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The story starts in the East Coast

-Liberty City Stories-

Most of this city is lead by the Mafia's,Syndicates,and Gangs.There are certain area's left open such as most of Bohan and slight areas through Broker simply in between the cracks from the mob takeovers from Alderney and Algonquin.Once the takeover had happened it left Liberty City into a array of Darkness,FIB Agents,and Private Militias trying to take their share of the land of opportunity.Drugs became the main source of money making after the economy went down and the crime rate went up. In this city of new beginnings small figures would later play big roles in the creating of a new uprising.

-The Start of something big-

The Fasytuino aka The East Island Council was started off of a break off from the Bianco Crime family because of a different view in Ideologies.They started around the time of the Mob takeover they used this renaissance period to take over most of Broker takin their name of East Island Council.They were not left without a war.This put a strain on them as the Bianco's were a long lived and powerful mafia after starting in 1920 by Vittore Bianco during a prohibition age and was later shot in 1933 during the same scheme.Now led by Don Bianco in Los Santos and using Blaine County as a area to escape FIB agents.The Faustino's countered through the attacks and now take people off the Los Santos streets. 

-The New Age-

After a long period of time the city slowly let up as mobs were disappearing,True Friends were being shown,and the ones left standing took this to their advantages. Kendrik was still roaming at this point in time through the Renaissance like period. He took the blind and beat them to make his way to the top soon finding himself at a meeting with Don IvIodfia and Saint Genovese. After hours of talk shots were fired,people were killed,and some never seen again.After this statement of war between the two of families Kendrik used it to get out of the game. He was not seen again after then.

​-The Resurrection-

After the time spent gone Kendrik had met with a man who would later help the plot of Los Santos named Cypher. Towards the end of the reign of Liberty City's Mobs he re-appeared and got into the mix between The Faustino Syndicate and The Bianco's choosing to fight for the Faustino's position in the war. In this time he would meet up with a man in which would destory the foundation of his being named Toke.

-San Andreas-
The Faustino's and most of the other mobs left standing had moved to Los Santo's using The water ways to smuggle cocaine,meth,and crack from North Yankton and Mexico.The war's still raged on through the new city streets but were less violent. Kendrik and Cypher had followed over into the new city still working for the Faustino's.There they met Toke who helped them keep the wars under control and kept the Drug scene in the Faustino's Grasp.However Toke had his own vision in mind leading Kendrik and Cypher into a state of Lies. And later got them killed by The Faustino's because of it.

-The Truth-

Kendrik and Cypher had at this point made a name for themselves. Toke simply continued to put things in their head. But one night Kendrik was tipped off by Mac a high ranking Made Man in The Faustino's. Toke was killed in the days to follow off a boat in the islands off The Great Ocean Highway.His body was never recovered.


Kendrik and Cypher continued out under watch from FIB and CIA trying to catch them after the killing and many bank robberies tide to them. The Faustino's in Petty saved them from the charges and helped them get back onto their feet. Kendrik still working in the Drug Game had noticed that high stake racers and drug runners in high performance cars were left out of wars yet made millions in there area. Kendrik plotted with Cypher and Created Mischief a Street Racing Crew that Smuggled the needed Drugs,Robbed Banks,Assassinated High Political Figures that threatened their position within the community.

They still roam through San Andreas to this day.






These Are The Area's in which you can find them.




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