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Going beyond 100% completion

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 12:44 PM Edited by stangone50, 10 May 2014 - 11:05 PM.

This is not a 100% checklist as per Social Club. You can find one in the mission help section.

This list will will include everything you can accomplish in the game beyond 100%


        ********* CONTAINS  MAJOR  SPOILERS**********


This will pertain to story mode only and is my variation of achieving a True 100% in GTA V. 

This list will be constantly updated.


[  ]All 69 story missions (includes 5 Lester assination missions)
[  ]All 58 strangers and freaks
[  ]All 57 random events + Altruist camp takeover
[  ]Complete 2 optional family missions(Michael)
[  ]Complete family mission(Trevor)
[  ]Complete all visits and phone calls to the shrink(Michael)
[  ]Complete a taxi mission ( 3 charachters)
[  ]All Atm robbery random events (16 locations)
[  ]All golds in flight school (3 charachters)
[  ]All golds in shooting range (3 charachters)
[  ]1st place in all street races (Franklin )
[  ]1st place in all off road races (3 charachters)
[  ]1st place in all sea races (3 charachters)
[  ]1st place in 3 triathalons (3 charachters)
[  ]Collect 50 space ship parts
[  ]Collect 30 barrels of waste
[  ]Collect 30 sub parts
[  ]Collect 10 epsilon tracts
[  ]Collect 15 hidden packages
[  ]Collect 50 letter scraps
[  ]Complete 50 under the bridges
[  ]Complete 15 knife flights
[  ]Complete 50 stunt jumps
[  ]Purchase all clothing ( 3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase a web vehicle and fully mod it(3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase a haircut (3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase a tattoo ( 3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase and fully mod all weapons ( 3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase all properties and complete their corresponding missions(54 missions)
[  ]Make a profit on all businesses*** 
[  ]Purchase all masks (3 charachters)
[  ]Perform Yoga (Michaels House +Mt Gordo)
[  ]Get 100% in parachuting events(13)(3 charachters)
[  ]Complete all hunting activities(3 challenges/5 ranks each)
[  ]Get a lap dance (unlock all strippers)(3 charachters)
[  ]Get a booty call from all available strippers(3 charachters)
[  ]Get all strippers to like you (3 charachters)
[  ]Unlock Ursula as a booty call(3 charachters)
[  ]Visit a prostitute(3 charachters)
[  ]Befriend a prostitute (give advice)(3 charachters)
[  ]Interact with all friend npc (14 white dots)(3 charachters)
[  ]Watch TV(3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase stocks(3 charachters)
[  ]Walk and play with chop
[  ]Rob All 19 stores(3 charachters)
[  ]Ride ferris wheel and roller coaster(3 charachters)
[  ]Ride the train (underground)
[  ]Win at tennis (3 levels on all 8 courts)(Michael+Trevor )
[  ]Win at golf (beat all opponents) Must unlock random event golf partner ( 3 charachters)
[  ]Get a hole in one
[  ]Shoot a 360 in darts(3 charachters)
[  ]Ride cable car(3 charachters)
[  ]Spawn a ghost(3 charachters)
[  ]Spawn 3 UFOS(3 charachters)
[  ]Spawn a spider web(3 charachters)
[  ]Witness Grease EE
[  ]Witness Thelma/Louise EE
[  ]Locate Killer 8 bodies(8)
[  ]Use car wash(3 charachters)
[  ]Have a soda (vending machine)(3 charachters)
[  ]Purchase health items from 24/7 stores (3 items)(3 charachters)
[  ]Visit cinema(3 movies)(3 charachters)
[  ]Drink green juice (Michael)
[  ]Smoke/Drink/Huff gas (All charachters where applicable)
[  ]Join the Epsilon Program and complete all missions (Michael)
[  ]Join Childeren of the Mountain (Franklin)
[  ]Become a minister (All Charachters )
[  ]All hangout combos
[  ]All friend activities (bar,cinema,strip club,darts,golf ,tennis)
[  ]Max all charachter stats(3 charachters)
[  ]Finish the game with zero deaths(3 charachters)
[  ]Finish the game with zero busts(3 charachters)
[  ]Achieve all offline trophies
[  ]Get 114 gold medals in missions + strangers and freaks
[  ]Get gold medals in all unlocked alternate missions(2 alternate endings +4 alternate heists)


[  ]***Achieve Platinum trophy (Online Mode)


***I have personally completed everything except making a profit on all my properties and that dam hole in one.(actually made it once but did not save it on my file). Items marked 3 charchters were done with all 3 charachters. Note I am also playing on a standard edition game so I have not completed the stunt plane trials.


Im sure there will be other specific things I will not add to the list but you can add to it on your own if you like .It depends on how far you really wanna take it . It would be crazy to have to go and do the jumps and knife flights with all charachters  .

I wish there was something more definitive .


Notes: If you do not complete Simeons random event before Mr.Phillips it will never spawn again and you will not be able to achieve True 100%


***It has been brought to my attention that Online achievements should be added .

I made this list with the idea that it may lead to help solving the Chiliad Mystery . IMO if there is a mystery to be solved you should be able to do it in SP Offline Mode .


Please feel free to post anything you think should be added. 

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 04:31 PM Edited by Deadman2112, 25 November 2013 - 09:42 AM.

some of these may be going a little far fetched but

[] Interact with Mr raspberry jam

[] Purchase food from a street vendor and a soda from vending a machine
**edit** (no food)

[] Drive through a car wash

[] Increase all skills to 100% (all three characters)

A note the bottom saying...


(Choices made throughout the game can affect your ability to achieve this.
ie. the killing of a ammunation employee will result in the inability to purchase all the clothing.)

If any of this is irrelevant to the list please delete
Or pm me and I'll delete it

I thought of two more but you will obtain them during the missions

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 08:11 PM Edited by stangone50, 08 April 2014 - 03:10 PM.

Cool added friend npcs and max skills , car wash was there .

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 01:27 PM

Just bumping this for anyone interested. It kinda got lost months ago when the sections were changed.

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 01:41 PM

We already have a pinned thread for this.



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