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Mod SonOfLiberty AMB

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 03:33 AM Edited by eric91611, 01 December 2013 - 03:35 AM.

I'm not complaining I just want the mods to be aware of this guy I don't know the rules and policies on mods but a mod named SonOfLiberty is posting some comments I don't know if they represent the entirety of GTANET. you guys have made a very nice network here that is very helpful and I really like posting here. This and social club are my top two websites in my browser history. I have been very mature when talking to him but on GTA V > Gameplay > Driving Debate but I'm not sure he has been acting how you guys would like him to be as a Mod. I have been a mod on other forums and you have a level of responsibility as a moderator in my opionion. I am not complaining or reporting him or even asking for you guys to do anything. I just want you guys to be aware so you can handle or not handle it however you would like to. I believe he has the right to speak his mind just like everyone else. Freedom of speech. But as a moderator he shouldn't abuse his power, again, in my opionion. I'm trying to be as nice as possible, respectful, and professional. Please don't ban me its just my opionion. Thanks Mods and have a good one. :)

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 03:50 AM

Read the rules: http://gtaforums.com...s-and-policies/


"Remember, you are a guest on a free service. Our moderators and admins reserve the right to remove you from GTAForums at any time for any reason. You have no rights and may make no demands. "




I'm just going to refer to this post that you made, the guy was lucky not to be banned, in most cases he would have been. You don't insult the staff members on this forum period. Don't like it? Read the quotation above, still don't like it? Then leave. 


SonOfLiberty is well aware of how the forum works and what he's posting is fine and you have nothing to worry about. :)

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 04:14 AM

Well I think I should be able to defend myself here. I admit maybe the way I worded it wasn't to best way to go about, but the whole thing started because of Stingrayx and iProinsias were having an un-related argument and I told them to take it to PM. Ok I started it off with "f*cking hell', but that's besides the point.


Then iProinsias for no reason at all tells me to shut the f*ck up and find another forum. My post was a reaction to that.


I don't believe what I done was "power abusive". Infact and I'm sure a lot of people can vouch for this I don't have anger outbursts very often.


I'm not an expert at moderating. I was vaulted into this position in July and I'm still learning the ropes so to speak even though I was a GTA V forum leader for a year and a half. I've made mistakes with moderating before where I've jumped the gun, but in this instance I don't think what I done was abusing my power when the guy really should've been punished, but I let it slide anyway.


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 04:30 AM

You say that you're not complaining, yet you publicly chastise the guy for having a completely understandable human reaction, which I quite frankly find to be sad - you could just as well have written a PM to SonOfLiberty. Also please bear in mind that a moderator is just a member like everyone else, they're not robots. If someone pushes their buttons or in this case tells them to "f*ck off"  they damn well are entitled to act on it.

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 05:02 AM

I have warned you for your disrespectful post in the topic because that's the kind of sh*t that maybe SoL will tolerate but I won't. Our staff members are dedicated to the community and invest a lot of their valuable time in keeping this place in order for everyone to enjoy. If you think pointless bickering and derailing topics is freedom of speech and should be allowed, then this is not the place for you. Find yourself another forum.


If you wish to remain here, then I'm definitely not going to have you call out our staff for doing their job the way they're supposed to.

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