soda nearby. Determined not to go back to prison, he gets back up with his guns drawn, which provokes the police into gunning him down. Doug looks on, shocked, and escapes unnoticed by stealing a police car. Doug drives the cruiser over to Fergie's shop, where he shoots Fergie's bodyguard in the head at point-blank range, wounds Fergie after a close-range gunfight, and finally finishes him off with a shot to the groin. He calls Claire and asks her to come away with him, but he is watching from a house nearby and can see the FBI are in the same room with her. Claire, at first tells him to come to the room to pick her up, but in the end gives him a coded message to warn him that the FBI are there. Doug puts on an MBTA bus driver's uniform, makes his way to an Amtrak station, and boards a train heading south. Later, Claire finds a bag buried in a community garden which she tends. The bag contains money, a tangerine and a note that ends with "I'll see you again, on this side or the other." Claire uses the money to finance the renovation of a local hockey rink, and dedicates it to Doug's mother.

Running Scared (2006) (Paul Walker)

Joey Gazelle is a low level mob flanker who gets told to dispose of a gun used for killing some dirty cops. Joey however, hides the gun in the drywall of his basement instead of tossing them in the river. When Joey's 10 year-old son and his best friend, Oleg, witness Joey hiding some guns from a botched drug deal, Oleg steals the gun -- a snub-nosed .38 -- and shoots his abusive stepfather with it. Things would be bad enough if the stepfather didn't happen to be the nephew of a psychotic Russian mob boss... who happens to be in business with Joey's crew on a gasoline scam. But now Joey's also got the surviving dirty cop from the botched drug deal on his case... and that hot .38 out there on the street, changing hands in an underworld of freaks, pimps, hookers and pedophiles. As well as Oleg, who can connect Joey to the gun. And even if Joey can make it through the night, he's still got to answer to his wife...


A hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can't find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son who cyber-bullies a classmate. An ambitious journalist sees a career-making story in a teen that performs on an adult-only site. They are strangers, neighbors and colleagues and their stories collide in this riveting dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today's wired world.

Death Sentence

Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) is a loving husband and father of two sons, Brendan and Luke. A Vice President for an insurance company, he is passionate about keeping the columns of his accounts balanced and doing everything in a proper order. After a hockey game, Nick and his oldest son Brendan are driving home and flash their headlights at two passing cars with their headlights off. They then make a quick stop at a gas station to get some fuel. While Brendan is getting a smoothie inside, the two cars they passed earlier, containing several street gang members about to rob the gas station, arrive. The station owner reaches for his gun, but is spotted by one of the gang members and shot to death. It is then revealed that a new gang member, named Joe, must prove himself to "become a man", so he slits Brendan's throat with a machete. Nick scrambles after the thugs as they run for their cars, and tackles Joe as he escapes out the door of the gas station. Nick pulls off Joe's mask, but the murderer escapes. Left behind by his gang, he is struck by a car in the middle of the street. Nick rushes Brendan to the hospital, but he dies. Nick soon learns from the District Attorney that if the case goes to court at all, Joe will only get a maximum of a few years in jail for his crime. Nick declines to identify Joe, forcing the D.A. to drop the case. Joe, now a free man, becomes the target of Nick's revenge. That night, Nick goes over to the apartment complex where he attacks and stabs Joe to death. The gang, led by Joe's sadistic older brother Billy, wants revenge for the murder of one of their own. After ruling out other suspects, the gang begins to tracks Nick down. A few days later, Billy and his entire gang attempt to kill Nick outside his office in a brazen daylight attack on the street and a chase ensues. Nick is able to escape, killing a second gang member in the process during a fight atop the roof of a parking garage. The police figure out that Nick has started a war with the gang, but without proof, do not arrest him. When Billy calls Nick's house and threatens to kill him his family, they are given police protection. But that very night, the two officers watching over the Humes family are killed, and the gang members make their way inside, where they shoot Nick, his wife Helen, and his younger son Luke. Nick survives to wake up in the hospital. He learns that Luke is also alive, although in a coma, but his wife has died. He pays a short visit to his son where he tells his comatose son that life does not add up in neat columns as he always thought it did. He tells Detective Wallis (Aisha Tyler) that "it was never going to balance." She replies, "What did you say?" "The equation," he says. "Sometimes it's just chaos." Under police protection, he escapes from the hospital out his son's hospital window. The next morning, Nick empties all of bank accounts for cash and asks Owen, one of his co-workers, to track down a phone number the gang called him from. At the Four Roses bar, Nick roughly persuades the bartender to provide him with one of the gang member's location and a place where he can buy guns. He pays a visit to Bones (John Goodman), a shady auto mechanic who maintains a black market gun shop. Using all his cash, Nick buys a .357 Magnum revolver, a Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol, and a double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun along with amuntion and instruction booklets. It is here that Bones reveals to Nick that he is Billy and Joe's father, but Bones lets Nick go for he thinks that Billy should reap his consequences for acting on his own without his father's permission. Preparing for battle on what may be a suicide mission, Nick roughly shaves his head and dons his son Brendan's black leather jacket. Nick tracks one of the gang members to his apartment, where he forces him to reveal where the rest of the gang is. He then coerces him into calling Billy, and then shoots him point-blank while Billy is listening. Meanwhile, Bones drives down to a local freeway underpass to warn Billy of Nick's plans, cursing him for his continued screw-ups, but Nick shoots and kills him. Billy then takes his father's car and heads back towards the gang's headquarters, "The Office;" an abandoned hospital which serves as the gang's hideout and place where they grow and manufacture drugs such as marijuana and chrystal meth. Nick takes one of the gang member's car and seeing a van parked outside their building, he rams it with the car he is driving, splitting the van in half and killing the gang member inside. Entering "The Office," he uses the shotgun to quickly kill another gang member and chases down a third. He shoots him in front of a window with his shotgun, and the man is blasted through the window. Two more gang members show up and chase Nick up a staircase. Nick wounds one from the floor above with his .45 pistol, and finishes him off with his shotgun. Billy arrives to find Nick is already there. He finds practically all of his gang dead (several members killed off-camera by Nick during the gun battle). Upstairs, Nick and another gang member exchange shotgun blasts through a wall, and the gang member dies after getting hit. Nick enters what appears to be a former church sanctuary, filled with blood-red light by the red stained glass. Billy appears and shoots Nick in the side, who returns fire and wounds Billy in the chest. Billy's right hand man, Bodie (Edi Gathegi), appears and shoots Nick through the neck from behind, and Nick whirls, killing him with a shot to the head. Billy and Neck exchange further shots until both run out of ammunition. They sit together, exhaunsted and bleeding, on a church pew. Billy tells Nick, "You look like one of us. Look what I made you." Unmoved, Nick produces the .357 revolver from his jacket and, cocking it, and asks Billy, "Ready?" Billy sighs. Sometime later as dawn begins to break, Nick staggers from the building alone where it is assumed that he killed Billy. Nick returns home in the gang's Mustang, parking it on the front lawn of his house. Dragging his shot leg and gripping a bandanna to his wounded neck, with blood staining his mouth and chin, he turns on the TV to watch a video of a family celebration. The police arrive and the detective tells him that his son started moving, and that he'll probably make it through. Nick shows a sign of relief and looks back to the TV. It shows Luke, Helen, Nick and Brendan singing on the couch. Nick slumps over, bloody, his head shaved and scarred, and his eyes drop shut.

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F*ck you for posting the whole plot. Drive, Stake Land, Exit Humanity and Seven Psychopaths are some of my favorites.

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Funny Games (original)
Run Lola, Run
Discogirls in Hotskin 3D

There are so many...

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F*ck you for posting the whole plot. Drive, Stake Land, Exit Humanity and Seven Psychopaths are some of my favorites.

Your welcome

I totally forgot to list a couple movies I just recently got

Hours (2013) Paul Walker

The film is set in 2005, during the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Nolan (Paul Walker) is the father of a newborn baby, and what should be one of the happiest days of Nolan's life quickly spirals out of control during the wake of a Hurricane that floods the hospital and causes failures in the power supply, Nolan faces a life-or-death situation when no one returns to help and struggles on his own to keep his infant daughter alive inside a Neonatal ventilator, as minute-by-minute passes, the ventilator runs out of power and the minutes become long hours.

Bad Milo! (2013)

Duncan is an average guy who works at an average office job. But he starts to get pains in his stomach whenever he feels stressed out. Things get worse every time he tries to just hide his stress, by burying it inside. It all comes to a head when that "stress" is turned in to an actual little beast that exits his body via his butt and takes revenge on the things that stress him out. But it soon starts to threaten the one thing he loves, his wife.

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